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  • Rwanda Rwanda flag

    This is the new flag of Rwanda, effective 1-Jan-2002. The new flag has a golden sun with 24 rays on a field of green, yellow and blue. The red and black colors of the old flag were replaced by sky blue, with the yellow rays of the sun shining down from the top right-hand corner. Unlike the old Rwanda flag, this flag has no red, with its connotations of blood spilt, nor black with its symbolism of gloom and mourning.

    Kigali 31-Dec-01 (AP via Yahoo!).

    Flag of Rwanda

    Historical Flag 1-Jul-1962 - 31-Dec-2001 Flag of Rwanda

      This flag of Rwanda is intended for representational purposes and no claim to technical accuracy is made. Click on the link above to read the terms for use of this Rwanda flag on your web page.

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