Baad Fiord - Bazill Bay: Canada

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Feature class
Baad Fiord bay
Babbage Bay bay
Babbage River stream
Babey Lake lake
Babine Lake lake
Babine Mountains mountains
Babine Portage populated place
Babine Range mountains
Babine River stream
Babine populated place
Baby administrative division
Baccalieu Island island
Baccaro Point point
Bache Peninsula peninsula
Bache Peninsula peninsula
Bacheaauaung Bay bay
Bacheaauaung Island island
Bacheaauaung River stream
Bachewanaung Bay bay
Bachewanaung Island island
Bachewanaung River stream
Bachouanan Bay bay
Bachouanan Island island
Bachouanan River stream
Bachuanan Bay bay
Bachuanan Island island
Bachuanan River stream
Back Bay bay
Back Island peninsula
Back Lake lake
Back Lake lake
Back Peninsula peninsula
Back Point point
Back River stream
Back's Western stream
Back railroad station
Backbone Range mountains
Backbone Ranges mountains
Backe Glacier glacier
Backes Island island
Backhouse Point point
Backhouse River stream
Backs Bay bay
Backs Inlet bay
Backs stream
Bacotville populated place
Bad Harbour populated place
Bad Throat lake
Bad Throat stream
Bad Weather Cape cape
Bad stream
Baddeck populated place
Baden populated place
Badesdawa Lake lake
Badger populated place
Badger populated place
Badwater Creek stream
Baezaeko River stream
Baffin Island island
Baffin Land island
Bagnall Beach beach
Bagot County second-order administrative division
Bagot second-order administrative division
Bagotville populated place
Baie aux Outardes bay
Baie Bellevue bay
Baie Brunelle bay
Baie Cachee bay
Baie Comeau bay
Baie d' Ungava bay
Baie d'Ungava bay
Baie de Fourchette bay
Baie de Gaspe bay
Baie de Godbout bay
Baie de l' Abri bay
Baie de la Boule bay
Baie de Lameque bay
Baie de Miray bay
Baie de Mire bay
Baie de Myre bay
Baie de Plaisance bay
Baie de Saint-Augustin bay
Baie de Tadoussac bay
Baie des Anglais bay
Baie des Cayes Noires bay
Baie des Chaleurs bay
Baie des Ha Ha bay
Baie des Homards bay
Baie des Rochers populated place
Baie des Sept Iles bay
Baie Georgienne bay
Baie Jalobert bay
Baie James bay
Baie Saint-Francois bay
Baie Saint-Paul bay
Baie Sainte-Marguerite bay
Baie Verte Peninsula peninsula
Baie Verte populated place
Baie Verte bay
Baie Verte bay
Baie Verte cove
Baie-Comeau populated place
Baie-d'Urfe populated place
Baie-de-la-Trinite populated place
Baie-des-Sables populated place
Baie-du-Poste populated place
Baie-Saint-Paul populated place
Baie-Sainte-Catherine populated place
Baie-Sainte-Claire populated place
Bailey Island island
Bailey Point point
Bailey Rips rapids
Bailey populated place
Baillarge Bay bay
Baillarge Inlet bay
Baillie Islands islands
Baillie River stream
Baillie-Hamilton Island island
Baily Point point
Bainbridge populated place
Baine Harbour populated place
Baird Glacier glacier
Baird Inlet bay
Baird Peninsula peninsula
Baker Bay bay
Baker Creek stream
Baker Foreland cape
Baker Island island
Baker Island island
Baker Lake lake
Baker Lake lake
Baker Lake populated place
Bakers Dozen Islands islands
Bakers Island island
Bala populated place
Balaena Bay bay
Balcarres populated place
Balcom Inlet bay
Bald Hill hill
Bald Tusket Island island
Baldock Lake lake
Baldonnel populated place
Baldur populated place
Baldy Mountain mountain
Baldy Mountain mountain
Balfour Bay bay
Balfour populated place
Baljennie populated place
Ballantyne Strait strait
Ballard Bank bank
Ballenas Islands islands
Ballenden Lake lake
Ballentin Island island
Bals Fiord bay
Balzac populated place
Bamaji Lake lake
Bamajigma lake
Bamberton populated place
Bamfield populated place
Banc de Saint-Vallier tidal flat
Banc Parent bank
Bance Point point
Bancroft populated place
Banff National Park park
Banff populated place
Bangs Lake lake
Banipatau Brook stream
Banipatau Creek stream
Bank Saint Pierre bank
Banks Island island
Banks Island island
Banks Island island
Banks Land island
Banks Peninsula peninsula
Banksian River stream
Banning railroad station
Bannockburn populated place
Banquerean Bank bank
Banquereau Bank bank
Banquereau bank
Bantam Banks bank
Baptist stream
Baptiste Lake lake
Baptiste River stream
Baptiste stream
Bar Haven populated place
Bar Lake lake
Barachois Bay bay
Barachois Brook stream
Barachois Brook stream
Barachois Brook stream
Barachois Creek tidal creek
Barachois de Malbaie populated place
Barachois Point point
Barachois Pond lake
Barachois Rock rock
Barachois lagoon
Barachois populated place
Baralzon Lake lake
Barasway Bay bay
Barasway de Cerf cove
Barasway de Plate lagoon
Barasway Island island
Barasway Island island
Barasway Point point
Barasway Pond lagoon
Barasway bight
Barasway inlet
Barasway stream
Barbara Lake lake
Barbara Lake lake
Barber Lake lake
Barber Passage pass
Barclay District second-order administrative division
Barclay Island island
Barclay sound
Barclay populated place
Bare Island island
Barich populated place
Baril Lake lake
Baring Bay bay
Baring Channel channel
Baring Island island
Baring Land island
Bark Lake lake
Barkerville populated place
Barkley Sound sound
Barlow Creek bay
Barlow Inlet bay
Barlow Lake lake
Barlow populated place
Barn Mountain hill
Barn Mountains mountains
Barnaby Island island
Barnaby River populated place
Barnaby populated place
Barnard Point point
Barnegat railroad stop
Barnes Icecap icecap
Barnes Lake lake
Barnet populated place
Barney Creek stream
Barney Lake lake
Barney Lake lake
Barney Lake lake
Barney's Lake lake
Barnston Lake lake
Barnston Point point
Barons populated place
Barr'd Harbour populated place
Barrage de Laniel dam
Barrasway de Plate populated place
Barraute populated place
Barraute populated place
Barrel Lake lake
Barren Rock rocks
Barren Rocks rocks
Barret Island island
Barrett Island island
Barrett Lake populated place
Barrett populated place
Barreyre Lake lake
Barrhead populated place
Barrie Island island
Barrie populated place
Barrier Inlet bay
Barrier Islands island
Barrier Lake lake
Barrier Mountain mountain
Barrier River stream
Barriere populated place
Barriere populated place
Barrington Lake lake
Barrington Passage populated place
Barrington River stream
Barrington populated place
Barrisway de Plate populated place
Barrisway de Plate lagoon
Barrow Falls waterfall
Barrow Harbour cove
Barrow Harbour harbor
Barrow Inlet bay
Barrow Monument hill
Barrow Peninsula peninsula
Barrow Strait strait
Barrows populated place
Barry Bay bay
Barry Bay populated place
Barry Island islands
Barry Island island
Barry Islands islands
Barry Rock rocks
Barrys Bay populated place
Barrys Isle island
Barth Island island
Bartibog Station populated place
Bartibog populated place
Bartibogue Station populated place
Bartibogue populated place
Bartlett Bay bay
Bartlett Island island
Bartlett Lake lake
Bartlett Narrows strait
Bartletts Harbour populated place
Bartman Lake lake
Barton Bay bay
Barton Lake lake
Barvas populated place
Barwick populated place
Base Flat locality
Base Lake lake
Baseline Creek stream
Basement Glacier glacier
Bashaw populated place
Basil Bay bay
Basil Hall bay
Basin Lake lake
Basin of Minas harbor
Baskatong Lake lake
Basket Lake lake
Basket Lake lake
Baskineig Falls waterfall
Basler Lake lake
Bason River stream
Basquia hill
Basquian hill
Bass Point point
Bass River stream
Bassano populated place
Bassett Channel channel
Bassett's channel
Bassimenau lake
Bassin de Chambly lake
Basswood Falls waterfall
Basswood Lake lake
Batchawana Bay bay
Batchawana Island island
Batchawana Mountain hill
Batchawana River stream
Batchawana populated place
Batchewana Bay bay
Batchewana Island island
Batchewanan River stream
Batchewine Bay bay
Batchewine Island island
Batchewine River stream
Batchianon Bay bay
Batchianon Island island
Batchianon River stream
Batchiwina point
Batchiwina stream
Bate Islands islands
Bateau Harbour cove
Batechianon Bay bay
Batechianon Island island
Batechianon River stream
Batechienon Bay bay
Batechienon Island island
Batechienon River stream
Bateman populated place
Bates Lake lake
Bates Lake lake
Bates Peak peak
Bates Peninsula peninsula
Bath populated place
Bathing Lake lake
Bathurst Bay bay
Bathurst Inlet bay
Bathurst Inlet populated place
Bathurst Island island
Bathurst populated place
Batiscan populated place
Batnuni Lake lake
Batteau populated place
Battery Bay bay
Battery Point point
Battery Point point
Battle Creek populated place
Battle Creek stream
Battle Glacier glacier
Battle Harbor populated place
Battle Harbour populated place
Battle River stream
Battle stream
Battleford populated place
Battlement Creek stream
Battures de Manicouagan tidal flat
Batty Bay bay
Batty Lake lake
Batty Lake lake
Bauerman Lake lake
Bauline populated place
Baultoff Creek stream
Baumann Fiord bay
Bautillier Point point
Bay Bulls populated place
Bay Creek stream
Bay de Verde populated place
Bay Fiord bay
Bay of Chaleurs bay
Bay of Exploits bay
Bay of Gods Mercy bay
Bay of Islands bay
Bay of Islands bay
Bay of Islands bay
Bay of Quinte bay
Bay of Rocks bay
Bay of Seven Islands bay
Bay of Shoals bay
Bay of Two Rivers bay
Bay of Woe bay
Bay of Woes bay
Bay Roberts populated place
Bay Saint Lawrence populated place
Bay Trail populated place
Bay Verte bay
Bay with Trees bay
Bayard Taylor Pass pass
Baychimo Harbour cove
Bayfield Island island
Bayfield Mountain hill
Bayfield populated place
Bayley Bay bay
Bayly Lake lake
Bayonet Lake lake
Bazil Bay bay
Bazill Bay bay

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