Pobassoo Island - Pozieres: Australia
SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Country Feature class
Pobassoo Island Australia island
Pobassoo Islet Australia island
Pocanmaya Brook Australia stream
Pocillopora Reef Australia reef
Pocket Bore Australia well
Pocket Creek Australia stream
Pockingningar Claypan Australia pan
Pockingningar Rockhole Australia rock
Pocupar Australia mountain
Poddy Bay Australia bay
Podoyne Pool Australia pool
Pohlmans Creek Australia stream
Poid Australia populated place
Poimena Bore Australia well
Poingdestre Bore Australia well
Poingdestre Creek Australia stream
Poinjar Lagoon Australia pool
Point Abeona Australia point
Point Addis Australia point
Point Alexander Australia point
Point Anderson Australia point
Point Ann Australia point
Point Arkwright Australia point
Point Arthur Australia point
Point Atwick Australia point
Point Austin Australia point
Point Avoid Australia point
Point Bagot Australia point
Point Bailly Australia point
Point Banks Australia hill
Point Barry Australia hill
Point Batman Australia point
Point Beaupre Australia point
Point Beaupres Australia point
Point Bell Well Australia well
Point Bell Australia point
Point Bell Australia point
Point Blackbourne Australia point
Point Blane Australia point
Point Blaze Australia point
Point Blenkinsop Australia point
Point Boston Australia point
Point Bristow Australia point
Point Brophy Australia hill
Point Brown Australia point
Point Brown Australia farm
Point Burnett Australia point
Point Burrowes Australia point
Point Busaco Australia point
Point Byng Australia point
Point Cartwright Australia point
Point Casuarina Australia point
Point Charles Australia point
Point Charles Australia point
Point Charlie Australia hill
Point Clare Australia populated place
Point Cloates Australia point
Point Clune Australia point
Point Cole Australia point
Point Collinson Australia point
Point Collinson Australia point
Point Cook Australia point
Point Cook Australia populated place
Point Craig Australia hill
Point Culver of Flinders Australia point
Point Culver Australia point
Point Currie Australia point
Point Cygnet Australia point
Point d' Entrecasteaux Australia point
Point D'Entrecasteaux Australia point
Point Dalling Australia point
Point Danger Australia point
Point Danger Australia point
Point Danger Australia point
Point Davenport Shoal Australia shoal
Point Davenport Australia point
Point David Australia point
Point De Mole Australia point
Point Deception Australia point
Point Dempster Australia point
Point des Galets Australia point
Point Dillon Australia point
Point Douro Australia point
Point Dover Australia point
Point Drummond Australia point
Point du Ressac Australia point
Point Dundas Australia point
Point Effingham Australia point
Point Ellen Australia point
Point Elly Australia point
Point Fanny Australia point
Point Farewell Australia point
Point Fawcett Australia point
Point Flinders Australia headland
Point Fowler Australia point
Point Franklin Australia point
Point Frederick Australia point
Point Freeman Australia hill
Point Gardner Australia point
Point Gellibrand Australia point
Point Geographe Australia point
Point George Australia point
Point Gibson Australia point
Point Gilbert Australia point
Point Glorious Australia mountain
Point Glyde Australia point
Point Gordon Australia point
Point Grant Australia point
Point Grey Australia point
Point Guy Australia point
Point Hackett Australia hill
Point Halloran Australia point
Point Hautsfonds Australia cape
Point Helena Australia hill
Point Henry Pier Australia pier
Point Henry Australia point
Point Henry Australia point
Point Henty Australia point
Point Hesse Australia point
Point Hibbs Australia point
Point Hicks Australia point
Point Hillier Australia point
Point Home Lookout Australia point
Point Howe Australia point
Point Hunter Australia point
Point Hut Crossing Australia ford
Point Irby Australia point
Point Irwin Australia mountain
Point Irwin Australia point
Point Jahleel Australia point
Point James Australia point
Point Jeadacorrudup Australia point
Point Jedacorrudup Australia point
Point Jual Australia point
Point Katherine Australia hill
Point Kidman Australia hill
Point King Australia point
Point Labatt Australia point
Point Lefroy Australia hill
Point Leo Australia point
Point Lesueur Australia point
Point Libou Australia point
Point Lihou Australia point
Point Lillian Australia mountain
Point Lillias Australia point
Point Locker Australia farm
Point Long Nose Australia point
Point Longnose Australia point
Point Lonsdale Reef Australia reef
Point Lonsdale Australia point
Point Lonsdale Australia populated place
Point Lookout Australia peak
Point Lookout Australia point
Point Lookout Australia farm
Point Lookout Australia populated place
Point Louise Australia point
Point Lowly Shoal Australia shoal
Point Lowly Australia point
Point Macarthur Australia point
Point Macleod Australia point
Point Malcolm Australia point
Point Malcolm Australia point
Point Malcolm Australia point
Point Margaret Australia point
Point Margaret Australia point
Point Marka Australia point
Point Marsden Australia cape
Point Matthew Australia point
Point Maud Australia point
Point Mauge Australia point
Point Maxwell Australia point
Point McKinlay Australia point
Point McLean Australia hill
Point McLeay Australia populated place
Point McPherson Australia mountain
Point Moore Reefs Australia reef
Point Moore Australia hill
Point Moore Australia point
Point Moreau Australia cliff
Point Morisset Australia point
Point Morrison Australia point
Point Moss Australia hill
Point Murat Wharf Australia pier
Point Murat Australia point
Point Napier Australia point
Point Nepean Australia point
Point Newland Australia mountain
Point Norgate Australia point
Point Nuyts Australia point
Point Ormond Australia point
Point Parker Australia point
Point Pass Australia populated place
Point Pater Australia hill
Point Perpendicular Australia point
Point Peter Australia point
Point Pininpinin Australia point
Point Piper Australia point
Point Piper Australia administrative division
Point Piper Australia section of populated place
Point Plomer Australia point
Point Pure Australia cliff
Point Quobba Australia point
Point Rapid Australia point
Point Read Australia hill
Point Reetz Australia mountain
Point Refuge Australia point
Point Remarkable Australia mountain
Point Renard Australia point
Point Resolution Australia point
Point Reynolds Australia point
Point Richards Bank Australia shoal
Point Richards Channel Australia navigation channel
Point Richards Australia point
Point Riley Australia point
Point Robert Australia hill
Point Roberts Australia hill
Point Roe Australia point
Point Ronald Australia point
Point Ross Australia point
Point Rossel Australia point
Point Saint Vincent Australia point
Point Salvation Australia hill
Point Sampson Australia point
Point Samson Australia populated place
Point Samson Australia point
Point Sandercock Australia mountain
Point Saunders Australia mountain
Point Saunders Australia point
Point Scott Australia point
Point Separation Australia point
Point Sheila Australia hill
Point Sinclair Australia point
Point Sir Isaac Australia point
Point Smythe Australia point
Point Sorell Australia point
Point Sorrell Australia point
Point Spring Australia spring
Point Stephens Australia point
Point Stephens Australia point
Point Stevens Australia point
Point Strath Australia point
Point Stuart Australia point
Point Sturt Australia farm
Point Sturt Australia populated place
Point Sturt Australia point
Point Sunday Australia hill
Point Talburpin Australia point
Point Telfer Australia hill
Point Tinline Australia point
Point Torment Australia farm
Point Torment Australia point
Point Trim Australia mountain
Point Turton Australia populated place
Point Uhr Australia hill
Point Upright Australia point
Point Vernon Australia populated place
Point Victor Australia point
Point Vincent Australia point
Point Virginia Australia mountain
Point Walter Australia point
Point Walton Australia point
Point Warna Australia point
Point Warrenne Australia point
Point Watson Australia point
Point Watt Australia hill
Point Waylen Australia point
Point Westall Australia point
Point Weyland Australia point
Point Whidbey Australia point
Point Whitmore Australia point
Point Williams Australia hill
Point Willoughly Australia point
Point Wilson Bank Australia shoal
Point Wilson Australia point
Point Wolstoncroft Australia point
Point Wood Australia hill
Point Woore Australia point
Point Yorke Australia point
Pointer Island Australia island
Pointer Rock Australia rock
Poison Creek Australia stream
Poison Creek Australia stream
Poison Creek Australia stream
Poison Creek Australia stream
Poison Creek Australia stream
Poison Creek Australia stream
Poison Creek Australia stream
Poison Creek Australia stream
Poison Creek Australia stream
Poison Gully Bore Australia well
Poison Gully Australia stream
Poison Gully Australia stream
Poison Hill Australia hill
Poison Hill Australia hill
Poison Hill Australia hill
Poison Mountain Australia hill
Poison Point Australia point
Poison Rock Australia mountain
Poison Spring Australia spring
Poisonbush Range Australia mountains
Poissanier Point Australia point
Poissonier Point Australia point
Poissonnier Point Australia point
Poivre Reef Australia reef
Pokana River Australia stream
Pokara Australia railroad station
Pokaro Australia railroad station
Pokaroo Australia railroad station
Pokataroo Australia populated place
Pokolbin Australia populated place
Pola Creek Australia stream
Polacarra Australia farm
Polblue Creek Australia stream
Polculta Well Australia well
Polda Rock Reservoir Australia reservoir
Polda Australia farm
Poldinna Tank Australia water tank
Poldinna Australia railroad station
Pole Island Australia island
Polele Australia farm
Poley Creek Australia stream
Poley Mountain Australia hill
Poley Nob Creek Australia stream
Police Camp Creek Australia stream
Police Camp Creek Australia stream
Police Creek Australia stream
Police Creek Australia stream
Police Creek Australia stream
Police Creek Australia stream
Police Lagoon Australia lake
Police Lagoon Australia lake
Police Mountain Australia mountain
Police Point Australia point
Police Point Australia point
Police Rock Tank Australia water tank
Police Rock Australia rock
Police Waterhole Australia water hole
Police Well Australia well
Policeman Creek Australia stream
Policeman Crossing Australia ford
Policeman Gully Australia stream
Policeman Waterhole Australia water hole
Policeman Waterhole Australia water hole
Policemans Creek Australia stream
Policemans Lagoon Australia pool
Policemans Waterhole Australia water hole
Politic Creek Australia stream
Polka Point Australia point
Poll Island Australia island
Poll Islet Australia island
Pollard Channel Australia channel
Pollard Creek Australia stream
Pollard Australia railroad station
Pollards Pool Australia pool
Pollioillaluke Lake Australia lake
Pollnx Reef Australia reef
Pollock Hills Australia hills
Pollwombra Mountain Australia mountain
Polly Creek Australia stream
Polly Spring Australia spring
Polly's Springs Australia spring
Pollygammon Creek Australia stream
Pollys Creek Bore Australia well
Pollys Lookout Australia mountain
Poltalloch Australia farm
Polturkinna Hill Australia hill
Polygon Range Australia mountains
Polygonum Creek Australia stream
Polygonum Hut Well Australia well
Polygonum Swamp Australia swamp
Polygum Creek Australia stream
Polywoolkanie Lake Australia lake
Pomanda Point Australia point
Pomborneit Australia populated place
Pombra Australia farm
Pomegranate Creek Australia stream
Pomegranate Creek Australia stream
Pomegranate Creek Australia stream
Pomegranite Creek Australia stream
Pomeroy Australia populated place
Pomingalarna Australia farm
Pomona Australia populated place
Pomonal Australia populated place
Pompapiel Australia populated place
Pompapillinna Lake Australia lake
Pompeii Creek Australia stream
Pompey Creek Australia stream
Pompeys Knob Australia hill
Pompeys Pillar Australia hill
Pompoota Australia populated place
Ponara Well Australia well
Pond Creek Australia stream
Pondalowie Bay Australia bay
Pondanna Homestead Australia ranch
Pondanna Out Station Australia ranch
Ponde Australia populated place
Pondeana Hill Australia hill
Pondolowie Bay Australia bay
Pondon Hill Australia hill
Pondooma Australia populated place
Ponds Creek Australia stream
Ponds Creek Australia stream
Pondun Waterhole Australia water hole
Pondyong Australia farm
Ponier Rock Australia rock
Ponjanie Hill Australia hill
Ponkatana Well Australia well
Ponkeen Creek Australia stream
Pontina Swamp Australia swamp
Ponton Rock Australia rock
Pontons Australia farm
Pontville Station Australia railroad station
Pontville Australia populated place
Pontypool Creek Australia stream
Pony Bottom Creek Australia stream
Pony Hills Australia farm
Poochera Hill Australia hill
Poochera Australia populated place
Poodada Rocks Australia rocks
Pooginagoric Australia populated place
Pooingum Waterhole Australia water hole
Pookgoor Creek Australia stream
Poolaburda Native Well Australia well
Poolaigelo Australia populated place
Poolalalie Creek Australia stream
Poolalalie Hill Australia hill
Poolarrana Lake Australia lake
Poolarranna Lake Australia lake
Poolbarra Swamp Australia swamp
Pooldardna Tank Australia water tank
Poole Creek Australia stream
Poole Hill Australia hill
Poole Island Australia island
Poole Range Australia mountains
Poolgarra Reservoir Australia reservoir
Pooliadinna Swamp Australia swamp
Poolowanna Lake Australia lake
Poolyeruninna Lake Australia lake
Poomrangala Hill Australia hill
Poon Boon Australia farm
Poona Creek Australia stream
Poona Hill Australia hill
Poona Point Australia point
Poona Spring Australia spring
Poona Well Australia well
Poonagarra Creek Australia stream
Poonarunna Homestead Australia abandoned populated place
Poonarunna Station Australia abandoned populated place
Poonarunna Australia abandoned populated place
Pooncaira Australia populated place
Pooncarie Australia populated place
Poonda Australia farm
Poondana Rock Australia rock
Poondanna Rock Australia rock
Poondarrie Hill Australia hill
Poondulanna Swamp Australia swamp
Poonindie Australia populated place
Poontana Creek Australia stream
Poonthoon Pool Australia pool
Poonthuna Pool Australia pool
Poopelloe Lake Australia lake
Poopoonbah Australia railroad station
Pooraka Siding Australia railroad siding
Pooranetteri Australia mountain
Poorarinna Hill Australia hill
Poorginup Swamp Australia swamp
Poorkana Creek Australia stream
Poorneet Australia populated place
Poorrarecup Lagoon Australia lake
Pootanie Hill Australia hill
Pooten Well Australia well
Pootenup Australia railroad station
Poothea Well Australia well
Poothinga Rockhole Australia rock
Pootilla Australia populated place
Pootitnie Hill Australia hill
Pootnoura Creek Australia stream
Poowong East Australia populated place
Poowong North Australia populated place
Poowong South Australia populated place
Poowong Australia populated place
Popagundi Creek Australia stream
Popanyinning Australia populated place
Pope Point Australia point
Pope Well Australia well
Pope's Well Australia well
Poperaperan Creek Australia stream
Popes Eye Bank Australia shoal
Popes Hill Australia railroad station
Popes Landing Australia populated place
Popes Nose Australia reef
Popham Bay Australia bay
Popio Lake Australia lake
Poppy Lagoon Australia pool
Popran Creek Australia stream
Por Island Australia island
Porcupine Bore Australia well
Porcupine Creek Australia stream
Porcupine Creek Australia stream
Pordia Hill Australia hill
Porepunkah Australia populated place
Porlell Lake Australia lake
Porlell Well Australia well
Porongorup Range Australia mountains
Porongorup Australia populated place
Porongorups National Park Australia park
Porongorups Australia populated place
Porongurup National Park Australia park
Porongurup Range Australia mountains
Porongurup Ranges National Park Australia park
Porongurup Australia populated place
Porongurups Australia populated place
Porphry Point Australia point
Porphyry Creek Australia stream
Porpoise Bay Australia bay
Porpoise Bay Australia bay
Porpoise Head Australia point
Porpoise Hill Australia hill
Porpoise Point Australia point
Porpoise Point Australia point
Porpoise Rock Australia rock
Porpoise Rock Australia rock
Porpoise Shoal Australia shoal
Porpoise Shoal Australia shoal
Port Adelaide River Australia channel
Port Adelaide Australia populated place
Port Albany Australia anchorage
Port Albert Entrance Australia channel
Port Albert Australia populated place
Port Alfred Australia bay
Port Alma Australia populated place
Port Androssan Australia populated place
Port Arthur Australia bay
Port Arthur Australia populated place
Port Arthur Australia cove
Port Augusta West Australia populated place
Port Augusta Australia populated place
Port Bonython Australia port
Port Botany Australia section of populated place
Port Bowen Australia inlet
Port Bradshaw Australia inlet
Port Bremer Australia inlet
Port Broughton Australia bay
Port Broughton Australia populated place
Port Bundaberg Australia populated place
Port Campbell Australia populated place
Port Caroline Australia populated place
Port Clinton Australia inlet
Port Clinton Australia populated place
Port Cockburn Australia anchorage
Port Curtis Junction Australia railroad station
Port Curtis Australia anchorage
Port Cygnet Australia bay
Port Dalrymple Australia inlet
Port Dalrymple Australia point
Port Daly Australia anchorage
Port Darwin Australia inlet
Port Darwin Australia seat of a first-order administrative division
Port Davey Australia inlet
Port Davis Creek Australia stream
Port Denison Australia bay
Port Denison Australia harbor
Port Denison Australia populated place
Port Douglas Australia port
Port Douglas Australia populated place
Port Elliot Australia populated place
Port Esperance Australia bay
Port Essington Australia bay
Port Eyre Australia bay
Port Fairy Australia populated place
Port Fenton Australia bay
Port Franklin Australia populated place
Port Frederick Australia bay
Port Gawler Australia stream mouth
Port George IV Australia inlet
Port George the Fourth Australia inlet
Port Germein Australia populated place
Port Gibbon Australia populated place
Port Gibbon Australia populated place
Port Gregory Australia anchorage
Port Grey Australia port
Port Hacking Point Australia point
Port Hacking River Australia stream
Port Hacking Australia inlet
Port Hacking Australia populated place
Port Harding Australia anchorage
Port Hedland Australia populated place
Port Hinchinbrook Australia harbor
Port Hughes Australia anchorage
Port Hughes Australia populated place
Port Hunter Australia harbor
Port Huon Australia harbor
Port Huon Australia populated place
Port Hurd Australia inlet
Port Iatta Australia populated place
Port Jackson Bay Australia harbor
Port Jackson Australia harbor
Port Julia Australia populated place
Port Julia Australia bay
Port Keats Australia inlet
Port Keats Australia populated place
Port Kembla North Australia railroad station
Port Kembla Australia populated place
Port Kennedy Australia populated place
Port Kenny Australia populated place
Port Langdon Australia bay
Port Latta Australia populated place
Port Latta Australia anchorage
Port Le Hunte Australia cove
Port Lihou Australia harbor
Port Lincoln Australia harbor
Port Lincoln Australia port
Port Lincoln Australia populated place
Port MacDonnell Australia populated place
Port Macquarie Australia inlet
Port Macquarie Australia populated place
Port Maldon Australia bay
Port McArthur Australia inlet
Port Melbourne Australia populated place
Port Minlacowie Australia populated place
Port Molle Australia harbor
Port Moonta Australia bight
Port Moonta Australia populated place
Port Moorowie Australia populated place
Port Musgrave Australia inlet
Port Neill Australia populated place
Port Nelson Australia cove
Port Newry Australia anchorage
Port Noarlunga Australia populated place
Port of Baffle Creek Australia bay
Port of Bowen Australia harbor
Port of Gladstone Australia anchorage
Port of Hinchinbrook Australia harbor
Port of Hobart Australia port
Port of Mackay Australia bay
Port of Newcastle Australia harbor
Port of Sydney Australia section of harbor
Port Parham Australia populated place
Port Patterson Australia inlet
Port Phillip Bay Australia bay
Port Phillip Australia bay
Port Phillip Australia bay
Port Pirie Australia populated place
Port Price Australia populated place
Port Prime Australia populated place
Port Pullen Australia harbor
Port Rickaby Australia populated place
Port River Australia channel
Port Robinson Australia anchorage
Port Roper Australia inlet
Port Smith Australia inlet
Port Sorell Australia populated place
Port Sorell Australia inlet
Port Sorrell Australia inlet
Port Stanvac Australia oil refinery
Port Stephen Australia inlet
Port Stephens Shire Australia administrative division
Port Stephens Australia inlet
Port Stewart Homestead Australia farm
Port Stewart Australia inlet
Port Tranklin Australia populated place
Port Turton Australia port
Port Usborne Australia bay
Port Victoria Australia populated place
Port Victoria Australia bay
Port Vincent Australia populated place
Port Vincent Australia bay
Port Wakefield Australia populated place
Port Wakefield Australia anchorage
Port Walcott Australia bay
Port Waratah Australia harbor
Port Warrender Australia bay
Port Weld Australia anchorage
Port Welshpool Australia populated place
Port Whyalla Australia port
Port Willunga Australia populated place
Portagabra Australia populated place
Portal Creek Australia stream
Portarlington Australia populated place
Porter Bay Australia bay
Porter Bay Australia cove
Porter Creek Australia stream
Porter Hill Australia hill
Porter Point Australia point
Porter Rock Australia rock
Porters Creek Australia stream
Porters Dam Australia water tank
Porters Hill Australia hill
Porters Mountain Australia hill
Porters Retreat Australia populated place
Porters Well Australia well
Portland Bay Australia bay
Portland Downs Australia farm
Portland River Australia stream
Portland Road Australia roadstead
Portland Australia populated place
Portland Australia populated place
Portlock Island Australia island
Portlock Islet Australia island
Porto Bay Australia bay
Portree Australia farm
Portree Australia farm
Portsea Australia populated place
Portulacca Ridge Australia ridge
Portwine Creek Australia stream
Poseidon Australia farm
Poseidon Australia populated place
Possession Creek Australia farm
Possession Creek Australia stream
Possession Island Australia island
Possession Point Australia point
Possum Brush Australia populated place
Possum Creek Australia stream
Possum Creek Australia stream
Possum Hill Australia hill
Possum Range Australia mountains
Possum Waterhole Australia water hole
Possum Well Australia well
Post Office Island Australia island
Postman Gully Australia stream
Postmans Creek Australia stream
Postmans Gully Australia stream
Postmark Australia farm
Pot Hole Creek Australia stream
Pot Jostler Creek Australia stream
Potallah Creek Australia stream
Potato Can Creek Australia stream
Potato Hill Australia hill
Potato Tin Waterhole Australia water hole
Pothole Creek Australia stream
Potosi Creek Australia stream
Potosi Australia farm
Pott Point Australia point
Potter Bluff Australia cliff
Potter Bore Australia well
Potter Point Australia point
Potter Reef Australia reef
Potters Well Australia well
Pottoyu Hills Australia hills
Potts Hill Reservoirs Australia reservoir
Potts Mountain Australia mountain
Potts Point Australia administrative division
Potts Point Australia point
Potts Point Australia point
Potts Point Australia section of populated place
Poulsen Rock Australia rock
Poultons Crossing Australia ford
Poultons Pool Australia pool
Pound Creek Australia populated place
Pound Creek Australia stream
Pound Creek Australia stream
Pourmalong Creek Australia stream
Pourra Pourra Out Station Australia ranch
Pourtia Creek Australia stream
Poutchina Hill Australia hill
Pouyouwuncubban Australia hill
Pouyouwuncubbanna Australia hill
Poverie Well Australia well
Powana Hill Australia hill
Powdar Creek Australia stream
Powell Creek Australia stream
Powell Creek Australia stream
Powell Creek Australia stream
Powell Point Australia point
Powella Bore Australia well
Powells Siding Australia railroad station
Powelltown Australia populated place
Power Island Australia island
Power Rivulet Australia stream
Powereena Pool Australia pool
Powerful Island Australia island
Powers Creek Australia populated place
Powlathanga Australia populated place
Powlett Hill Australia populated place
Powlett Plains Australia populated place
Powlett River Australia populated place
Powlett River Australia stream
Powong Swamp Australia swamp
Powranna Australia populated place
Poynter Island Australia island
Poyntz Bore Australia well
Poyungan Creek Australia stream
Pozieres Australia populated place

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