Aneby - Anes - Geographical Names, map, geographic coordinates

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Country Feature class
Aneby Norway populated place
Aneby Sweden populated place
Aneby Sweden second-order administrative division
Anebyn Sweden farm
Anebysjon Sweden lake
Anecch Western Sahara astronomical station
Anech Western Sahara astronomical station
Anechag Mali well
Anechanga Chad well
Anechaukur India populated place
Anechchag Mali well
Aneche Tyouwi Niger well
Anechia Niger locality
Anechkan Iran populated place
Anechlangamute United States Locale
Anecho Togo populated place
Aneco Mozambique populated place
Anecone Mozambique populated place
Anecuene Guinea-Bissau populated place
Anedad Morocco populated place
Anedhres Cyprus locality
Anedik Marshall Islands island
Anedik United States Island
Anedikjaiing Marshall Islands island
Anedikjaiing United States Island
Anedikjairik Marshall Islands island
Anedikjairik United States Island
Anedin Lithuania populated place
Anedjelmamene Algeria hill
Anedoul Marshall Islands island
Anedoul Marshall Islands island
Anedoul United States Island
Anedoul United States Island
Anedro Greece island
Aneegeutah Indonesia populated place
Aneegulgit United States Glacier
Aneewakampoe Suriname populated place
Aneewakondre Suriname populated place
Anefa Bou Korzit Morocco mountains
Anefa n'Ouanourhkoud Morocco ridge
Anefa n'Ouazourhkoud Morocco ridge
Anefa Chad peaks
Anefergane Morocco populated place
Aneffig Mauritania hill
Anefgou Morocco populated place
Anefgou Morocco tribal area
Anefi Greece populated place
Anefid Morocco populated place
Anefif Mali well
Anefinntinden Norway peak
Anefis i-n-Darane Mali populated place
Anefis In Daran Mali populated place
Anefis Mali populated place
Anefis Mali well
Anefitrabe Madagascar populated place
Anefitrialabe Madagascar locality
Anefo Shet' Ethiopia stream
Anefo Ethiopia stream
Anefok Niger section of wadi
Anefra Morocco mountain
Anefras Morocco mountain
Anefrioune Morocco populated place
Anega-saki Japan point
Anega-shima Japan island
Anegada Bay Argentina bay
Anegada Canyon Undersea Features canyon
Anegada Gap Undersea Features gap
Anegada Passage Sill Undersea Features gap
Anegada Passage Anguilla marine channel
Anegada Point Panama point
Anegada Reef British Virgin Islands shoal
Anegada Ridge Undersea Features ridge
Anegada Roca Mexico rock
Anegada Rocks Philippines rocks
Anegada Trough Undersea Features trough
Anegada British Virgin Islands airport
Anegada British Virgin Islands island
Anegadizo Dominican Republic populated place
Anegadizo Venezuela populated place
Anegadizos Dominican Republic populated place
Anegado Channel United States Channel
Anegam Wash United States Stream
Anegam United States Populated Place
Anegan Wash United States Stream
Anegane Morocco populated place
Anegas Range South Africa mountains
Anegas South Africa farm
Anegas South Africa farmstead
Anegas South Africa mountain
Anegasaki Japan populated place
Anegato Chad populated place
Anegchag Mali well
Anegen Vanuatu populated place
Aneh Sara Iran populated place
Aneh Afghanistan locality
Aneh Afghanistan populated place
Anehanh Cambodia populated place
Anehbiyogois Somalia wells
Anehef Algeria plateau
Aneho Togo populated place
Anehosur India populated place
Anehue Chile island
Anei Morocco populated place
`Aneiba Jordan ruin
Aneid Post Office (historical) United States Post Office
Aneiga 2 Papua New Guinea populated place
Aneiga Number 2 Papua New Guinea populated place
Aneiga Papua New Guinea populated place
Anein Burma populated place
Anein Burma populated place
Anein Burma populated place
Aneintaunggyun Burma populated place
Aneis Namibia farmstead
Aneityum Vanuatu island
Aneiza Qatar populated place
Aneja Marshall Islands island
Aneja Morocco populated place
Anejabwaru Marshall Islands island
Anejabwaru United States Island
Anejabwrok Marshall Islands island
Anejaej Marshall Islands island
Anejaej United States Island
Anejalar Marshall Islands island
Anejamwaden Marshall Islands island
Anejamwaden United States Island
Anejaoeoe Marshall Islands island
Anejaoeoe United States Island
Anejet Marshall Islands locality
Anejet United States Populated Place
Anejigal Spain populated place
Anejiltak Marshall Islands island
Anejima Knoll Undersea Features knoll
Anejima-seto Japan strait
Anejo Mexico populated place
Anejobwa Marshall Islands island
Anejobwa United States Island
Anejore Marshall Islands island
Anejrar Niger wadi
Aneju Marshall Islands island
Aneju United States Island
Aneju United States Island
Anejue (historical) United States Populated Place
Anejuon Marshall Islands island
`Anejze Saudi Arabia waterhole
Anek Saudi Arabia populated place
Anekaamu United States Island
Anekaamw Marshall Islands island
Anekabakti Indonesia populated place
Anekaej Marshall Islands peninsula
Anekaej United States Range
Anekaelok Indonesia populated place
Anekailik Marshall Islands island
Anekailik Marshall Islands island
Anekailik United States Island
Anekailik United States Island
Anekal India populated place
Anekalik Marshall Islands island
Anekalik United States Island
Anekalleb Marshall Islands islands
Anekamarga Indonesia populated place
Anekar Mali well
Anekar Mali well
Anekar Niger populated place
Anekatti Sri Lanka populated place
Anekattiya Sri Lanka populated place
Aneke Nigeria populated place
Aneke Nigeria populated place
Aneken Island Marshall Islands island
Aneken Marshall Islands island
Aneken United States Island
Aneken United States Island
Aneken-to Marshall Islands island
Aneker Niger escarpment
Aneker Niger well
Aneker Niger populated place
Anekert Niger wadi
Anekert Niger well
Anekeur Niger populated place
Anekeur Niger wadi
Anekh Iran populated place
Anekho Togo populated place
Anekijbwar Marshall Islands island
Anekijbwar United States Island
Anekinge Marshall Islands island
Anekinge United States Island
Anekinnat Marshall Islands island
Anekinnat United States Island
Anekio Marshall Islands island
Anekio United States Island
Anekira Marshall Islands island
Anekira United States Island
Anekirea Marshall Islands locality
Anekirea United States Populated Place
Aneko Kenya hill
Aneko Kenya populated place
Aneko Marshall Islands island
Aneko Marshall Islands island
Anekoble Marshall Islands island
Anekoble United States Island
Anekomkwan Marshall Islands island
Anekomkwan United States Island
Anekonge Island Marshall Islands island
Anekonno Marshall Islands island
Anekonno United States Island
Anekorea Marshall Islands island
Anekorea United States Island
Anekotkot Marshall Islands island
Anekotkot Marshall Islands island
Anekotkot United States Island
Anekotkot United States Island
Anekova Russia populated place
Anekri Morocco populated place
Anekui Burkina Faso populated place
Anel' Russia stream
Anel'kal' Russia populated place
Anel'ovka Ukraine populated place
Anel Brazil populated place
Anel Marshall Islands island
Anel Marshall Islands island
Anela Italy populated place
Anela Morocco populated place
Anela Mozambique populated place
Anelakici Gabon populated place
Aneland Norway populated place
Anelaou Morocco building
Anelaua Island Papua New Guinea island
Anelbounbeke Vanuatu populated place
Anelejre Marshall Islands island
Anelejre United States Island
Aneleket Niger area
Anelema Estonia populated place
Anelet Russia stream
Anelevka Ukraine populated place
Anelgaohat Vanuatu populated place
Anelgauhal Vanuatu populated place
Anelgauhat Vanuatu populated place
Anelghowhat Bay Vanuatu bay
Anelghowhat Vanuatu populated place
Anelhe Portugal populated place
Aneli Mozambique populated place
Anelih India populated place
Anelijik Marshall Islands island
Anelijik United States Island
Anelik Marshall Islands island
Anelik Papua New Guinea island
Anelik United States Island
Anelin India populated place
Anelina Belarus populated place
Anelino Belarus populated place
Aneliny Lithuania populated place
Anelio Brazil populated place
Aneliske Lithuania populated place
Anelo Argentina populated place
Anelo United States Locale
Aneloklab Marshall Islands island
Aneloklab Marshall Islands island
Aneloklab Marshall Islands island
Aneloklab Marshall Islands locality
Aneloklab United States Island
Aneloklab United States Island
Aneloklab United States Island
Aneloklab United States Populated Place
Anelsered Sweden populated place
Anem Nigeria populated place
Anema Nigeria populated place
Anemakij Marshall Islands island
Anemakij United States Island
Anemala Sweden populated place
Aneman Marshall Islands island
Anemaro Marshall Islands island
Anemaro United States Island
Anemas Greece populated place
Anematch New Caledonia island
Anemdanae Vanuatu populated place
Anemdel Morocco populated place
Anemeec New Caledonia island
Anemek Vanuatu populated place
Anemelaua Mozambique populated place
Anemene Nigeria populated place
Anemeso Ghana farm
Anemid Morocco populated place
Anemie Ghana hill
Anemikon Cyprus locality
Anemlil Morocco building
Anemnyasevo Russia populated place
Anemnyasovo Russia populated place
Anemo Marshall Islands island
Anemo United States Island
Anemodhouri Greece populated place
Anemodhourion Greece populated place
Anemoe Kreek Suriname stream
Anemogiannatika Greece populated place
Anemokhoraki Greece populated place
Anemokhorakion Greece populated place
Anemokhori Greece populated place
Anemokhorion Greece populated place
Anemologas Greece peak
Anemolter Germany populated place
Anemomilos Greece populated place
Anemomilos Greece section of populated place
Anemomyloi Greece peak
Anemomylos Cyprus mountain
Anemomylos Cyprus locality
Anemomylos Greece cape
Anemomylos Greece section of populated place
Anemona Greece locality
Anemone Geyser United States Spring
Anemoon United States Island
Anemorrachi Greece populated place
Anemorrakhi Greece populated place
Anemorrema Greece stream
Anemos Cyprus locality
Anemotia Greece populated place
Anemoyiannatika Greece populated place
Anemoyianniatika Greece populated place
Anemuk United States Locale
Anemurium Turkey populated place
Anemutu Brazil populated place
Anemwaan Marshall Islands island
Anemwaan Marshall Islands island
Anemwaan United States Island
Anemwaan United States Island
Anemwanmwan Marshall Islands island
Anemwanmwan United States Island
Anemwanot Marshall Islands island
Anemwanot United States Island
Anemwanot United States Island
Anemzi Morocco populated place
Anen Sweden lake
Anen-gawa Japan stream
Anena Nosy Be Madagascar island
Anena Madagascar populated place
Anena Madagascar populated place
Anena Madagascar populated place
Anena Madagascar populated place
Anena Madagascar populated place
Anena Mozambique populated place
Anena Niger waterhole
Anenaan Marshall Islands island
Anenaan United States Island
Anenae Russia populated place
Anenbwubwu Marshall Islands island
Anenbwubwu United States Island
Anenbwubwu United States Island
Anendaka Madagascar populated place
Anendiue Cote d' Ivoire populated place
Anendy Madagascar populated place
Anene Nigeria populated place
Anene Senegal populated place
Anenecuilco Mexico populated place
Anenedik Marshall Islands island
Anenedik Marshall Islands island
Anenedik United States Island
Anenelibw Marshall Islands island
Anenelibw United States Island
Anenelibw United States Island
Anenemmwaan Marshall Islands island
Anenemmwaan Marshall Islands island
Anenemmwaan United States Island
Aneneutejkaan Marshall Islands island
Aneneutejkaan United States Island
Aneng Equatorial Guinea populated place
Anenge Nigeria populated place
Anengenipuan Federated States of Micronesia island
Anengenipuan United States Island
Anenget Norway farms
Anengi Casma Afghanistan spring
Anengi Cheshmeh-ye Afghanistan spring
Anengi Ghar Afghanistan mountain
Anengi Ghar-e Afghanistan mountain
Anengitra Madagascar populated place
Anengitra Madagascar populated place
Aneni Nouy Moldova populated place
Aneni Moldova railroad stop
Aneniar Marshall Islands island
Anenii Noi Moldova populated place
Anenii Noui Moldova populated place
Anenjandava Madagascar populated place
Anenjandava Madagascar populated place
Anenjandava Madagascar populated place
Anenjendava Madagascar populated place
Anenka Russia populated place
Anenkinge Marshall Islands island
Anenkinge United States Island
Anenkora Marshall Islands island
Anenkora United States Island
Anenkovo Russia populated place
Anenlik Marshall Islands island
Anenlik Marshall Islands island
Anenlik United States Island
Anenoomw Marshall Islands island
Anenoomw Marshall Islands island
Anenoomw United States Island
Anenoomw United States Island
Anenous South Africa locality
Anenousberg South Africa hill
Anenousberg South Africa mountain
Anenska Hut' Czech Republic populated place
Anenska Studanka Czech Republic populated place
Anenska Ves Czech Republic populated place
Anenskoye Russia populated place
Anensky Dvur Czech Republic farm
Anensky Dvur Czech Republic farm
Anensky Vrch Czech Republic mountain
Anenso Ghana populated place
Anensogya Ghana populated place
Anensu Ghana stream
Anensuja Ghana populated place
Anento Spain populated place
Anenuaan Marshall Islands island
Anenuaan United States Island
Aneny Moldova populated place
Aneo Bay French Polynesia bay
Aneo French Polynesia bay
Aneo New Caledonia populated place
Aneong Slap Cambodia populated place
Anep Russia stream
Anepahan Peaks Philippines mountains
Anepahan Philippines populated place
Anepehan Peak Philippines mountains
Anepesa Estonia section of populated place
Anephani Cyprus locality
Anephani Cyprus locality
Anephani Cyprus locality
Anepmete Papua New Guinea populated place
Aneq Iran populated place
Aner Akli Algeria peak
Aner Bela Forest Pakistan forest
Aner Bela Pakistan populated place
Aner River India stream
Aner Sweden farm
Aneraen Marshall Islands island
Aneraen United States Island
Aneran France populated place
Aneran-Camors France populated place
Aneranerany Madagascar mountain
Anerantza Greece populated place
Anerantzia Greece populated place
Aneratza Greece populated place
Aneratzia Greece populated place
Anerbjaerge Plantage Denmark forest
Anerbjerge Plantage Denmark forest
Anered Sweden farms
Anerein Marshall Islands island
Anerein United States Island
Aneren Uzbekistan stream
Aneres France populated place
Anergane Morocco populated place
Anergi Morocco populated place
Anergui Morocco populated place
Anergui Morocco populated place
Anerho Togo populated place
Aneri Makan Pakistan populated place
Aneri Soak Australia intermittent wetland
Aneri Papua New Guinea islands
Anerif Morocco populated place
Anerim Brazil stream
Anerinerina Madagascar populated place
Anerinerina Madagascar populated place
Anerinerina Madagascar populated place
Anerinna Hills Australia hills
Aneriojarvi Finland lake
Aneriojoki Finland stream
Anerkochik River United States Stream
Anerlay South Africa railroad siding
Anerley South Africa populated place
Anerley South Africa railroad siding
Anerni Morocco populated place
Anernilik Greenland point
Anernilik Greenland slope
Anero Dhora Pakistan stream
Anero Dhora Pakistan stream
Anero Nala Pakistan stream
Anero Spain populated place
Aneroid Lake United States Lake
Aneroid Mountain United States Summit
Anerrutamahana Colombia populated place
Anersdorfer Bach Germany stream
Anerssa Morocco shrine
Anertitzas Greece populated place
Anertz Lake United States Lake
Anerukkanjaiing Marshall Islands island
Anerukkanjaiing United States Island
Anerukkanjairik Marshall Islands island
Anerukkanjairik United States Island
Anerveen Netherlands populated place
Anes Baraka Niger well
Anes Barakka Niger locality
Anes Barakka Niger well
Anes Post Office (historical) United States Post Office
Anes Afghanistan populated place
Anes France stream
Anes Norway farm
Anes Norway farm
Anes Norway populated place
Anes Norway populated place
Anes Norway farm
Anes Spain populated place
Anes Spain populated place
Anes United States Populated Place

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