Ksar `Id - Ksayer Jraij: Lebanon
SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Country Feature class
Ksar `Id Lebanon house
Ksar Aid Lebanon house
Ksar al `Abd Lebanon cultivated area
Ksar al Hanash Lebanon populated place
Ksar al Khatib Lebanon spur
Ksar al Mashraqah Lebanon populated place
Ksar ash Shidyaq Lebanon populated place
Ksar Beit Saleh Lebanon area
Ksar Bou Chache Lebanon terrace
Ksar Bou Hassane Lebanon area
Ksar Bu Hasan Lebanon area
Ksar Dib Lebanon mountain
Ksar ed Dabaa Lebanon area
Ksar ej Jabal Lebanon ridge
Ksar el Aabed Lebanon cultivated area
Ksar el Fich Lebanon house
Ksar el Hanach Lebanon populated place
Ksar el Hommos Lebanon area
Ksar el Khatib Lebanon spur
Ksar el Mechrqe Lebanon populated place
Ksar el Motrane Lebanon terrace
Ksar el Qadi Lebanon area
Ksar es Sindiane Lebanon slope
Ksar Esber Lebanon locality
Ksar Farah Lebanon locality
Ksar Haidoura Lebanon spur
Ksar Karam Lebanon slope
Ksar Khattar Lebanon terrace
Ksar Sarbin Lebanon locality
Ksar Sarbine Lebanon locality
Ksar-ech-Chidiaq Lebanon populated place
Ksara Lebanon section of populated place
Ksara Lebanon section of populated place
Ksara Lebanon terrace
Ksara Lebanon hill
Ksara Lebanon factory
Ksara Lebanon ravine
Ksarah Lebanon hill
Ksarah Lebanon monastery
Ksarat al Khan Lebanon spur
Ksarat as Sahrij Lebanon ridge
Ksarat as Suhum Lebanon slope
Ksarat Barnasa Lebanon spur
Ksarat Dahr ash Shir Lebanon populated place
Ksarat Nasr Lebanon house
Ksarat Zaynab Lebanon hill
Ksaret Aabbas Lebanon area
Ksaret Aabbas Lebanon slope
Ksaret Abou Hatoun Lebanon area
Ksaret Antoun Lebanon locality
Ksaret Bernassa Lebanon spur
Ksaret Dahr ech Chir Lebanon populated place
Ksaret Darb es Souq Lebanon forest
Ksaret el Aaqbe Lebanon ravine
Ksaret el Helou Lebanon ravine
Ksaret el Jisr Lebanon area
Ksaret el Karakol Lebanon area
Ksaret el Khane Lebanon spur
Ksaret el Khouri Lebanon area
Ksaret el Khouri Lebanon wadi
Ksaret el Maamari Lebanon locality
Ksaret en Nemr Lebanon locality
Ksaret es Sahrij Lebanon ridge
Ksaret es Shoum Lebanon slope
Ksaret Hassane Lebanon cliff
Ksaret Hassani Lebanon area
Ksaret Jamous Lebanon area
Ksaret Maatouq Lebanon area
Ksaret Mahfoud Lebanon slope
Ksaret Mansour Lebanon slope
Ksaret Moussa Chahine Lebanon hill
Ksaret Nasr Lebanon house
Ksaret Nassar Lebanon slope
Ksaret Salloum el Bitar Lebanon ridge
Ksaret Tata Lebanon area
Ksaret Zeineb Lebanon hill
Ksayer el Hrayeq Lebanon slope
Ksayer er Rohbane Lebanon cliff
Ksayer Jraij Lebanon spur

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