Ta - Taven: Norway
SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Country Feature class
Ta Norway hut
Taaasen Norway hill
Taafjorden Norway bay
Taagaa Mountain Norway mountain
Taagaafjeldet Norway mountain
Taagavatn Norway lake
Taanevig Norway populated place
Taaraafjell Norway mountain
Taarnelvmo Norway populated place
Taarnes Norway farms
Taarnet Norway populated place
Taarnfjeld Norway mountain
Taarnstad Norway farms
Taarnvatn Norway lake
Taarnvik Norway farm
Taarnvik Norway populated place
Taarnvikfjeldet Norway hill
Taarnvikvandene Norway lakes
Taarstad Norway populated place
Taarud Norway farms
Taas Norway hill
Taavaer Norway islands
Tablokaaga Norway stream
Tabor Norway mountain
Taborshamn Norway farm
Taborshamn Norway cove
Taborshavn Norway farm
Tade Norway islands
Taegelduoddar Norway peak
Taegen Norway rocks
Taelavag Norway populated place
Taelavagen Norway fjord
Taele Norway farm
Taen Norway shoal
Taen Norway rocks
Taendervand Norway lake
Taerskaldvatna Norway lakes
Taertaren Norway reef
Taevsjoen Norway lake
Tafeltind Norway peak
Tafjord IV Norway power station
Tafjord Saeter Norway farm
Tafjord Norway bay
Tafjord Norway populated place
Tafjordbaan Norway reef
Tafjordbaen Norway reef
Tafjorden Norway bay
Tafjorden Norway fjord
Tafjordsaetra Norway farm
Taftesund Norway farm
Tafto Norway populated place
Taftoen Norway populated place
Taftoya Norway populated place
Taga Norway shoal
Taga Norway point
Taga Norway shoal
Taga Norway reef
Tagafjellet Norway mountain
Taganneset Norway point
Tagavatn Norway lake
Tagevatn Norway lake
Tagganeset Norway point
Tagganeset Norway point
Tagkollen Norway peak
Tajeodden Norway cape
Takastad Norway farm
Takebaen Norway shoal
Takelva Norway stream
Takestad Norway farm
Taket Norway hill
Takflua Norway rocks
Takkvam Norway populated place
Takle Norway populated place
Taklevatn Norway lake
Taklevatnet Norway lake
Taklo Norway populated place
Taknaes Norway populated place
Taknes Norway populated place
Taksdal Norway farms
Taksdalen Norway farm
Takseras Norway populated place
Takvand Norway lake
Takvatn Norway lake
Takvatnet Norway lake
Talberg Norway farm
Talbergsaasen Norway hill
Talbergsasen Norway hill
Talderaas Norway farm
Talevatnet Norway lake
Talgje Norway church
Talgje Norway island
Talgje Norway island
Talgjefjord Norway marine channel
Talgjefjorden Norway marine channel
Talgjeholmen Norway island
Talgo Norway farm
Talgsjoen Norway strait
Talhaug Saeter Norway farm
Tallaasen Norway hill
Tallaassaeteren Norway populated place
Tallagen Norway rocks
Tallaken Norway rocks
Tallaraas Norway farm
Tallaras Norway farm
Tallasen Norway hill
Tallassaetra Norway populated place
Talleraas Norway farm
Talleras Norway farm
Tallerkan Norway reef
Tallerud Norway farm
Tallhaugsaetra Norway farm
Tallsneberget Norway farm
Talmosaeter Norway farm
Talmoseter Norway farm
Taloyan Norway farm
Talset Norway populated place
Talset Norway farm
Talsneberget Norway farm
Talsnes Norway populated place
Talstadhesten Norway mountain
Talvik Herad Norway administrative division
Talvik Norway populated place
Tamasjokvatnet Norway lake
Tamlaget Norway farm
Tamnes Norway populated place
Tamnesvola Norway hill
Tamokdalen Norway valley
Tamokelva Norway stream
Tampeisa Norway shoal
Tamre Norway populated place
Tamsoy Norway island
Tana Herad Norway administrative division
Tana Norway church
Tana Norway stream
Tanaelv Norway stream
Tanaelva Norway stream
Tanaelven Norway stream
Tanafjellet Norway mountain
Tanafjord Norway fjord
Tanafjorden Norway fjord
Tanagaard Norway farm
Tanagard Norway farm
Tanahorn Norway peak
Tananes Norway point
Tananger Norway populated place
Tanberg Norway farm
Tand Saeter Norway farm
Tanda Norway stream
Tandaaen Norway stream
Tandaaneset Sore Norway farms
Tandaanesetn Norway farms
Tandaen Norway stream
Tande Norway farm
Tande Norway farm
Tande Norway farm
Tande Norway farm
Tande Norway farm
Tandebukta Norway cove
Tandsaeter Norway farm
Tandsaeteren Norway farm
Tandsaetra Norway farm
Tandsaetri Norway farm
Tandsaetri Norway farm
Tandvik Norway farm
Tandvola Norway mountain
Tanem Norway populated place
Tanen Norway church
Tanevik Norway populated place
Tanga Norway stream
Tangaa Norway stream
Tangaadals Saeter Norway farm
Tangadalssaeter Norway farm
Tangaen Norway stream
Tangaflua Norway reef
Tangan Norway stream
Tangan Norway farm
Tangane Norway farm
Tangane Norway point
Tangane Norway point
Tangane Norway farm
Tangarhaugen Norway hill
Tangebukta Norway cove
Tangebukta Norway cove
Tangedal Norway populated place
Tangefjell Norway peak
Tangefos Norway waterfall
Tangefoss Norway waterfall
Tangegrunnen Norway reef
Tangen Norway farm
Tangen Norway farm
Tangen Norway farm
Tangen Norway farm
Tangen Norway farm
Tangen Norway farm
Tangen Norway farm
Tangen Norway farms
Tangen Norway farms
Tangen Norway farms
Tangen Norway hut
Tangen Norway populated place
Tangen Norway populated place
Tangen Norway populated place
Tangen Norway populated place
Tangen Norway populated place
Tangen Norway populated place
Tangen Norway populated place
Tangen Norway spur
Tangen Norway spur
Tangen Norway farm
Tangen Norway farm
Tangen Norway point
Tangen Norway point
Tangen Norway farm
Tangen Norway farm
Tangen Norway farm
Tangen Norway point
Tangen Norway point
Tangen Norway farm
Tangen Norway area
Tangen Norway point
Tangen Norway point
Tangen Norway populated place
Tangen Norway farm
Tangenes Norway populated place
Tangenesvag Norway populated place
Tangenlopet Norway marine channel
Tangenrenna Norway marine channel
Tangeval Norway farm
Tangholmen Norway island
Tangholmskjeret Norway rock
Tanglaeger Norway farm
Tangmoen Norway farm
Tangnesholmen Norway island
Tangnesland Norway farm
Tangneslandet Norway farm
Tangstad Norway populated place
Tangvall Norway populated place
Tangvall Norway farm
Tangvall Norway farm
Tangvallkleiva Norway road bend
Tangvallkleiva Norway road bend
Tangvella Norway stream
Tangvik Norway farm
Tangvik Norway farm
Tangviken Norway farm
Tangvold Norway farm
Tangvoll Norway farm
Tangvolla Norway stream
Tangvollelva Norway stream
Tangvollen Norway farm
Tannaa Norway stream
Tannaa Norway stream
Tannaaen Norway stream
Tannberg Norway farm
Tanne Norway farm
Tannfjell Norway mountain
Tannoen Norway island
Tannoen Norway farm
Tannoy Norway farm
Tannoya Norway island
Tannoya Norway farm
Tannoysundet Norway sound
Tannoytuva Norway hill
Tannsjoane Norway lakes
Tannsjoerne Norway lakes
Tannvik Norway farm
Tannvikvagen Norway farm
Tannvola Norway mountain
Tansbergfjorden Norway lake
Tanso Norway island
Tansoy Island Norway island
Tansoy Norway island
Tansoy Norway populated place
Tansoyna Norway island
Tanterhaugsaetri Norway farm
Tantso Norway island
Tanum Norway church
Tanum Norway farm
Tanum Norway populated place
Tanvik Norway farm
Tapboen Norway reef
Tapp Norway point
Tappbaen Norway reef
Tappeluft Norway populated place
Tappen Norway point
Tappskjera Norway rocks
Tappstad Norway farm
Tapskjaerene Norway rocks
Tapstad Norway farm
Tarafaldet Norway reef
Tarafjell Norway mountain
Taraldbaen Norway shoal
Taraldflu Norway rocks
Taraldlien Norway farm
Taraldlii Norway farm
Taraldlii Norway farms
Taraldsaeter Norway farms
Taraldset Norway farms
Taraldsflua Norway rocks
Taraldsholmen Norway island
Taraldskjeret Norway rock
Taraldsnes Norway point
Taraldsoy Norway island
Taraldsoya Norway island
Taraldsoya Norway island
Taraldsvik Norway section of populated place
Taraldsvika Norway farms
Taraldsvika Norway cove
Taraldsvikelva Norway stream
Taraldvik Norway farms
Taraldviken Norway farms
Taraldvikgrunnen Norway shoal
Taraldviktinden Norway mountain
Taralsvik Norway section of populated place
Taransaeter Norway farms
Taranvikbukta Norway cove
Tarasundshammer Norway cliff
Tarasundshammeren Norway cliff
Tarberg Norway populated place
Tarbuskjaerene Norway rocks
Tarbuskjaerne Norway rocks
Tarbuskjera Norway rocks
Tareflua Norway rock
Taregga Norway shoal
Taregga Norway shoal
Tarehalsen Norway point
Tareholet Norway cove
Taren Norway reef
Taren Norway reef
Tareneset Norway point
Tareskjeret Norway rock
Tareskolten Norway shoal
Tarevik Norway populated place
Tarevika Norway cove
Tarevika Norway cove
Tarevika Norway populated place
Tarevikbukta Norway cove
Tarfallet Norway reef
Tarhalsen Norway point
Tarhalsfallet Norway reef
Tarjeisberg Norway mountain
Tarmvand Norway lake
Tarnelvmoen Norway populated place
Tarnenipa Norway hill
Tarnes Norway farms
Tarnet Norway mountain
Tarnet Norway populated place
Tarnet Norway reef
Tarnet Norway rock
Tarnliholme Norway island
Tarnliholmen Norway island
Tarnstad Norway farms
Tarnstad Norway populated place
Tarnvatnet Norway lake
Tarnvik Norway farm
Tarnvik Norway populated place
Tarnvikfjellet Norway hill
Tarnvikvatnan Norway lakes
Tarodden Norway point
Tarrefjord Norway marine channel
Tarrefjorden Norway marine channel
Tarskallen Norway reef
Tarskjer Norway island
Tarstad Norway populated place
Tarud Norway farms
Tarva Norway farm
Tarva Norway islands
Tarvafjorden Norway marine channel
Tarvaldsegga Norway mountain
Tarvatn Norway lake
Tarvatnet Norway lake
Tarvefjorden Norway marine channel
Tarven Norway farm
Tarven Norway islands
Tarven Norway mountain
Tarvfjorden Norway marine channel
Tarvikakselgrunnen Norway shoal
Taska Norway rock
Taska Norway rock
Taskebynesgrunnen Norway shoal
Taskebynesgrunnen Norway reef
Taskedalshorn Norway peak
Taskedalstind Norway peak
Taskevik Norway farm
Taskjelle Norway farms
Tasla Norway populated place
Tasta Norway populated place
Tastad Norway populated place
Taterholmen Norway island
Tau Norway populated place
Tauge Vatn Norway lake
Taugholmen Norway island
Taule Norway populated place
Taule Norway farm
Taulsvagen Norway inlet
Taumavatnet Norway lake
Taume Vatn Norway lake
Tauning Norway populated place
Tausa Norway mountain
Tausafjell Norway mountain
Tausafjellet Norway mountain
Tauselv Norway hut
Tauselvhavet Norway channel
Tausfjellet Norway mountain
Tautero Norway island
Tautra Norway farm
Tautra Norway island
Tautra Norway island
Tautra Norway populated place
Tavaer Norway islands
Taven Norway farms

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