Buuraha Habeeno - Buwanda - Geographical Names, map, geographic coordinates

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Country Feature class
Buuraha Habeeno Somalia mountains
Buuraha Hagabo Somalia mountains
Buuraha Hagare Somalia mountains
Buuraha Hal Yeelo Somalia hills
Buuraha Hawraartiro Somalia mountains
Buuraha Higlo Somalia mountains
Buuraha Hilo Ari Somalia hills
Buuraha Himirta Somalia hills
Buuraha Hiris Somalia hills
Buuraha Hiyilka Somalia dune
Buuraha Hiyilka Somalia dune
Buuraha Hog Somalia mountains
Buuraha Hooda Somalia mountains
Buuraha Hoolin Somalia escarpment
Buuraha Hulciinle Somalia hills
Buuraha Hunbeyle Somalia mountains
Buuraha Hursela Somalia mountains
Buuraha Iidle Adhi Somalia mountains
Buuraha Il-Hagar Somalia hills
Buuraha Ir Baar Somalia hills
Buuraha Iridda Alaji Somalia mountains
Buuraha Jabane Somalia hills
Buuraha Jafan Cadayo Somalia hills
Buuraha Jerey Somalia mountains
Buuraha Jexaad Somalia mountains
Buuraha Jid Caro Somalia ridge
Buuraha Jid Carro Somalia ridge
Buuraha Jidbannaan Somalia mountains
Buuraha Jifo Uuray Somalia hills
Buuraha Jiiroon Somalia ridge
Buuraha Jirar Somalia hills
Buuraha Jirba Somalia mountains
Buuraha Jirta Boorya Gooryaale Somalia mountains
Buuraha Jirta Galdeys Somalia mountains
Buuraha Kabaqoslay Somalia mountains
Buuraha Kago Somalia hills
Buuraha Kalagud Somalia hills
Buuraha Kalooba Somalia mountains
Buuraha Kar Kar Somalia hills
Buuraha Karaadh Somalia mountains
Buuraha Karam Somalia mountains
Buuraha Karimo Somalia hills
Buuraha Karimo Somalia mountains
Buuraha Karin Reer Lamamarshan Somalia hills
Buuraha Karin Somalia hills
Buuraha Karingorfood Somalia hills
Buuraha Kidiile Somalia hills
Buuraha Kiridh Somalia hills
Buuraha Kirmo Somalia mountains
Buuraha Kooray Somalia mountains
Buuraha Kudurdhuus Somalia mountains
Buuraha Kulaale Somalia hills
Buuraha Kuredka Somalia hills
Buuraha Laaleys Somalia hills
Buuraha Laamaloosh Somalia hills
Buuraha Laandhoqan Somalia hills
Buuraha Laaqbaar Somalia hills
Buuraha Laas Deero Somalia hills
Buuraha Laba Afle Somalia hills
Buuraha Laba Doorato Somalia hills
Buuraha Laba Suradle Somalia hills
Buuraha Labaa Somalia mountains
Buuraha Labadhaban Somalia hills
Buuraha Labagawrac Somalia hills
Buuraha Lamadago Somalia hills
Buuraha Laqaas Somalia mountains
Buuraha Lashiidha Somalia hills
Buuraha Libaaxley Somalia mountains
Buuraha Libaaxley Somalia mountains
Buuraha Lo'aad Somalia mountains
Buuraha Maango Somalia hills
Buuraha Mad Dhabi Somalia hills
Buuraha Madheedhlay Somalia hills
Buuraha Madheedho Somalia mountains
Buuraha Magool Somalia hills
Buuraha Mamac Gaaban Somalia hills
Buuraha Maneecooyin Somalia hills
Buuraha Maraale Somalia mountains
Buuraha Maranmeeri Somalia hills
Buuraha Mareer Somalia mountains
Buuraha Markableey Somalia hills
Buuraha Marmaregle Somalia mountains
Buuraha Marsin Somalia mountains
Buuraha Masaareeye Somalia dune
Buuraha Masloho Somalia ridge
Buuraha Maydhasaar Somalia ridge
Buuraha Miriye Somalia mountains
Buuraha Mogoro Somalia mountains
Buuraha Moxor Sooro Somalia mountains
Buuraha Muucules Somalia mountains
Buuraha Naasahablood Somalia hills
Buuraha Nacag Somalia mountain
Buuraha Num Idow Somalia dune
Buuraha Odayo Somalia hills
Buuraha Oodla Somalia hills
Buuraha Qaaqul Somalia hills
Buuraha Qaari Somalia hills
Buuraha Qaax Somalia mountains
Buuraha Qacab Somalia ridge
Buuraha Qalalow Somalia mountains
Buuraha Qamaadin Somalia mountains
Buuraha Qansax Somalia hills
Buuraha Qansaxley Somalia hills
Buuraha Qarsaarow Somalia hills
Buuraha Qaw Qaw Saare Somalia mountains
Buuraha Qayraah Somalia hills
Buuraha Qolqol Xabbo Somalia hills
Buuraha Qool Somalia ridge
Buuraha Qoow Somalia hills
Buuraha Qormooyin Somalia hills
Buuraha Qorof Somalia hills
Buuraha Qoton Kulaala Somalia hills
Buuraha Qudhacjiir Somalia hills
Buuraha Qulquul Shubal Somalia mountains
Buuraha Qurdacawo Somalia hills
Buuraha Quufle Somalia mountains
Buuraha Raamo Shabeel Somalia mountains
Buuraha Raamoshalimay Somalia hills
Buuraha Raasane Somalia mountains
Buuraha Reebi Somalia hills
Buuraha Sabardheero Somalia mountains
Buuraha Sabarro Somalia hills
Buuraha Sabawanaag Somalia hills
Buuraha Saddexfarmood Somalia hills
Buuraha Salaad Weerar Somalia hills
Buuraha Salal Maco Somalia hills
Buuraha Saldhabe Somalia hills
Buuraha Saley Somalia mountains
Buuraha Salla Cibraan Somalia hills
Buuraha Samaadka Taagan Somalia mountains
Buuraha Sanlibow Somalia mountains
Buuraha Sanweyne Somalia mountains
Buuraha Sardheer Somalia mountains
Buuraha Sarta Xarinka Somalia hills
Buuraha Sarti Goofo Somalia hills
Buuraha Shabeello Somalia hill
Buuraha Shabeellow Somalia hills
Buuraha Shabeelow Somalia hills
Buuraha Shaf Googe Somalia hills
Buuraha Shaleyley Somalia hills
Buuraha Shamad Somalia mountains
Buuraha Shanta Somalia hills
Buuraha Shesheho Somalia mountain
Buuraha Shiilcad Somalia ridge
Buuraha Shiilowmadow Somalia mountains
Buuraha Shilomadow Somalia mountains
Buuraha Shimbiraale Somalia mountain
Buuraha Siigdoor Somalia mountains
Buuraha Singalay Somalia mountains
Buuraha Siraadley Somalia mountains
Buuraha Sumodi Somalia mountains
Buuraha Suradle Somalia mountains
Buuraha Surud Cad Somalia mountains
Buuraha Surud Mado Somalia mountains
Buuraha Surud Madow Somalia mountains
Buuraha Suugaale Somalia mountains
Buuraha Tabca Somalia mountains
Buuraha Urgumo Somalia hills
Buuraha Waamo Yarey Somalia mountains
Buuraha Wadal Somalia hills
Buuraha Wadamago Somalia hills
Buuraha Wagar Somalia mountains
Buuraha Wakab Somalia hills
Buuraha Waraabaale Somalia mountains
Buuraha Waraabakayar Somalia mountains
Buuraha Warabaley Somalia hills
Buuraha Warcilaan Somalia hills
Buuraha Wisisha Somalia mountains
Buuraha Xaabaale Somalia mountains
Buuraha Xabaal Qabad Somalia mountains
Buuraha Xabal Reeran Somalia hills
Buuraha Xadhan Somalia hills
Buuraha Xagare Somalia mountains
Buuraha Xagrin Somalia hills
Buuraha Xaliimododheer Somalia mountains
Buuraha Xamar Somalia hills
Buuraha Xamaro Somalia hills
Buuraha Xamaroy Somalia mountains
Buuraha Xayid Somalia mountains
Buuraha Xaysimo Dhirow Somalia mountains
Buuraha Xaysimo Somalia mountains
Buuraha Xaysimo Somalia mountains
Buuraha Xeedho Somalia escarpment
Buuraha Xero Warsangeli Somalia mountains
Buuraha Xidhgalool Somalia hills
Buuraha Xidideley Somalia hills
Buuraha Xogfaras Somalia mountains
Buuraha Xonkod Somalia mountains
Buuraha Xoogidaad Somalia mountains
Buuraha Xoorweyne Somalia mountains
Buuraha Xulaaya Somalia hills
Buuraha Xundhur Gaal Somalia mountains
Buuraha Xuruyo Somalia hill
Buuraha Xuseen Somalia mountains
Buuraha Yiroowe Somalia hills
Buuraiin Hural Mongolia populated place
Buuraiin Us Hudag Mongolia well
Buuraiin Usa Hudag Mongolia well
Buurakan Kyrgyzstan stream
Buural Boro Hondiy Mongolia valley
Buural Gol Mongolia stream
Buural Hayrhan Uul Mongolia mountain
Buural Hayrhan Mongolia mountain
Buural Hooloy Mongolia ravine
Buural Khairkhan Mongolia mountain
Buural Oboo Mongolia cairn
Buural Uula Mongolia mountain
Buural Mongolia mountain
Buural Mongolia populated place
Buuraliin Hiid Mongolia populated place
Buurane Somalia populated place
Buuray Shunle Somalia populated place
Buuray Shunle Somalia mountain
Buurbiciid Somalia hill
Buurbishaaro Somalia populated place
Buurcada Geedcadadeed Somalia locality
Buurdaakh Russia populated place
Buurdaakh Russia stream
Buurderduinen Netherlands dune
Buurdergrie Netherlands locality
Buurdheer Somalia populated place
Buurdheere Somalia hill
Buurdo Somalia waterhole
Buuren South Africa farm
Buurfule Somalia populated place
Buurfuule Somalia area
Buurfuule Somalia populated place
Buurfuule Somalia populated place
Buurgaal Somalia peninsula
Buurgasle Somalia locality
Buurgeteyn Uul Mongolia mountain
Buurgeteyn Uula Mongolia mountain
Buurgfried Luxembourg populated locality
Buurgplaatz Luxembourg hill
Buurgplaaz Luxembourg hill
Buurhakaba Somalia populated place
Buuri Caile Somalia island
Buuri Calle Somalia island
Buuriin Haan Mongolia mountain
Buuriin Hural Mongolia populated place
Buuriin Jisa Hural Mongolia populated place
Buurin Haan Mongolia mountain
Buurka Cana Xarer Somalia locality
Buurka Ceele Somalia well
Buurka Dhuunyocoot Somalia hills
Buurka Dhuuroolo Somalia hill
Buurka Qoortaweyne Somalia area
Buurka Weyn Somalia waterhole
Buurka Somalia populated place
Buurki Doocoled Somalia hill
Buurlon Germany heath
Buurmalsen Netherlands populated place
Buurmansdrif South Africa railroad station
Buurmansdrift South Africa railroad station
Buurmanshulp South Africa farm
Buurmanskloof South Africa farm
Buuro Bahale Somalia populated place
Buuro Barbar Cad Somalia hills
Buuro Cadaawe Somalia locality
Buuro Faashiro Somalia area
Buuro Jeerin Somalia hills
Buuro Magacleh Somalia locality
Buuro Tarrooxaad Somalia hills
Buuro Tiinle Somalia locality
Buuro Xeero Gorayo Somalia hills
Buurodiidow Somalia locality
Buurodiidow Somalia wadi
Buurow Muge Somalia wadi
Buurraska Somalia shoal
Buursagaar Somalia locality
Buursagaar Somalia wadi
Buurse Netherlands populated place
Buurseg Uul Mongolia mountain
Buurserbeek Netherlands section of stream
Buurserveen Netherlands marsh
Buurserzand Netherlands nature reserve
Buurta Cad Somalia point
Buurtbos Netherlands forest
Buurtbos Netherlands park
Buurtbosch Netherlands park
Buurtje Netherlands populated place
Buurtsagiyn Shiree Nuruu Mongolia ridge
Buurtsagiyn Shireegiyn Hondiy Mongolia ravine
Buurtsche Berg Netherlands hill
Buurtsdijk Netherlands populated place
Buuru Russia populated place
Buurweyn Somalia locality
Buuryaqab Somalia populated place
Buuryo Qabo Somalia hills
Buus Sweden populated place
Buus Switzerland populated place
Buuska Somalia locality
Buuska Somalia waterhole
Buusleey Somalia populated place
Buuteriin Hural Mongolia populated place
Buuti Congo, Democratic Republic of the populated place
Buutsagaan Mongolia populated place
Buutsat Tolgoy Mongolia hill
Buux Haliil Somalia wadi
Buux Haliil Somalia well
Buuxiso Somalia mountain
Buuxow Somalia populated place
Buv'reoai'vi Norway hill
Buv'revarri Norway hills
Buv'ruras'sa Norway hill
Buva Afghanistan populated place
Buva Mozambique populated place
Buva Russia stream
Buva Sierra Leone stream
Buvaag Norway populated place
Buvaci Bosnia and Herzegovina populated place
Buvaci Bosnia and Herzegovina populated place
Buvacki Vis Serbia ridge
Buvag Norway populated place
Buvagen Norway cove
Buvaidy Uzbekistan populated place
Buvainiai Lithuania populated place
Buvairi Iran populated place
Buvakheyl' Afghanistan populated place
Buval'chik Russia populated place
Buval Montenegro hill
Buvali Rwanda populated locality
Buvalino Ukraine populated place
Buvalki Russia populated place
Buvall Sweden populated place
Buvalla Sweden stream
Buvallsheden Sweden farms
Buvallssjon Sweden lake
Buvaly Russia populated place
Buvan Iran populated place
Buvana Turkey locality
Buvand Norway lake
Buvange Belgium populated place
Buvanjili Greece populated place
Buvann Norway lake
Buvara Bay Papua New Guinea bay
Buvari-puszta Hungary populated place
Buvaritanya Hungary populated place
Buvarp Norway populated place
Buvassaetrane Norway farm
Buvassbrenna Norway hotel
Buvassi Settlement Block Papua New Guinea farm
Buvasslisaeter Norway farm
Buvat Hungary populated place
Buvatn Norway farm
Buvatn Norway lake
Buvatn Norway lake
Buvatn Norway lake
Buvatn Norway lake
Buvatn Norway lake
Buvatn Norway lake
Buvatn Norway lake
Buvatn Norway lake
Buvatnet Norway lake
Buvatnet Norway lake
Buvatnet Norway lake
Buvatnet Norway lake
Buvatnet Norway lake
Buvatnet Norway lake
Buvatnet Norway lake
Buvatnet Norway lake
Buvatten Norway farm
Buvattnet Sweden lake
Buvattnet Sweden lake
Buvavac Bosnia and Herzegovina peaks
Buvayda Uzbekistan populated place
Buvaydinskiy Rayon Uzbekistan second-order administrative division
Buvaydy Uzbekistan populated place
Buvaynyay Lithuania populated place
Buvce Serbia populated place
Buvci Serbia populated place
Buve Mozambique populated place
Buvecik Turkey populated place
Buved Tajikistan populated place
Buvehun Sierra Leone populated place
Buvelai Angola populated place
Buvelek Tepesi Turkey mountain
Buvenas Sweden farms
Buverchy France populated place
Buverud Norway farm
Buves Greece island
Buvetli Turkey populated place
Buvetli Turkey populated place
Buvette Haiti populated place
Buvi Uganda populated place
Buviba South Africa stream
Buviga Norway cove
Buvignies France populated place
Buvik Herad Norway administrative division
Buvik Norway church
Buvik Norway farm
Buvik Norway farm
Buvik Norway farms
Buvik Norway farms
Buvik Norway populated place
Buvik Norway populated place
Buvik Norway farm
Buvik Sweden populated place
Buvika Norway farms
Buvika Norway farms
Buvika Norway populated place
Buvika Norway populated place
Buvika Norway church
Buvika Norway cove
Buvika Norway farm
Buvika Svalbard cove
Buvikbugten Norway bay
Buvikbukta Norway bay
Buvikelva Norway stream
Buviken Norway farms
Buviken Norway populated place
Buvikneset Norway point
Buvikvoll Norway populated place
Buvilla Ethiopia populated place
Buvilly France populated place
Buvin France populated place
Buvingen Belgium administrative division
Buvingen Belgium populated place
Buvolden Norway farm
Buvollen Norway farm
Buvongo Tanzania populated place
Buvrasvarre Norway hill
Buvrasvarri Norway hill
Buvrevarre Norway hills
Buvrinnes Belgium administrative division
Buvrinnes Belgium populated place
Buvrovuotna Norway fjord
Buvsasvarre Norway mountain
Buvsasvarri Norway mountain
Buvtykan Russia stream
Buvtykan Russia triangulation station
Buvu Island Uganda island
Buvu Uganda hill
Buvuana Island Solomon Islands island
Buvule Uganda populated place
Buvulunguti Uganda populated place
Buvuma Channel Uganda lake channel
Buvuma County Uganda administrative division
Buvuma Island Uganda island
Buvuma School Zimbabwe school
Buvumbi Burundi locality
Buvumbi Burundi huts
Buvumbi Burundi school
Buvumbi Burundi locality
Buvumbo Swamp Uganda marsh
Buvumera Burundi trail
Buvumo Burundi populated locality
Buvumo Burundi locality
Buvumu Burundi locality
Buvumu Rwanda populated locality
Buvuzo Burundi populated locality
Buvykino Russia abandoned populated place
Buvyuko Burundi locality
Buvyuko Burundi populated locality
Buwa Creek Liberia stream
Buwa Kheyl Afghanistan populated place
Buwa River Nigeria intermittent stream
Buwa River South Africa stream
Buwa Afghanistan populated place
Buwa Burma populated place
Buwa Indonesia populated place
Buwa Nigeria stream
Buwa South Africa mission
Buwa South Africa populated place
Buwa South Africa stream
Buwa South Africa stream
Buwabuwa Indonesia populated place
Buwabwala Uganda populated place
Buwadi Nigeria populated place
Buwaga Uganda populated place
Buwaga Uganda populated place
Buwah Iraq populated place
Buwah Oman hill
Buwah Oman populated place
Buwah Saudi Arabia locality
Buwah Saudi Arabia well
Buwai Papua New Guinea populated place
Buwaib Pass Saudi Arabia pass
Buwaibiyat Saudi Arabia hill
Buwaima Libya oasis(-es
Buwair Iraq populated place
Buwair Iraq populated place
Buwairat Dabbaghat Saudi Arabia wells
Buwairitat Yemen populated place
Buwaish Yemen populated place
Buwaiswa Uganda populated place
Buwait'at Syria populated place
Buwak Indonesia populated place
Buwak Philippines populated place
Buwakhel Afghanistan populated place
Buwalasi Uganda populated place
Buwalasi Uganda populated place
Buwalira Uganda populated place
Buwama Uganda populated place
Buwambo Uganda populated place
Buwana Uganda populated place
Buwanda School Zimbabwe school
Buwanda Uganda populated place
Buwanda Uganda populated place
Buwanda Uganda mission

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