Ain Mzid - Ain Rja - Geographical Names, map, geographic coordinates

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Country Feature class
Ain Mzid Morocco populated place
'Ain Mzila Algeria house
Ain Mzila Algeria spring
'Ain Mzira Algeria populated place
Ain Mzita Algeria spring
Ain Mzizuoi Morocco populated place
Ain n' Barek Ou Alla Morocco spring
Ain n' Taimant Morocco spring
Ain n' Tiferch Morocco spring
Ain n'Ait Hmad Morocco populated place
'Ain N'Sara Algeria populated place
'Ain N'Sour Algeria populated place
'Ain Na'am Mauritania spring
Ain Naaja Syria spring
Ain Naaje Syria spring
Ain Naaje Syria spring
Ain Naassaya Lebanon spring
Ain Nablou Lebanon spring
'Ain Nachfa Algeria spring
`Ain Nafiya West Bank spring
'Ain Naga Algeria populated place
'Ain Naga Algeria spring
'Ain Naga Algeria spring
'Ain Naga Algeria spring
'Ain Naga Mauritania well
'Ain Nagar Algeria spring
Ain Naheli Tunisia spring
Ain Nahma Mauritania spring
Ain Nahme Mauritania spring
'Ain Naimia Algeria spring
'Ain Naimia Algeria spring
Ain Najem Lebanon populated place
Ain Najm Lebanon populated place
Ain Najm Lebanon spring
'Ain Nakhal Algeria spring
Ain Nakhal Tunisia spring
'Ain Nakhar Algeria populated place
'Ain Nakhla Algeria spring
Ain Nakhla Tunisia spring
'Ain Nakhlal Algeria spring
Ain Nakhle Lebanon water tank
Ain Nakral Tunisia spring
Ain Nam Mauritania spring
Ain Naqira Saudi Arabia wells
Ain Nasnissa Morocco spring
Ain Nasseur Tunisia spring
Ain Nasseur Tunisia spring
Ain Nassif Lebanon spring
Ain Nebch ed Dib Tunisia spring
Ain Neblaiye Lebanon spring
Ain Nebleye Lebanon spring
'Ain Nechima Algeria spring
Ain Necissa Morocco spring
'Ain Nedjail Algeria spring
'Ain Nedjait Algeria spring
Ain Nedjema Tunisia spring
Ain Nedri Lebanon spring
'Ain Neflia Algeria spring
Ain Negrehifa Tunisia spring
Ain Nehala Algeria spring
Ain Nejema Tunisia spring
Ain Nejm Saudi Arabia spring
Ain Nejmet es Sobh Lebanon well
Ain Nekhal Tunisia spring
'Ain Nellaha Algeria spring
Ain Nemr Lebanon spring
'Ain Nesnissa Algeria spring
'Ain Nessissa Algeria spring
'Ain Nessissa Algeria spring
'Ain Nessissa Algeria spring
'Ain Nessissa Algeria spring
'Ain Nessissa Algeria spring
'Ain Nessissa Algeria spring
Ain Nessissa Algeria spring
Ain Nessissa Algeria spring
Ain Nessissa Algeria spring
Ain Nessissa Morocco spring
Ain Nezaouet Algeria spring
'Ain Ngaous Algeria spring
Ain Nhereth Morocco populated place
Ain Niati Algeria spring
Ain Niha Lebanon spring
Ain Nijm Lebanon populated place
`Ain Nimra West Bank spring
Ain Ninou Morocco populated place
'Ain Nmil Algeria spring
'Ain Nmiri Algeria spring
Ain Noisy Algeria administrative division
Ain Nokra Morocco spring
Ain Nouba Morocco spring
Ain Nouba Tunisia spring
'Ain Nouissy Algeria populated place
Ain Nouissy Algeria populated place
'Ain Noumerat Algeria spring
Ain Noumsen Algeria spring
'Ain Noumsene Algeria spring
Ain Nouna Algeria spring
Ain Nouna Lebanon populated place
Ain Nsanis Algeria well
Ain Nsansis Algeria well
'Ain Nsinissa Algeria spring
'Ain Nsinissa Algeria spring
Ain Nsissa Algeria spring
Ain Nsissa Morocco spring
Ain Ntarfou Morocco spring
`Ain Nubeila Jordan spring
`Ain Nukhaila Iraq spring
`Ain Nukhaila Iraq spring
`Ain Nukhalia Pass Iraq pass
Ain Nuni Iraq destroyed populated place
`Ain Nuwi`ima West Bank populated place
'Ain Ograb Algeria spring
Ain Ohitla Libya spring
Ain Oltay Lebanon spring
`Ain Omer Nassim Egypt well
Ain Omm Qataya Lebanon spring
Ain Orous Syria spring
Ain Orouss Syria spring
'Ain Osmane Algeria spring
Ain Otne Syria spring
'Ain Otsmane Algeria spring
Ain Ou Amane n'Tini Morocco spring
Ain Ou Azoumir Morocco spring
Ain Oua ou Dmf Morocco spring
Ain Oua Ou Drif Morocco spring
Ain Ouaad Dhraah Morocco spring
Ain Ouaddi Algeria spring
Ain Ouadi Aali Lebanon spring
Ain Ouadi ech Chaouke Lebanon spring
Ain Ouadi ej Jinniyat Lebanon spring
Ain Ouadi el Mai Lebanon spring
Ain Ouadi el Marj Lebanon spring
Ain Ouadi Handouch Lebanon spring
Ain Ouadi Maaine Lebanon spring
Ain Ouadi Saif Lebanon spring
Ain Ouahab Algeria spring
Ain Ouahad Dhraah Morocco spring
'Ain Ouamri Algeria spring
Ain Ouansa Lebanon well
Ain Ouaouizert Morocco spring
Ain Ouaousait Morocco spring
Ain Ouara Algeria spring
Ain Ouaraqa Lebanon populated place
Ain Ouarchane Lebanon spring
Ain Ouard Morocco populated place
Ain Ouarde Lebanon spring
Ain Ouarde Lebanon spring
Ain Ouardine Lebanon spring
Ain Ouarga Lebanon populated place
'Ain Ouarir Algeria spring
'Ain Ouarka Algeria spring
Ain Ouarqa Lebanon populated place
'Ain Ouazida Algeria spring
Ain Ouazine Lebanon populated place
Ain Ouba Israel spring
Ain Ouchen Morocco spring
Ain Ouchene Morocco spring
Ain Ouchine Morocco spring
'Ain Oudebane Algeria spring
'Ain Oudei Gouf Algeria spring
Ain Oudja Tunisia spring
'Ain Oueba Algeria populated place
Ain Oued Bou Chrika Tunisia spring
Ain Oued ed Derane Algeria spring
Ain Oued el Guelb Tunisia spring
Ain Oued el Mzach Tunisia spring
Ain Oued Sendiin Mauritania well
Ain Ouenza Morocco spring
Ain Ouerda Tunisia spring
Ain Ouerk Syria populated place
Ain Oufra Morocco spring
Ain Ouidmedour Morocco spring
Ain Ouiggane Morocco spring
Ain Ouine Mesdour Morocco spring
Ain Ouizrhet Morocco spring
Ain Ouizrhete Morocco spring
Ain Ouja Tunisia spring
Ain Oulad Ahmed Algeria locality
Ain Oulad Asafat Western Sahara spring
Ain Oulad Ben Hassine Tunisia spring
Ain Oulad Ben Hassine Tunisia spring
'Ain Oulad Bouziane Algeria spring
Ain Oulad el Gherissi Tunisia spring
Ain Oulad Malel Morocco spring
Ain Oulad Merzoug Tunisia spring
Ain Oulad Mhamed Morocco spring
'Ain Oulad Moussa Algeria spring
Ain Ould Taieb Morocco spring
Ain Ould Tayeb Morocco spring
'Ain Ouled Bou Rokba Algeria spring
Ain Ouled el Cadi Algeria spring
'Ain Ouled el Mahil Algeria populated place
Ain Ouled Khaled Algeria spring
'Ain Ouled Sidi Omar Algeria spring
Ain Ouled Taieb Morocco spring
'Ain Oulmen Algeria spring
'Ain Oulmene Algeria spring
Ain Oulmene Algeria populated place
Ain Oulna Morocco spring
Ain Oum Aamer Lebanon well
Ain Oum Ali Algeria spring
Ain Oum Ali Lebanon spring
Ain Oum Chahine Lebanon spring
'Ain Oum Chemel Algeria populated place
'Ain Oum Chetelek Algeria spring
Ain Oum Daher Lebanon spring
Ain Oum el Arais Algeria spring
'Ain Oum el Argoub Algeria spring
Ain Oum el Arouah Algeria spring
Ain Oum el Djedour Tunisia spring
'Ain Oum el Fa Algeria spring
Ain Oum el Fart Tunisia spring
'Ain Oum el Grad Algeria spring
Ain Oum el Imama Tunisia spring
Ain Oum el Kidch Syria spring
'Ain Oum el Rhorba Algeria spring
'Ain Oum er Rezg Algeria spring
Ain Oum er Rouafea Morocco spring
'Ain Oum es Sekhane Algeria spring
Ain Oum et Tark Tunisia spring
'Ain Oum et Teboul Algeria spring
Ain Oum ez Zouitina Tunisia spring
Ain Oum Hassane Lebanon well
Ain Oum Hassane Lebanon spring
'Ain Oum Hassene Algeria spring
'Ain Oum Iala Algeria spring
Ain Oum Jrane Lebanon spring
Ain Oum Krima Morocco spring
Ain Oum Kseiba Tunisia spring
Ain Oum Kseiba Tunisia spring
'Ain Oum Lala Algeria spring
Ain Oum Leksab Morocco spring
Ain Oum Mahmoud Lebanon spring
Ain Oum Massa Tunisia spring
Ain Oum Mesdour Morocco spring
Ain Oum Mzeile Syria spring
Ain Oum Nakhla Tunisia spring
Ain Oum Qadous Lebanon spring
Ain Oum Rizq Lebanon spring
Ain Oum Saada Tunisia spring
Ain Oum Siyad Lebanon well
Ain Oum Tbaqa Lebanon spring
'Ain Oum Trifa Algeria spring
Ain Oum Zrar Tunisia spring
'Ain Oumariat Mauritania interdune trough
'Ain Oumata Algeria spring
Ain Oumesdour Morocco spring
'Ain Oumhani Algeria spring
Ain Oumm el Adam Syria spring
Ain Oumm el Djadja Algeria spring
'Ain Oumm es Sekhane Algeria spring
Ain Oumm Kayas Lebanon spring
Ain Oumm Kbeibe Syria spring
'Ain Oumm Kteyyeb Mauritania dune
Ain Oumm Moussa Lebanon spring
Ain Oumm Silane Syria spring
Ain Ouni Syria spring
Ain Ounissa Tunisia spring
Ain Ounzar Morocco populated place
Ain Ouraide Syria spring
'Ain Ouraif Algeria spring
Ain Ouraj Lebanon populated place
'Ain Ourakissa Algeria building
`Ain Ourane Mauritania well
Ain Ouslaf Morocco mountain
'Ain Ousrhar Algeria populated place
Ain Oussera Algeria populated place
Ain Oussera Algeria airfield
'Ain Oussies Algeria spring
Ain Outaya Syria spring
'Ain Outedda Algeria farm
Ain Ouzain Lebanon populated place
'Ain Ouzezer Algeria spring
Ain Ouzzai Lebanon populated place
Ain Qaadou Lebanon spring
Ain Qabaait Lebanon spring
`Ain Qadeis Egypt spring
Ain Qadib Syria populated place
Ain Qahwa Saudi Arabia wells
Ain Qal`eh Afghanistan populated place
Ain Qala Afghanistan populated place
Ain Qalaat el Kbire Lebanon spring
Ain Qalqas Syria spring
Ain Qamar ed Din Lebanon spring
Ain Qamar Lebanon spring
Ain Qamhouni Lebanon spring
Ain Qana Lebanon populated place
`Ain Qanat el `Arayis West Bank spring
`Ain Qanat el `Arayish West Bank spring
Ain Qanat el Beled Syria spring
Ain Qaniye Lebanon populated place
Ain Qanur Saudi Arabia well
Ain Qara Lebanon populated place
Ain Qara Saudi Arabia wells
Ain Qarah Bach Lebanon well
Ain Qarha Lebanon water tank
Ain Qarne Lebanon spring
Ain Qaroutt Syria spring
Ain Qaroutte Syria spring
Ain Qarqaf Lebanon spring
Ain Qarqafa Lebanon pond
Ain Qarqafa Lebanon pond
Ain Qarta Lebanon water tank
Ain Qarya Saudi Arabia well
`Ain Qash Lebanon spring
`Ain Qasr al Abaid Iraq spring
`Ain Qasr al Abaiyat Iraq spring
Ain Qassarine Syria spring
Ain Qassiba Syria spring
Ain Qataya Lebanon section of populated place
Ain Qatra Lebanon spring
Ain Qatra Syria spring
`Ain Qattar el Gharba Egypt spring
Ain Qattara Syria spring
Ain Qattine Lebanon spring
Ain Qayo Syria spring
Ain Qboula Lebanon water tank
`Ain Qeiqab Egypt spring
Ain Qenia Lebanon populated place
Ain Qeniye Lebanon spring
Ain Qeryaqous Lebanon spring
Ain Qezha Lebanon spring
Ain Qibliye Syria spring
`Ain Qini Lebanon populated place
`Ain Qinia Lebanon populated place
Ain Qiniya West Bank populated place
Ain Qirate Syria spring
Ain Qita Syria populated place
Ain Qlaa es Sabeq Lebanon area
Ain Qlaiaa Lebanon populated place
Ain Qlaiaa Lebanon spring
Ain Qommol Lebanon spring
Ain Qorqoaa Lebanon spring
Ain Qouaiq Lebanon spring
Ain Qouais Lebanon wadi
Ain Qoumqoum Syria spring
Ain Qoumqoum Syria spring
Ain Qoun Lebanon populated place
Ain Qouniya Syria populated place
Ain Qraich Lebanon spring
Ain Qsour Lebanon populated place
`Ain Qu`aiqah Yemen spring
Ain Qulaib Saudi Arabia well
Ain Quomqoum Syria spring
`Ain Qurein Jordan spring
`Ain Qureishit Egypt spring
`Ain Quseiyib Egypt spring
`Ain Qusra West Bank spring
`Ain Qusur Lebanon populated place
`Ain Quta Egypt spring
`Ain Quweiliba Jordan spring
'Ain Quwiq Jordan spring
Ain Raa Lebanon spring
'Ain Raadjou Algeria spring
`Ain Rab`i Iran populated place
Ain Rabie Syria spring
`Ain Rabub Jordan spring
Ain Rached Morocco spring
'Ain Rachgoun Algeria spring
`Ain Radhi Iraq spring
`Ain Radi Egypt spring
'Ain Radjah Algeria building
Ain Radni Saudi Arabia well
Ain Radouane Tunisia populated place
`Ain Rafda Egypt spring
`Ain Ragih Egypt spring
'Ain Ragoub Algeria spring
Ain Raha Morocco populated place
Ain Rahaima Saudi Arabia spring
Ain Rahal Morocco spring
Ain Rahine Syria spring
Ain Rahma Syria spring
`Ain Rahmun Egypt spring
Ain Raho Ou Raho Morocco spring
Ain Rais Algeria spring
'Ain Rakoussa Algeria spring
Ain Ram Lebanon spring
Ain Ramadane Algeria spring
'Ain Ramdane Algeria spring
'Ain Ramedj Algeria pool
Ain Ramet el Balet Syria spring
Ain Ramka Algeria populated place
`Ain Rammah Egypt spring
Ain Ramoul Algeria spring
Ain Ramta Lebanon spring
`Ain Raqabet el Rala Egypt spring
`Ain Raqabet er Rala Egypt spring
Ain Rarmia Algeria spring
Ain Rarsa Algeria spring
'Ain Ras Beni Alem Algeria spring
Ain Ras el Aioun Algeria spring
'Ain Ras el Euch Algeria spring
'Ain Ras el Hammam Algeria spring
'Ain Ras el Ma Algeria spring
'Ain Ras el Ma Algeria spring
'Ain Ras el Ma Algeria spring
'Ain Ras el Ma Algeria spring
'Ain Ras el Ma Algeria spring
'Ain Ras el Ma Algeria well
Ain Ras el Ma Algeria spring
`Ain Ras el Ma Jordan spring
Ain Ras el Merdi Algeria spring
Ain Ras el Mousri Lebanon spring
'Ain Ras el Oued Algeria spring
Ain Ras en Naba Syria spring
'Ain Ras Guerssif Algeria spring
Ain Ras Nhach Lebanon spring
Ain Ras Zemko Morocco spring
Ain Rasm enn Nabaa Syria spring
Ain Rass el Euch Algeria spring
Ain Rass el Euck Algeria spring
Ain Rass en Naba Syria spring
Ain Rassine Syria spring
Ain Rassouli Tunisia spring
Ain Raudhi Saudi Arabia well
Ain Raui Saudi Arabia well
Ain Rauqia Saudi Arabia spring
Ain Rbad Morocco spring
Ain Rbad Morocco spring
Ain Rbah Algeria spring
Ain Rbat el Assel Tunisia spring
Ain Rdergouine Morocco spring
Ain Reboula Morocco spring
Ain Redir Tunisia spring
'Ain Redjem Algeria spring
'Ain Regada Algeria populated place
'Ain Regada Algeria populated place
Ain Regada Algeria spring
Ain Regada Algeria well
Ain Regada Morocco populated place
Ain Regada Morocco spring
'Ain Reggada Algeria spring
Ain Regrag Morocco spring
Ain Regragui Morocco spring
Ain Regrega Morocco spring
Ain Reguiouine Morocco spring
Ain Reha Morocco populated place
Ain Rehouna Morocco populated place
Ain Rekada Algeria spring
Ain Rekib es Souif Algeria spring
Ain Relles Libya spring
Ain Remaida Tunisia spring
`Ain Remail Egypt spring
`Ain Reman Egypt spring
'Ain Remila Algeria house
'Ain Remoum Algeria spring
Ain Ressifa Tunisia spring
Ain Rezaga Algeria spring
Ain Rezzoug Algeria spring
Ain Rha Morocco populated place
Ain Rhada Saudi Arabia wells
'Ain Rhagtene Algeria spring
'Ain Rhaicha Algeria spring
'Ain Rhairene Mauritania well
Ain Rhales Morocco spring
Ain Rhaless Morocco spring
'Ain Rhannous Algeria spring
'Ain Rhannsa Algeria spring
Ain Rhar ed Deba Algeria spring
Ain Rhar el Oual Algeria spring
Ain Rharb el Ferd Algeria spring
Ain Rharbi Algeria spring
'Ain Rharga Algeria well
Ain Rharhmid Tunisia spring
'Ain Rharsa Algeria spring
Ain Rhazale Syria populated place
Ain Rhazeli Syria spring
Ain Rhbel Algeria spring
'Ain Rhebbab Algeria spring
Ain Rhebeya Algeria well
Ain Rhenioua Morocco spring
'Ain Rhenouar Algeria spring
Ain Rherrhize Algeria spring
'Ain Rherris Algeria spring
Ain Rheza Algeria populated place
Ain Rheza Tunisia spring
'Ain Rhezal Algeria populated place
'Ain Rhezal Algeria spring
'Ain Rhezal Algeria spring
Ain Rhezala Tunisia spring
'Ain Rhezela Algeria spring
'Ain Rhezlane Algeria house
'Ain Rhicha Algeria spring
'Ain Rhilene Algeria spring
Ain Rhina Morocco spring
Ain Rhitsia Tunisia spring
Ain Rhnaia Tunisia spring
'Ain Rhomra Algeria spring
Ain Rhorab Tunisia spring
Ain Rhouni Algeria spring
Ain Rhouzelane Morocco spring
Ain Rhouzlane Morocco spring
Ain Rhzal Morocco spring
Ain Riah Tunisia spring
Ain Rich Algeria fort
Ain Rig Saudi Arabia populated place
Ain Rihana Algeria spring
'Ain Rihaniye Syria populated place
`Ain Rimeil Egypt spring
Ain Rja Morocco spring

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