Hiccles Cove - Hixon: Canada

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Feature class
Hiccles Cove cove
Hickmans Harbour populated place
Hickory island
Hickson Lake lake
Hicoliguah lake
Hidden Bay bay
Hidden Bay bay
Hidden Rock rock
Higgins Lake lake
High Bluff Island island
High Falls waterfall
High Falls waterfall
High Grego Island island
High Hill Lake lake
High Hill River stream
High Hill River stream
High Island island
High Island island
High Lake lake
High Lands of Saint John hill
High Level populated place
High Point Lake lake
High Point point
High Prairie populated place
High River populated place
High Steep Island island
High Water lake
Highfall Creek stream
Highgate populated place
Highland Creek stream
Highland Grove populated place
Highland Lake lake
Highland Lake lake
Highland Park populated place
Highpound lake
Highridge populated place
Highrock Lake lake
Highrock populated place
Highwood River stream
Hikoligjuag lake
Hikoligjuaq lake
Hilda Lake lake
Hilda populated place
Hilgard Bay bay
Hilgard Lake lake
Hill Graplin Head headland
Hill Island Lake lake
Hill Island island
Hill Lake lake
Hill Lake lake
Hill Peak peak
Hill Point point
Hillier populated place
Hilliers populated place
Hillmond populated place
Hillsborough Bay bay
Hillsborough populated place
Hillsbury Island island
Hillsport railroad station
Hilltop Lake lake
Hilton Beach populated place
Hinchliffe populated place
Hinckley Flats Shoal shoal
Hinckley Point point
Hinde Lake lake
Hindon Creek stream
Hindon Hill populated place
Hindon Lake lake
Hindon populated place
Hinds Lake lake
Hines Creek populated place
Hingston Harbour bay
Hinton populated place
Hippa Island island
Hirtz Lake lake
Hislop Lake lake
Hixon populated place

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