Ausang - Austen Riggs Center
SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Country Feature class
Ausang Germany farm
Ausangate Peru mountain
Ausanleh Somalia hills
Ausanleh Somalia wadi
Ausantapa Peru populated place
Ausar Kazakhstan populated place
Ausar-Auset Church School United States School
Ausara Jordan populated place
Ausari Budrukh India populated place
Ausari India populated place
Ausarin West Bank populated place
Ausas Sweden populated place
Ausatas Latvia populated place
Ausati Latvia populated place
Ausatu Muiza Latvia populated place
Ausatu Latvia populated place
Ausaub Papua New Guinea populated place
Ausavo Fiji mountain
Ausaymas School United States School
Ausaymas Y San Felipe United States Civil
Ausbach Germany populated place
Ausbach Germany populated place
Ausbacherhof Germany farm
Ausback Germany populated place
Ausbaria India populated place
Ausbau Dolland Germany populated place
Ausbau Nord Germany populated place
Ausbau Germany populated place
Ausberg Namibia mountain
Ausbergen Germany populated place
Ausbergers Creek United States Stream
Ausbin Creek United States Stream
Ausbon (historical) United States Populated Place
Ausbruva Lithuania stream
Ausburn Branch United States Stream
Ausburns Lake Dam United States Dam
Ausbuttel Germany populated place
Auscha Czech Republic populated place
Auscheffenburg Germany populated place
Auschet Germany populated place
Auschina Czech Republic populated place
Auschkowitz Germany populated place
Auschnippe Germany stream
Auschowitz Czech Republic populated place
Auschtitz Czech Republic populated place
Auschule Austria populated locality
Auschwitz Poland populated place
Ausdalsvatnet Norway lake
Ausdalvatn Norway lake
Auseba Ethiopia populated place
Ausebt Morocco populated place
Auseisen Morocco tribal area
Ausejo de la Sierra Spain populated place
Ausejo Spain populated place
Ausekaret Norway mountain
Ausekarret Norway mountain
Ausekli Latvia farm
Ausekli Latvia populated place
Ausekli Latvia farm
Ausekli Latvia populated place
Ausekli Latvia farm
Auseklis Latvia railroad stop
Ausekly Latvia farm
Auseliske Lithuania populated place
Ausen Norway farm
Ausenbaugh Cemetery United States Cemetery
Auseneset Norway point
Ausentes Brazil populated place
Ausera Cuba locality
Auserd Western Sahara populated place
Ausert Western Sahara hills
Ausert Western Sahara populated place
Auses Namibia waterhole
Auset Vand Norway lake
Auset Norway farm
Auset Norway farm
Ausetsaeter Norway farm
Ausetsaetra Norway farm
Ausetseter Norway farm
Ausetvatnet Norway lake
Auseu Romania populated place
Ausevik Norway populated place
Ausgaleni Latvia populated place
Ausgiriai Lithuania populated place
Ausgirys Lithuania populated place
Ausgleichweiher Germany lake
Ausgram India populated place
Ausgudud Somalia waterhole
Aush Azerbaijan populated place
Ausha Pata Peru populated place
Aushaba Afghanistan stream
Aushaday Afghanistan intermittent stream
Aushaday Afghanistan populated place
Aushafi Kaur Pakistan intermittent stream
Ausham Germany populated place
Aushan Somalia wadi
Ausharle Iran populated place
Aushaziya Saudi Arabia populated place
Aushaziya Saudi Arabia populated place
Aushaziyah Saudi Arabia populated place
Aushbikavis Lithuania populated place
Aushe Burma populated place
Aushed Russia populated place
Aushedz Russia populated place
Aushegahtawng Burma populated place
Ausher Pakistan mountain
Ausherhat Bangladesh populated place
Ausherman Industrial Park United States Locale
Aushi Russia populated place
Aushiger Russia populated place
Aushigi Afghanistan intermittent stream
Aushijiyat Saudi Arabia hills
Aushiniekannaibo Russia populated place
Aushka Uzbekistan populated place
Aushkhali Bangladesh populated place
Aushkinyeki Latvia populated place
Aushof Germany farm
Aushofen Germany populated place
Aushtkyalyay Lithuania populated place
Aushtrov Russia populated place
Ausi Asundus Estonia section of populated place
Ausi Point Solomon Islands point
Ausi Estonia section of populated place
Ausi Papua New Guinea populated place
Ausi Solomon Islands abandoned populated place
Ausia Bangladesh populated place
Ausia Pakistan populated place
Ausia Tanzania populated place
Ausiait Greenland third-order administrative division
Ausiait Greenland island
Ausiait Greenland populated place
Ausiat Island Greenland island
Ausiat France populated place
Ausibi Eritrea populated place
Ausijy Saudi Arabia hill
Ausiku Zambia populated place
Ausim Egypt populated place
Ausini Papua New Guinea populated place
Ausio Ezeras Lithuania lake
Ausion (historical) United States Populated Place
Ausipar Chile populated place
Ausipas Chile populated place
Ausipiya Russia stream
Ausirkhua Georgia populated place
Ausis Namibia farmstead
Ausis Namibia waterhole
Ausivit Greenland island
Ausiyah Iraq populated place
Ausjagdboden Austria slope
Ausjaurliden Sweden hill
Auskaret Norway island
Auskaret Svalbard lake
Auskarholman Norway islands
Auskarholme Norway island
Auskarholmen Norway island
Auskari Finland rock
Auskarlholmen Norway island
Auskarnes Norway farm
Auskarnes Norway farms
Auskarneset Norway point
Auskarnesfjellet Norway mountain
Auskerdale South Africa farmstead
Auskerry Sound United Kingdom sound
Auskerry United Kingdom island
Auskhali Bangladesh populated place
Auskinieki Latvia populated place
Auskjeret Norway mountain
Ausland Post Office (historical) United States Post Office
Ausland Norway populated place
Auslas Lithuania lake
Auslauf Czech Republic populated place
Ausleben Germany populated place
Ausleiten Germany farm
Ausleute Germany farm
Ausley Branch United States Stream
Ausley Cemetery United States Cemetery
Auslin Chapel United States Church
Ausmac United States Populated Place
Ausman Ranch United States Locale
Ausmann Germany farm
Ausmas Dikis Latvia pond
Ausmas Latvia farm
Ausmas Latvia populated place
Ausmas Latvia populated place
Ausmskiy Latvia farm
Ausmus Canal United States Canal
Ausmus Cemetery United States Cemetery
Ausmus Cemetery United States Cemetery
Ausmus Hollow United States Valley
Ausnang Germany populated place
Ausnangbuhl Germany farm
Ausnara Bangladesh populated place
Ausnek Namibia railroad siding
Ausnes Norway populated place
Ausodden Norway point
Ausonia Argentina populated place
Ausonia Chile ruin
Ausonia Chile triangulation station
Ausonia Italy populated place
Ausonia Italy locality
Ausoua Guyana stream
Ausowa River Guyana stream
Auspitz Czech Republic populated place
Auspiya Russia stream
Ausraiciai Lithuania populated place
Ausreisser-Teich Germany pond
Ausrine Lithuania populated place
Auss Halbach Austria populated place
Aussa Ethiopia populated place
Aussa Ethiopia stream
Aussa Italy stream
Aussac France populated place
Aussatz Austria locality
Aussatzen Austria locality
Ausseing France populated place
Ausselbek Germany area
Aussen Islands Svalbard islands
Aussen Germany populated place
Aussen-Alster Germany lake
Aussendeich Germany farm
Aussendeich Germany farm
Aussenelbe Germany stream mouth
Aussenhafen Germany harbor
Aussenkeh Namibia farmstead
Aussenkehr se Berge Namibia mountain
Aussenkehr Namibia farmstead
Aussenkjer Namibia farmstead
Aussenlehen Germany farm
Aussenreede Germany roadstead
Aussenried Germany populated place
Aussenweser Germany stream mouth
Aussenwettern Germany ditch
Ausser Ay Germany farm
Ausser Bauerle Germany farm
Ausser dem Steinhubel Austria populated locality
Ausser der Trift Austria locality
Ausser Ertens Austria peak
Ausser Latterbach Switzerland populated place
Ausser Rhoden Switzerland first-order administrative division
Ausser Wald am Arlberg Austria populated place
Ausser-Frohnd Germany section of populated place
Ausserachleiten Austria populated place
Ausseraigen Austria populated place
Ausserbergacker Austria field
Ausserbinn Switzerland populated place
Ausserbraz Austria populated place
Ausserbreitenau Austria administrative division
Ausserd Western Sahara populated place
Ausserdinhard Switzerland populated place
Aussere Altmatt Switzerland populated place
Aussere Bachgwanden Austria locality
Aussere Breitenau Austria administrative division
Aussere Ebenalm Austria hut
Aussere Einode Austria populated place
Aussere Felder Austria field
Aussere Felder Austria field
Aussere G Fallschneide Austria peak
Aussere Gfallschneid Austria peak
Aussere Grossrotte Austria populated place
Aussere Harrersdorfer Austria locality
Aussere Hochluss Austria field
Aussere Hofe Germany farm
Aussere Kainisch Austria populated place
Aussere Langacker Austria field
Aussere Lehen Austria field
Aussere Leithaluss Austria field
Aussere Mitterbergen Austria slope
Aussere Quell Spitze Italy peak
Aussere Ragnitz Austria populated place
Aussere Steineralm Austria hut
Aussere Unlass Alm Austria hut
Aussere Weide Austria grazing area
Aussere Wetterspitze Austria mountain
Aussere Wimitz Austria populated place
Aussere Wimitz Austria populated place
Aussere Zwentenacker Austria field
Aussereben Alpe Austria hut
Ausseregg Austria populated place
Ausserer Baren-Bach Germany stream
Ausserer Bauernhof Germany farm
Ausserer Beiswang Germany farm
Ausserer Berg Germany hill
Ausserer Falk Austria peak
Ausserer First Austria spur
Ausserer Geschirrkogel Austria peak
Ausserer Graben Austria locality
Ausserer Hafen Germany harbor
Ausserer Kaltenberger Forst Austria forest
Ausserer Kitzinghof Germany populated place
Ausserer Knorrkogel Austria peak
Ausserer Pfitzhof Germany populated place
Ausserer Schnitzbach Austria stream
Ausserer Schonbuhel Austria peak
Ausserer See Austria locality
Ausserer Sonnberg Austria populated place
Ausserer Talhof Germany farm
Ausserer Vogelsberg Germany populated place
Ausserer Wald Germany forest
Ausserer Wiessenbach Austria stream
Ausseres Bergfeld Austria field
Ausseres Bockkar Austria cirque
Ausseres Feld Austria field
Ausseres Feld Austria field
Ausseres Feld Austria field
Ausseres Hausfeld Austria field
Ausseres Hecheln Germany populated place
Ausseres Hirschfeld Austria field
Ausseres Kaltenegg Austria administrative division
Ausseres Lammerkar Austria cirque
Ausseres Mullwitzkees Austria glacier
Ausseres Stadtfeld Austria field
Ausseres Sulzfeld Austria field
Ausserfahrafeld Austria administrative division
Ausserfeld Austria field
Ausserferrera Switzerland populated place
Ausserfragant Austria populated place
Aussergampabing Austria populated place
Aussergefild Czech Republic populated place
Ausserglas Switzerland populated place
Aussergosta Austria populated place
Aussergosten Austria populated place
Aussergschloss Austria hut
Aussergschlossalm Austria grazing area
Aussergufer Austria populated place
Ausserhalbach Austria populated place
Ausserhareth Austria populated place
Ausserhienthal Germany populated place
Ausserholligen Switzerland section of populated place
Ausserhorgersteig Austria populated place
Ausserirlach Germany populated place
Ausserjebing Austria populated place
Ausserkasten Austria populated place
Ausserkees Alm Austria hut
Ausserklinglberg Austria populated locality
Ausserkoy Germany farm
Ausserlandholz Germany populated place
Ausserleithen Germany populated place
Ausserlengenwang Germany populated place
Ausserliembach Austria hut
Ausserlohen Germany farm
Aussermanzing Austria populated place
Aussermareitalm Austria hut
Aussermareitalm Austria hut
Aussernbrunst Germany populated place
Aussernhof Germany farm
Aussernzell Germany populated place
Ausserpuhret Austria populated place
Ausserraah Austria populated place
Ausserrettenbach Austria populated place
Ausserroid Austria populated place
Ausserrotzing Germany populated place
Ausserschmirn Austria populated place
Ausserschwende Austria section of populated place
Aussersiggam Austria populated place
Aussersihl Switzerland section of populated place
Ausserst Austria populated place
Aussersteinberg Austria populated place
Aussert Western Sahara populated place
Aussertal Germany populated place
Ausserteuchen Austria populated place
Ausserteuchen Austria populated place
Aussertreffling Austria populated place
Ausserurberg Germany populated place
Ausservals Austria populated place
Ausserviligraten Austria populated place
Ausservillgraten Austria populated place
Ausserwald Austria populated place
Ausserwald Austria populated place
Ausserwall Austria populated place
Ausserweerberg Austria populated place
Ausserweg Austria populated place
Ausserwimitz Austria populated place
Ausserwoger Austria farm
Ausset Guadeloupe populated place
Aussevielle France populated place
Aussicht Namibia mountain
Aussicht South Africa farm
Aussichtkuppe Namibia mountain
Aussick Germany hill
Aussie Creek Canada stream
Aussig Czech Republic seat of a first-order administrative division
Aussig Germany populated place
Aussillon France populated place
Aussinange France populated place
Aussinanges France populated place
Aussinanis Namibia intermittent stream
Aussivigssuit Greenland mountain
Aussivigsuit Tasiat Greenland lake
Aussivik Greenland populated place
Aussivit Tase Greenland lakes
Ausskjerklubben Norway rock
Ausskjerskallen Norway rocks
Aussois France populated place
Ausson France populated place
Aussonce France populated place
Aussonne France populated place
Aussonnette France stream
Aussos France populated place
Aussou France stream
Aussoube Riviere France stream
Aussoue France stream
Ausspann Austria hill
Aussurucq France populated place
Aust Fuglbaen Norway shoal
Aust Porsangneset Norway peninsula
Aust's Open Air Theatre (historical) United States Locale
Aust United Kingdom populated place
Aust-Agder Fylke Norway first-order administrative division
Aust-Berg Germany hill
Austa (historical) United States Locale
Austa Landing County Park United States Park
Austa Post Office (historical) United States Post Office
Austa Bulgaria populated place
Austabottindane Norway ridge
Austad Bay United States Bay
Austad Herad Norway administrative division
Austad Norway church
Austad Norway farm
Austad Norway populated place
Austad Norway populated place
Austad Norway populated place
Austad Norway populated place
Austadal Norway populated locality
Austadberget Norway populated place
Austafjord Norway populated place
Austan Kyrgyzstan populated place
Austan Kyrgyzstan stream
Austana Norway populated place
Austanbottindane Norway ridge
Austara-Hrauntagl Iceland lava area
Austara-Land Iceland farm
Austara-Sel Iceland abandoned farm
Austaraselheidhi Iceland heath
Austari Heradhsvotn Iceland distributary
Austari Holl Iceland farm
Austari Jokulsa Iceland stream
Austari-Brekka Iceland slope
Austari-Haugsbrekka Iceland slope
Austari-Krokar Iceland farm
Austari-Pollar Iceland ponds
Austarihals Iceland hill
Austarikaelir Iceland stream
Austasti-kaelir Iceland stream
Austbaan Norway reef
Austbo i Helgeland Norway populated place
Austbo Norway farms
Austbo Norway populated place
Austbo Norway populated place
Austbo Norway populated place
Austboen Norway rocks
Austborg Norway populated place
Austbotn Norway bay
Austbotnen Svalbard cirque
Austbrekka Norway rocks
Austbukta Jan Mayen bight
Austbygd Norway populated place
Austbygdi Norway populated place
Austdal Norway farm
Austdal Norway farm
Austdalen Norway valley
Austdalen Norway populated locality
Austdalsa Iceland stream
Austdalur Iceland farm
Austdalur Iceland valley
Austdalvatnet Norway lake
Austdjupet Norway sound
Austefjord Norway church
Austefjorden Kirke Norway church
Austefjorden Norway fjord
Austefjorden Norway fjord
Austefjorden Norway fjord
Austefjorden Norway marine channel
Austegarden Norway farm
Austein Norway populated place
Austeinvika Norway cove
Austell Bay United Kingdom bay
Austell Cemetery United States Cemetery
Austell Cemetery United States Cemetery
Austell Cemetery United States Cemetery
Austell City Hall United States Building
Austell Community Center United States Building
Austell Division (inactive) United States Census
Austell Elementary School United States School
Austell Floyd Shopping Center United States Locale
Austell Health Center United States Building
Austell Intermediate School United States School
Austell Police Station United States Building
Austell Post Office United States Post Office
Austell Presbyterian Church United States Church
Austell Primary School United States School
Austell Road Baptist Church United States Church
Austell Spur Undersea Features spur
Austell Station Fire Station United States Building
Austell United States Populated Place
Austellako Sweden mountain
Austelle Bar United States Bar
Austen Fox Riggs Library United States Building
Austen Harbour India bay
Austen Post Office (historical) United States Post Office
Austen Riggs Center United States Hospital

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