Miami - Mittilik Island: Canada

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Feature class
Miami populated place
Mica Dam dam
Mica Mountain mountain
Mica Mountain mountain
Mica Peak mountain
Michael Lake lake
Michael Point point
Michael Point point
Michagama stream
Michaud Point cape
Michaux Point cape
Michel Creek stream
Michel Lake lake
Michel Peak peak
Michel Point point
Michel populated place
Michellton populated place
Michichi populated place
Michie Creek stream
Michigama lake
Michigama stream
Michigami lake
Michigami stream
Michikamats Lake lake
Michikamau Lake lake
Michikamog Lake lake
Michikan Lake lake
Michikenis River stream
Michikenopik Creek stream
Michikinabish Lake lake
Michipicoten Bay bay
Michipicoten Harbor populated place
Michipicoten Harbour populated place
Michipicoten Island island
Michipicoten River stream
Michipicoten populated place
Michipicoton Bay bay
Michipicoton Island island
Michipicoton River stream
Michipicoton populated place
Mickey Lake lake
Micmac Lake lake
Mid Baffin populated place
Mid Lake lake
Mid Lake lake
Midale populated place
Middle Arm inlet
Middle Arm populated place
Middle Arm populated place
Middle Bank bank
Middle Channel channel
Middle Creek Reservoir reservoir
Middle Creek stream
Middle Fork Hawkins Creek stream
Middle Fork of Hawkins stream
Middle Foster Lake lake
Middle Ground bank
Middle Ground shoal
Middle Gull Lake lake
Middle Gull River stream
Middle Head peninsula
Middle Head point
Middle Lake lake
Middle Lake lake
Middle Lake lake
Middle Musquodoboit populated place
Middle River Village populated place
Middle River stream
Middle Savage Islands islands
Middlebro populated place
Middlesex County second-order administrative division
Middleton Island island
Middleton populated place
Middleton railroad station
Midhurst populated place
Midland populated place
Midlothian Lake lake
Midnapore populated place
Midsqueezed Lake lake
Midway Mountains mountains
Midway Range mountains
Midway populated place
Migiskan River stream
Migration Lake lake
Miguel Islands islands
Mijigamog lake
Mikisi Island island
Mikkwa River stream
Mikkwa stream
Milbank Sound sound
Milbanke Sound sound
Milden Lake lake
Milden populated place
Mildmay populated place
Mildred populated place
Miles Lake lake
Miles Ridge ridge
Miliakdjuin Island island
Milikdjuak island
Milk Creek stream
Milk River Ridge ridge
Milk River populated place
Milk River stream
Mill Cape cape
Mill Cove inlet
Mill Cove populated place
Mill Cove cove
Mill Island island
Mill Lake lake
Mill Point point
Mill Pond lake
Mill Village populated place
Millakitekwu stream
Millbrook populated place
Mille Roches Island island
Miller Head cape
Miller Island island
Miller Lake lake
Millers Head cape
Millerton Junction populated place
Millerton populated place
Millertown Junction populated place
Millertown populated place
Millet populated place
Millhaven populated place
Milliken Lake lake
Mills Lake lake
Mills Lake populated locality
Millstream populated place
Milltown populated place
Millville populated place
Milne Bay fjord
Milne Crozier Island island
Milne Fiord fjord
Milne Ice Shelf snowfield
Milne Inlet bay
Milne Island island
Milne Island peninsula
Milne Mountain peak
Milne Peak peak
Milne Peninsula peninsula
Milne Point point
Milner Ridge populated place
Milnet populated place
Milo populated place
Milord Arm bay
Milton Island island
Milton Lake lake
Milton Mountain mountain
Milton Station populated place
Milton West populated place
Milton populated place
Milton populated place
Milton populated place
Milverton populated place
Mimico populated place
Miminiska Lake lake
Minabaujou cape
Minago River stream
Minaki populated place
Minas Basin harbor
Minas Channel channel
Minataree populated place
Minden populated place
Mine Centre populated place
Mine Lake lake
Miner River stream
Mineronte lake
Miners Bay bay
Miners Coulee ravine
Miners Creek ravine
Mines Basin harbor
Mingan Channel marine channel
Mingan Iles de islands
Mingan Island island
Mingan Islands islands
Mingan Passage strait
Mingan River stream
Mingan populated place
Mingo Lake lake
Miniota populated place
Minipi Lake lake
Minipi River stream
Miniss Lake lake
Ministik Brook stream
Ministik Creek stream
Ministik River stream
Ministik lake
Ministikwan Creek stream
Ministikwan Lake lake
Minitonas populated place
Miniwatin Island island
Mink Creek stream
Mink Creek stream
Mink Island island
Mink Lake lake
Mink River stream
Minnedosa River stream
Minnedosa populated place
Minnie Lake lake
Minnietakie lake
Minnietakie populated place
Minnitaki Lake lake
Minnitaki populated place
Minnow Lake lake
Minnowin Lakes lakes
Minny Ridge mountain
Minstrel Island populated place
Mintiagan River stream
Minto Bridge populated place
Minto Head cape
Minto Inlet bay
Minto Islands islands
Minto populated place
Minto populated place
Minton populated place
Minturn Bay bay
Miocene populated place
Mira Bay bay
Mira populated place
Mirabel populated place
Miramichi Bay bay
Miramichi River stream
Miramichi populated place
Mirasty Lake lake
Miray Bay bay
Mire Bay bay
Mire Lake lake
Mirimichi bay
Mirond Lake lake
Mirond lake
Mirror Creek stream
Mirror Landing populated place
Mirror River stream
Misaine Bank bank
Misask River stream
Miscou Island island
Miscouche populated place
Miscow island
Misehkow River stream
Misekumaw Lake lake
Misery Point point
Mishagomish Lake lake
Mishamattawa River stream
Mishibishu Lake lake
Mishikamau Lake lake
Mishshegattee stream
Mishwamakan River stream
Misikeyask Lake lake
Misikitew Island island
Misinabi lake
Misinabi stream
Misinagu Lake lake
Misiwaweya Lake lake
Miskimatao River stream
Misquamaebin Lake lake
Missaine Bank bank
Missakami lake
Missakami stream
Missanabie lake
Missanabie populated place
Missanabie stream
Missawawi Lake lake
Missi Island island
Missi Lake lake
Missicabi River stream
Missinaibi Lake lake
Missinaibi River stream
Missinnipi River stream
Mission City populated place
Mission Island island
Mission Lake lake
Mission's Lake lake
Mission populated place
Missisa Lake lake
Missisa River stream
Missisicabi River stream
Missisquoi Bay bay
Missisquoi County second-order administrative division
Missisquoi River stream
Missisquoi second-order administrative division
Mississagi Bay bay
Mississagi Island island
Mississagi River stream
Mississagi Strait strait
Mississagua Bay bay
Mississagua Island island
Mississagua River stream
Mississagua Strait strait
Mississauga Bay bay
Mississauga Island island
Mississauga River stream
Mississauga Strait strait
Mississauga populated place
Mississaugah Bay bay
Mississaugah Island island
Mississaugah River stream
Mississaugah Strait strait
Mississippi Lake lake
Mississippi Station populated place
Mississquoi Bay bay
Missoula stream
Mist Lake lake
Mistake Bay bay
Mistake Bay bay
Mistake Lake lake
Mistake Mountain mountain
Mistake River stream
Mistaken Point point
Mistanipisipou River stream
Mistasibi stream
Mistassibi River stream
Mistassin Lake lake
Mistassini Post populated place
Mistassini River stream
Mistassini populated place
Mistassini populated place
Mistassinis lake
Mistastin Lake lake
Mistatim populated place
Mistauac lake
Mistigokan River stream
Mistigouche lake
Mistigougeche Lake lake
Mistik Creek stream
Mistinibi Lake lake
Mistinic Lake lake
Mistinik Lake lake
Mistinippi Lake lake
Mistiskus Lake lake
Mistohay Lake lake
Misty Lake lake
Mitchell Brook stream
Mitchell Brook stream
Mitchell Island island
Mitchell Island island
Mitchell Lake lake
Mitchell Mountains mountains
Mitchell Point point
Mitchell Range mountains
Mitchell populated place
Mitchellton populated place
Mitimatilik populated place
Mitis Lake lake
Mitishto River stream
Mittilik Island island

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