Raba Jdima - Rayem El Buhi: Morocco
SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Country Feature class
Raba Jdima Morocco populated place
Rabanine Morocco building
Rabat Morocco airport
Rabat Morocco capital of a political entity
Rabat Morocco railroad station
Rabat-Agdal Morocco railroad station
Rabohat Morocco populated place
Rabouba Morocco area
Rabrouje Morocco populated place
Rabt el Hajar Morocco hill
Rabza Morocco populated place
Rachdi Morocco populated place
Rached Morocco populated place
Rachidia Morocco second-order administrative division
Rachouet Morocco hill
Radach Ait Arguit Morocco populated place
Radbet Morocco populated place
Rade d' Agadir Morocco roadstead
Rade de Al Yadida Morocco cove
Rade de El Jadida Morocco cove
Rade de Mazagan Morocco cove
Rade de Mogador Morocco roadstead
Rade de Safi Morocco roadstead
Radi Morocco populated place
Rafo Morocco populated place
Rafsai Morocco populated place
Rag Labiad Morocco stony desert
Rag Uain Cora Morocco stony desert
Rag Uein Cora Morocco stony desert
Ragba Ain Fejel Morocco hill
Ragba El Kaid Hamed Morocco populated place
Ragba Morocco populated place
Ragbet Chraga Morocco hill
Ragbet el Jemel Morocco hill
Raghor Morocco ruin
Ragoubet Ben Krellala Morocco hill
Ragoubet Bou Khellala Morocco hill
Ragoubet el Krellala Morocco hill
Ragrag Morocco populated place
Ragraga Morocco populated place
Rahaba Morocco populated place
Rahahla Morocco populated place
Rahal ben Ali Morocco shrine
Rahal Morocco mosque
Rahal Morocco populated place
Rahala Morocco populated place
Rahala Morocco tribal area
Rahalia Morocco populated place
Rahalla Morocco tribal area
Rahba Legdima Morocco populated place
Rahba Morocco populated place
Rahhal Ben Hammou Morocco populated place
Rahhala Morocco tribal area
Rahiat Morocco mountain
Rahla Morocco populated place
Rahmoune Morocco populated place
Rai el Begar Morocco escarpment
Raicha Morocco hill
Raidat Morocco populated place
Raihana Morocco populated place
Raihana Morocco populated place
Raihana Morocco populated place
Rajel el Rhait Morocco mosque
Rakada Morocco populated place
Rakba Morocco populated place
Rakna Morocco populated place
Rami Morocco populated place
Ramia Morocco populated place
Ramla Bou Hassane Morocco populated place
Ramla Morocco populated place
Ramla Morocco populated place
Ramla Morocco populated place
Ramla Morocco populated place
Ramla Morocco populated place
Ramla Morocco populated place
Ramla Morocco populated place
Ramram Morocco military base
Raou Tchama Morocco tomb
Raouda Bosermaa Morocco shrine
Raouda Boujaarane Morocco shrine
Raouda de Sidi Meziane Morocco cemetery
Raouda el Abada Morocco shrine
Raouda el Mokadem Ou Cheikh Morocco tomb
Raouda et Tolba Morocco cemetery
Raouda Icht Kelaane Morocco shrine
Raouda Laabad Morocco cemetery
Raouda Moulay Abd El Kader Jilali Morocco cemetery
Raouda Sidi Ali Morocco cemetery
Raouda Sidi et Taoussi Morocco cemetery
Raouda Morocco shrine
Raoudade Sidi Abd er Rahamane Morocco cemetery
Raoudat Ouled Salah Morocco cemetery
Raoude el Abada Morocco shrine
Raoudet Oulad M'bareck Morocco cemetery
Raoudet Oulad Mbarek Morocco cemetery
Raouia Cherradi Morocco populated place
Raouiche Morocco populated place
Raouissat Morocco populated place
Rarba Touila Morocco hill
Rarhor Morocco ruin
Ras Aakaili Morocco cape
Ras Aakaili Morocco cape
Ras Aarouset Morocco mountain
Ras Admer Izem Morocco mountain
Ras Adus Morocco point
Ras Afdiar Morocco hill
Ras Afkir Um Mbark Morocco point
Ras Afkit Morocco point
Ras Afraou Morocco point
Ras Afraut Morocco point
Ras Agouiau Morocco ridge
Ras Aguerd Morocco hill
Ras Akaidi Morocco cape
Ras al 'Anq Morocco point
Ras al Abiod Morocco mountain
Ras Anessar Morocco hill
Ras Aohaccar Morocco point
Ras Arha Kara Morocco point
Ras Asboul Morocco mountain
Ras Asfour Morocco mountain
Ras Asfour Morocco mountain
Ras Atkene Morocco ridge
Ras Axakar Morocco point
Ras Azia Morocco mountain
Ras Aziar Morocco hill
Ras Azla Morocco mountain
Ras Beddouza Morocco cape
Ras Ben Adjoul Morocco hill
Ras Ben Ajoul Morocco hill
Ras Beni Oura Morocco hill
Ras Bou Arica Morocco ridge
Ras Bou Aricha Morocco ridge
Ras Bou Jrara Morocco mountain
Ras Boucaboun Morocco point
Ras Bousaboun Morocco point
Ras Cantara Run Morocco point
Ras Cantin Morocco cape
Ras Chagane Morocco mountain
Ras Chedaya Morocco mountain
Ras Ciress Morocco point
Ras Dial Feden Kbech Morocco hill
Ras Dial Fedene Kbech Morocco hill
Ras Dr'a Morocco cape
Ras ech Chebira Morocco point
Ras ed Dar Morocco populated place
Ras el Abiod Morocco hill
Ras el Abiod Morocco mountain
Ras el Adhom Morocco hill
Ras el Adhom Morocco hill
Ras el Ahmar Morocco mountain
Ras el Aich Morocco mountain
Ras el Ain des Beni Mathar Morocco populated place
Ras el Ain Igli Morocco spring
Ras el Ain Morocco populated place
Ras el Ain Morocco railroad station
Ras el Ain Morocco spring
Ras el Ali Morocco hill
Ras el Asfer Morocco hill
Ras el Aswad Morocco cape
Ras el Aswad Morocco populated place
Ras el Azreg Morocco mountain
Ras el Baghla Morocco hill
Ras el Barhla Morocco hill
Ras el Beid Morocco hill
Ras el Beida Morocco hill
Ras el Besbas Morocco hill
Ras el Borj Morocco mountain
Ras el Feja Morocco hill
Ras el Foum Morocco promontory
Ras el Haddad Morocco hill
Ras el Haiar Morocco mountain
Ras el Hajar Morocco mountain
Ras el Haout Morocco hill
Ras el Katra Morocco mountain
Ras el Kebbar Morocco hill
Ras el Kebir Morocco ridge
Ras el Kelkha Morocco hill
Ras el Kermous Morocco hill
Ras el Kharouaa Morocco mountain
Ras el Kraia Morocco hill
Ras el Ksar Morocco populated place
Ras el Ma Morocco mountain
Ras el Ma Morocco populated place
Ras el Ma Morocco populated place
Ras el Ma Morocco railroad station
Ras el Mahlen Morocco mountain
Ras el Mahlene Morocco mountain
Ras el Malem Morocco mountain
Ras el Mekil Morocco populated place
Ras el Melh Morocco hill
Ras el Mnar Morocco point
Ras El Mrassel Morocco mountain
Ras el Mrit Morocco hill
Ras el Oued Morocco populated place
Ras El Qsar Morocco populated place
Ras el Rhebina Morocco point
Ras el Rhettara Morocco hill
Ras el Targa Morocco point
Ras el Yhoudi Morocco mountain
Ras er Rhetara Morocco hill
Ras er Rmel Morocco hill
Ras es Chebira Morocco point
Ras es Sefra Morocco mountain
Ras es Seikha Morocco hill
Ras et Tarf Morocco mountain
Ras Ezzaouia Morocco hill
Ras Feddane Morocco mountain
Ras Feriat Morocco hill
Ras Founti Morocco point
Ras Hadid Morocco cape
Ras Hamara Morocco cape
Ras Hamda Morocco mountain
Ras Htitasa Morocco hill
Ras Igga Morocco hill
Ras Irsane Morocco hill
Ras Izemrane Morocco cape
Ras Jeham Morocco hill
Ras Jiine Morocco hill
Ras Kebdana Morocco cape
Ras Kebdana Morocco populated place
Ras Khalkhal Morocco hill
Ras Khalkhal Morocco hill
Ras Kiviana Morocco point
Ras Laatar Morocco mountain
Ras Lariguib Morocco hill
Ras Leona Morocco point
Ras Maadad Morocco mountain
Ras Maadid Morocco mountain
Ras Mazari Morocco cape
Ras Menkal Morocco cape
Ras Merguebah Morocco mountain
Ras Mkil Morocco populated place
Ras Nekhel Morocco hill
Ras Nesser Morocco hill
Ras Ouahar Morocco mountain
Ras Oudissa Morocco hill
Ras Ould Mammar Morocco mountain
Ras Ould Mammar Morocco mountain
Ras Ouled M'Amar Morocco mountain
Ras Ouled M'Amar Morocco mountain
Ras Ouled M'amar Morocco mountain
Ras Quiviana Morocco point
Ras Razeroun Morocco hill
Ras Razzroun Morocco hill
Ras Recheg Morocco mountain
Ras Rechga Morocco mountain
Ras Remel Morocco hill
Ras Remmouna Morocco mountain
Ras Rhazi Morocco escarpment
Ras Roucaboun Morocco point
Ras Sidi el Hassain Morocco point
Ras Sigga Morocco hill
Ras Sim Morocco cape
Ras Srat Morocco hill
Ras Tacsafet Morocco cape
Ras Taksefi Morocco cape
Ras Takseft Morocco cape
Ras Tallala Morocco point
Ras Tamarabet Morocco cape
Ras Tamgout Morocco mountain
Ras Tarf Morocco cape
Ras Targa n'Yasine Morocco hill
Ras Targant Morocco hill
Ras Tasemsalt Morocco point
Ras Tasensach Morocco point
Ras Tazerguicht Morocco mountain
Ras Tiouardiouine Morocco mountain
Ras Tissougat Morocco fort
Ras Tleta Madari Morocco cape
Ras Todrine Morocco mountain
Ras Toudrine Morocco mountain
Ras Tounine Morocco mountain
Ras Zemko Morocco mountain
Ras-el-Ain Morocco populated place
Rasfet el Koumiene Morocco well
Rasma Morocco populated place
Rasoa Goundafa Morocco populated place
Rass Chebaia Morocco mountain
Rass el Fejel Morocco hill
Rass el Kharoua Morocco mountain
Rass el Ma Morocco populated place
Rass el Ma Morocco railroad station
Rass el Mahdi Morocco hill
Rass es Seikhe Morocco hill
Rass-el-Ain Morocco railroad station
Rasse-Ma Morocco populated place
Ratba Morocco populated place
Rauda de Sidi el Hajj el Aarbi Morocco cemetery
Rauda Isht-Kedaan Morocco shrine
Rauda Osemoar Morocco populated place
Rauda Tasuguh Morocco cemetery
Rauif Morocco populated place
Ravin Anoukii Morocco ravine
Ravin d' Aloutif Morocco ravine
Ravin de Ouinioualioun Morocco ravine
Ravin de Tittaouine Morocco ravine
Ravin Ouanoumrhout Morocco ravine
Rayem el Bouhi Morocco mosque
Rayem El Buhi Morocco mosque

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