Ain Timezourout - Ain - Geographical Names, map, geographic coordinates

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Country Feature class
Ain Timezourout Algeria spring
Ain Timguelaouen Morocco spring
Ain Timguelaouene Morocco spring
`Ain Timiksal Egypt spring
Ain Timmirih Morocco spring
Ain Timoula Morocco spring
Ain Timoulilt Morocco spring
Ain Timsilouine Morocco spring
Ain Tin Abouka Libya spring
Ain Tin Kouent Algeria spring
Ain Tin Syria populated place
'Ain Tindamine Algeria populated place
Ain Tine es Sire Lebanon spring
'Ain Tine Algeria spring
Ain Tine Algeria populated place
Ain Tine Morocco populated place
Ain Tine Morocco spring
Ain Tine Syria spring
'Ain Tinezarafounes Algeria spring
'Ain Tinibaouine Algeria populated place
Ain Tiniez Mauritania spring
`Ain Tinin Egypt spring
'Ain Tinkadiouine Algeria spring
Ain Tinn Algeria populated place
Ain Tinnzar Algeria spring
'Ain Tinnzert Algeria house
Ain Tinta Lebanon populated place
Ain Tinta Lebanon locality
'Ain Tintaouine Algeria well
'Ain Tioucha Algeria spring
Ain Tioudersine Morocco spring
'Ain Tiouendjiguine Algeria spring
'Ain Tiouregedene Algeria well
'Ain Tiourtelt Algeria spring
'Ain Tiradouine Algeria spring
'Ain Tiraine Algeria spring
Ain Tiramlit Algeria spring
Ain Tirane Lebanon spring
Ain Tiredouine Morocco spring
'Ain Tirerfit Algeria spring
'Ain Tirga Algeria spring
'Ain Tirguedane Algeria spring
Ain Tirhounane Algeria spring
Ain Tiririt Morocco spring
'Ain Tirmeline Algeria spring
Ain Tirza Morocco spring
Ain Tirzi Morocco spring
`Ain Tisar el Malah Egypt spring
Ain Tisar el-Maleh Egypt spring
'Ain Tiskhine Algeria spring
Ain Tissaf Morocco spring
Ain Tisseldel Morocco spring
Ain Tissemlane Algeria spring
Ain Tissouriine Morocco spring
Ain Tissourine Morocco spring
'Ain Titaouene Algeria spring
'Ain Titen Yahia Algeria spring
Ain Titentia Morocco spring
Ain Titinguel Algeria spring
'Ain Titiouah Algeria spring
Ain Titouane Algeria spring
'Ain Tittaouine Algeria well
`Ain Tiwa`a West Bank spring
Ain Tizarh Morocco spring
'Ain Tizarouine Algeria spring
'Ain Tizarouine Algeria spring
Ain Tizarouine Algeria spring
'Ain Tizarourine Algeria spring
'Ain Tizi Algeria spring
Ain Tizi Algeria spring
Ain Tjerrouine Morocco spring
Ain Tlatanskirine Morocco spring
Ain Tleta Morocco spring
Ain Tleta Morocco spring
'Ain Tlilet Algeria spring
'Ain Tlilis Algeria spring
'Ain Tmanet Algeria well
Ain Tmokhit Algeria spring
Ain Tnine Morocco populated place
Ain Tobaga Tunisia spring
Ain Tobbi Libya spring
'Ain Tolba Algeria populated place
'Ain Tolba Algeria spring
'Ain Tolba Algeria spring
Ain Tommor Lebanon spring
'Ain Torhaia Algeria spring
'Ain Torki Algeria populated place
Ain Touabine Tunisia spring
Ain Touaine Syria spring
Ain Touainine Syria spring
'Ain Toualil Algeria spring
'Ain Toualit Algeria spring
Ain Touam Algeria spring
'Ain Touares Algeria spring
Ain Touartet Algeria well
Ain Touati Algeria spring
Ain Toudmam Algeria spring
Ain Toudman Algeria well
'Ain Toufayen Niger locality
Ain Toufayen Niger well
'Ain Toufayene Niger well
Ain Touffana Algeria populated place
Ain Toufrit Morocco spring
'Ain Touhala Algeria populated place
'Ain Touhalla Algeria populated place
'Ain Touila Algeria populated place
Ain Touila Algeria spring
Ain Touila Algeria spring
Ain Touira Morocco populated place
Ain Toukoutine Algeria spring
Ain Toumiet Algeria spring
Ain Tounga Tunisia ruin
Ain Tounine Morocco spring
Ain Tounta Lebanon populated place
Ain Tourgs Morocco spring
Ain Tourine Lebanon populated place
Ain Tourine Lebanon spring
Ain Tourkia Algeria spring
Ain Tourkmane Syria spring
Ain Tournil Morocco spring
Ain Toursrhet Algeria spring
'Ain Toussert Algeria spring
'Ain Touszelt Algeria spring
'Ain Touta Algeria house
'Ain Touta Algeria populated place
Ain Touta Algeria populated place
Ain Touta Algeria spring
'Ain Toutia Algeria populated place
Ain Toutline Algeria spring
'Ain Toutouaoudjra Algeria spring
'Ain Trab Algeria populated place
Ain Tranimt Morocco spring
Ain Trantik Lebanon spring
Ain Trarib Tunisia spring
Ain Traz Lebanon populated place
'Ain Trefia Algeria spring
'Ain Trefia Algeria spring
'Ain Trefia Algeria spring
Ain Trefla Morocco spring
Ain Treitresc Libya spring
Ain Trez Lebanon populated place
'Ain Tribine Algeria spring
'Ain Trick Algeria populated place
'Ain Trid Algeria populated place
'Ain Trifia Algeria spring
Ain Trik Algeria populated place
'Ain Troubia Algeria spring
'Ain Tsaounet Algeria spring
'Ain Tsitarene Algeria well
'Ain Tsmarout Algeria spring
`Ain Tura Lebanon populated place
Ain Tura`a Saudi Arabia well
Ain Turk Algeria spring
Ain Turki Algeria spring
Ain Turkman Syria spring
`Ain Turmus `Aiya West Bank spring
'Ain Tzioua Algeria spring
Ain Uaina Libya spring
Ain Uhariya Saudi Arabia well
`Ain ul Baghal Iran populated place
`Ain Ulleiqa West Bank spring
`Ain Um `Ibriq West Bank spring
`Ain Um `Iraq Jordan spring
`Ain Um `Umeir West Bank spring
Ain Um al Banat Iraq well
`Ain Um Butma Jordan spring
`Ain Um ed Daraj West Bank spring
`Ain Um edh Dhubban Jordan spring
`Ain Um el `Idham Jordan spring
`Ain Um el `Uruq Jordan spring
`Ain Um el Futtas Jordan spring
"Ain Um el Ghadir Jordan spring
`Ain Um el Julud Jordan spring
`Ain Um el Jurn Jordan spring
`Ain Um el Laja Jordan spring
`Ain Um en Nusur Jordan spring
`Ain Um esh Shananir Jordan spring
`Ain Um esh Sharayit Jordan spring
`Ain Um esh Shaumar Jordan spring
`Ain Um esh Shawarib Jordan spring
Ain Um et Tawaqi Jordan spring
`Ain Um et Turab Jordan spring
`Ain Um Farwa Jordan spring
`Ain Um Fukhkhara Jordan spring
`Ain Um Furun Jordan spring
`Ain Um Hudeib Jordan spring
`Ain Um Irsheid Jordan spring
`Ain Um Irsheid Jordan spring
`Ain Um Jam`an Jordan spring
`Ain Um Jauza Jordan spring
`Ain Um Jauza Jordan spring
`Ain Um Jurein Jordan spring
"Ain Um Jurn Jordan spring
`Ain Um Keis Jordan spring
`Ain Um Khiraq Jordan spring
`Ain Um Kureiyima Jordan spring
`Ain Um Marara Jordan spring
`Ain Um Qahara Jordan spring
`Ain Um Qasim Jordan spring
`Ain Um Qatqut West Bank spring
`Ain Um Qeis Jordan spring
`Ain Um Qurein Jordan spring
`Ain Um Rabi` Jordan spring
`Ain Um Rakham Jordan spring
`Ain Um Rakhm Jordan spring
`Ain Um Sa`id Jordan spring
`Ain Um Sarab Jordan spring
`Ain Um Sidra Jordan spring
`Ain Um Sufsafa Jordan spring
`Ain Um Suleiman West Bank spring
`Ain Um Suleiman West Bank spring
`Ain Um Tukh West Bank spring
`Ain Um Yanbuta Jordan spring
`Ain Um Za`rura Jordan spring
`Ain Um Zeituna West Bank spring
`Ain Um Ziq West Bank spring
`Ain Um Zu`rura Jordan spring
`Ain Umbeira Jordan spring
`Ain Umm `Amir West Bank spring
`Ain Umm `Eisha West Bank spring
`Ain Umm Ahmad Egypt spring
Ain Umm al Banat Iraq well
Ain Umm ed-Diab Libya spring
Ain Umm el Hushat Saudi Arabia well
`Ain Umm el Jarab West Bank spring
Ain Umm El Khiyash Saudi Arabia well
`Ain Umm el Nasim Egypt spring
`Ain Umm el Qusur Egypt spring
`Ain Umm el-Dabadib Egypt spring
Ain Umm el-Gelud Libya spring
`Ain Umm el-Kharaq Jordan spring
Ain Umm el-Masabih Libya spring
Ain Umm es Fagat Saudi Arabia well
Ain Umm es-Safsaf Libya spring
`Ain Umm esh Sharayit West Bank spring
`Ain Umm esh Sharyit West Bank spring
Ain Umm Gbeiba Libya spring
Ain Umm Gbeiba Libya spring
Ain Umm Ghati Saudi Arabia well
`Ain Umm Huweita Egypt spring
Ain Umm Ijraiyi Bahrain spring
`Ain Umm Keis Jordan spring
Ain Umm Khanif Qatar well
Ain Umm Kharif Qatar well
Ain Umm Khisa Saudi Arabia well
Ain Umm Muidhai Saudi Arabia well
Ain Umm Mujdhai Saudi Arabia well
`Ain Umm Qeis Jordan spring
Ain Umm Ruba Saudi Arabia well
`Ain Umm Sa`id Egypt spring
Ain Umm Saika Saudi Arabia well
`Ain Umm Za`rura Jordan spring
Ain Uqubba Saudi Arabia wells
Ain Usaibd Saudi Arabia well
Ain Usaila Saudi Arabia well
`Ain Ushsh er Rumman Jordan spring
Ain Uwaisa Saudi Arabia well
`Ain Uzrayil Jordan spring
`Ain wa el M`emmariya Jordan area
`Ain Wadi Biyar West Bank spring
`Ain Wadi ed Dilb West Bank spring
`Ain Wadi ed Dur West Bank spring
`Ain Wadi el Bir West Bank spring
`Ain Wadi el Bir West Bank spring
`Ain Wadi el Biyar West Bank spring
`Ain Wadi el Jaya West Bank spring
`Ain Wadi Numeir West Bank spring
`Ain Wafla Egypt spring
`Ain Waghra Jordan spring
Ain Wahan Pakistan populated place
Ain Wahbi Lebanon spring
Ain Wahid Lebanon spring
`Ain Wahil Egypt spring
Ain Wajih Lebanon spring
Ain Wamud Iraq spring
Ain Wasia Saudi Arabia farm
Ain Wasiah Saudi Arabia farm
`Ain Wazidi Egypt spring
`Ain Weida`a Jordan spring
Ain Wohl Syria well
`Ain Wuheida Jordan spring
`Ain Wzei Lebanon populated place
`Ain Wzein Lebanon populated place
`Ain Ya`qoub Lebanon populated place
Ain Yaaqoub Israel populated place
Ain Yaaqoub Lebanon populated place
Ain Yaaqoub Lebanon spring
`Ain Yabrud West Bank locality
`Ain Yabrud West Bank populated place
Ain Yadri Algeria well
Ain Yagout Algeria populated place
Ain Yahav Israel populated place
Ain Yahia Morocco populated place
Ain Yahia Tunisia spring
Ain Yahmoura Lebanon spring
'Ain Yakoub Algeria spring
'Ain Yakoub Algeria spring
Ain Yakoub Lebanon populated place
Ain Yala Morocco well
Ain Yalouch Lebanon well
Ain Yannaza Lebanon spring
Ain Yanouh Lebanon wadi
Ain Yaqoute Lebanon spring
Ain Yarine Lebanon spring
'Ain Yarmoul Algeria spring
Ain Yarmout Algeria spring
`Ain Yarqa Egypt spring
'Ain Yasri Algeria spring
Ain Yazi Morocco spring
Ain Yazoun Lebanon spring
Ain Yehia Lebanon well
Ain Yelma Algeria spring
`Ain Yerqa Egypt spring
Ain Youcef Algeria populated place
Ain Younes Lebanon spring
Ain Younes Lebanon well
Ain Younes Lebanon spring
Ain Younes Lebanon spring
Ain Youssef Lebanon well
Ain Youssef Lebanon spring
Ain Yzza Morocco farm
`Ain Za`bub West Bank spring
`Ain Za`nuni West Bank spring
'Ain Zaabat Algeria well
Ain Zaaf Algeria spring
Ain Zaarour Lebanon spring
Ain Zabel Morocco spring
'Ain Zada Algeria populated place
`Ain Zaggan Egypt spring
Ain Zaggut Libya spring
'Ain Zahira Algeria spring
Ain Zahoun Lebanon spring
Ain Zahr ed Dine Lebanon spring
`Ain Zahr el Din Egypt spring
Ain Zahra Morocco spring
Ain Zailiga Morocco spring
Ain Zainana Libya lagoon
Ain Zaitoun Lebanon populated place
Ain Zaitoune Lebanon populated place
`Ain Zaiyan Egypt spring
Ain Zakoura Algeria spring
`Ain Zakri West Bank spring
Ain Zala Iraq oilfield
Ain Zala Iraq populated place
Ain Zalaaoun Lebanon water tank
Ain Zalah Iraq oilfield
Ain Zalah Iraq radio station
`Ain Zalah Iraq populated place
Ain Zalzala Tunisia spring
'Ain Zamer Algeria spring
Ain Zamoul Tunisia spring
`Ain Zamur Egypt spring
`Ain Zamzam Egypt spring
Ain Zana Algeria spring
Ain Zanbil Lebanon spring
Ain Zannkak Algeria spring
'Ain Zaouia Algeria populated place
Ain Zaqawet el- Ma`asir Egypt spring
Ain Zara Libya populated place
Ain Zararia Morocco spring
'Ain Zarfoun Algeria spring
'Ain Zarhdoud Algeria spring
Ain Zarnuqa Saudi Arabia wells
'Ain Zarour Algeria spring
Ain Zaroura Algeria spring
Ain Zaroura Algeria spring
Ain Zarouta Tunisia spring
Ain Zarqa Syria populated place
Ain Zarzour Syria spring
'Ain Zatou Algeria well
Ain Zaza Tunisia spring
'Ain Zazeli Algeria spring
`Ain Zazu Iraq locality
Ain Zbeide Syria spring
Ain Zebal Morocco spring
Ain Zebbouj Morocco spring
'Ain Zebda Algeria populated place
'Ain Zebda Algeria spring
Ain Zebda Morocco spring
Ain Zebda Tunisia spring
Ain Zebda Tunisia spring
Ain Zebde Lebanon populated place
Ain Zebine Lebanon spring
'Ain Zeddiga Algeria spring
Ain Zediga Algeria spring
Ain Zefana Morocco spring
Ain Zeggou Morocco populated place
Ain Zeghli Lebanon spring
Ain Zegouer Morocco populated place
`Ain Zehalta Lebanon populated place
Ain Zehalte Lebanon populated place
Ain Zehmane Lebanon spring
Ain Zeiana Libya lagoon
Ain Zeiana-el Coefia Libya lagoon
Ain Zeidan Libya spring
Ain Zein Lebanon spring
Ain Zeita Lebanon spring
Ain Zeitouria Morocco populated place
`Ain Zeitun Egypt spring
Ain Zeituna Morocco populated place
Ain Zekkour Algeria spring
'Ain Zelaaka Algeria spring
Ain Zelamta Algeria spring
'Ain Zelbaha Algeria spring
Ain Zelfane Morocco spring
Ain Zelguilma Morocco spring
Ain Zelten Morocco populated place
Ain Zemala Algeria well
'Ain Zemlet el Mzeirif Mauritania well
'Ain Zemlet Mzarif Mauritania well
Ain Zena Algeria spring
Ain Zennzela Algeria spring
'Ain Zeraf Algeria spring
Ain Zerdoud Algeria spring
Ain Zered Tunisia spring
'Ain Zerga Algeria populated place
Ain Zerga Libya spring
Ain Zerga Morocco spring
Ain Zergane Tunisia spring
Ain Zerguine Algeria spring
Ain Zerhana Morocco spring
'Ain Zeriba Algeria spring
'Ain Zeriba Algeria spring
'Ain Zermemmou Algeria spring
Ain Zeroualia Algeria spring
'Ain Zeroug Algeria spring
Ain Zeroula Algeria populated place
Ain Zerred Algeria spring
Ain Zerroug Morocco spring
Ain Zeyata Algeria spring
Ain Zgartaghrine Lebanon well
Ain Zghire Lebanon spring
'Ain Zguilma Algeria well
Ain Zguilma Morocco spring
Ain Zhair Lebanon spring
Ain Zhalta Lebanon populated place
'Ain Zia Algeria populated place
Ain Ziafa Morocco spring
Ain Ziana Morocco populated place
'Ain Ziane Algeria spring
Ain Ziane Algeria spring
'Ain Zibane Algeria spring
Ain Zibda Saudi Arabia well
`Ain Zibdah Lebanon populated place
Ain Zibediya Saudi Arabia well
`Ain Zibiba Egypt spring
'Ain Zid el Moumene Algeria spring
'Ain Zida Algeria religious center
'Ain Zigawa Egypt well
Ain Zigzaou Tunisia populated place
Ain Zijana Morocco populated place
Ain Zilouf Algeria spring
Ain Zina Ferme Tunisia farm
'Ain Zineb Algeria spring
'Ain Zinna Algeria spring
'Ain Ziouane Syria populated place
Ain Zitoun Algeria spring
'Ain Zitouna Algeria spring
Ain Zitouna Tunisia spring
Ain Zitouna Tunisia spring
`Ain Ziyad Egypt spring
Ain Zlafa Morocco spring
'Ain Zlakchene Algeria spring
Ain Zlaqet Lebanon spring
Ain Zleft Morocco spring
'Ain Zmila Algeria populated place
Ain Zohra Morocco populated place
Ain Zohra Morocco populated place
Ain Zora Morocco populated place
Ain Zora Morocco populated place
Ain Zorah Morocco populated place
Ain Zoren Morocco populated place
Ain Zorrisse Tunisia spring
Ain Zouair Tunisia spring
'Ain Zoubia Algeria spring
'Ain Zoubia Algeria spring
Ain Zouiet Algeria spring
Ain Zouirka Morocco spring
'Ain ZouiT Algeria populated place
'Ain Zouraa Algeria spring
'Ain Zourhlia Algeria spring
Ain Zourz Morocco spring
Ain Zrazer Algeria spring
Ain Zrekie Syria spring
Ain Zrekiye Syria spring
Ain Zrof Algeria spring
Ain Zubaida Saudi Arabia spring
Ain Zueia Libya well
`Ain Zugheib Jordan spring
`Ain Zuinaq Egypt spring
`Ain Zumaq Egypt spring
`Ain Zuqeiqa Jordan spring
`Ain Zuweitin Jordan spring
Ain'gol-mot South Korea reservoir
Ain, es Sabaa Lebanon well
Ain Afghanistan populated place
Ain Bahrain reef
Ain Congo, Republic of the stream
Ain France stream
Ain Pakistan populated place

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