Soda Creek - Sowden Lake: Canada

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Feature class
Soda Creek populated place
Sointula populated place
Sokatisewin Lake lake
Solander Point cape
Soldier Cove populated place
Soldiers Cove populated place
Solitude Lake lake
Solmundsson Lake lake
Solomon Island island
Solomon Ridge hill
Solomon Temple island
Solomon's Temple Islands island
Solomons Temple Island island
Sombra populated place
Sombre Mountains mountains
Sombrio Point point
Somerset Island island
Somerville Island island
Somme populated place
Sommerset Island island
Sommerville Center populated place
Sonningdale populated place
Sonora populated place
Sons of the Clergy Islands islands
Soo Canals canal
Sooke Lake lake
Sooke populated place
Sooneyaw Lake lake
Soper River stream
Sophia Bay bay
Sophie Point point
Sops Arm populated place
Sops Island island
Sor Fiord bay
Sorcerer Mountain mountain
Sorehead River stream
Sorel populated place
Sorel stream
Sorrento populated place
Sorry Harbour anchorage
Soscumica Lake lake
Soskumika Lake lake
Soudou populated place
Soufflets River stream
Soul Lake lake
Soulanges County second-order administrative division
Soulanges second-order administrative division
Soulier Lake lake
Soulier Lake lake
Sound Island island
Sound Island populated place
Sounding Creek stream
Sounding Lake lake
Sourdough Rapids waterfall
Souris River stream
Souris River stream
Souris River stream
Souris populated place
Souris populated place
Sours Lake lake
South Arm bay
South Arm harbor
South Augusta populated place
South Aulatsivik Island island
South Bay bay
South Bay bay
South Bay bay
South Bay bay
South Bay bay
South Baymouth populated place
South Bear Island island
South Bentinck Arm bay
South Big Salmon River stream
South Bight bight
South Bluff Creek stream
South Borden Island island
South Boundary Creek stream
South Branch Isaac Creek stream
South Branch Meduxnekeag River stream
South branch of Moose stream
South Branch Twomile Brook stream
South Branch populated place
South Brook populated place
South Brook populated place
South Brookfield populated place
South Cape Fiord bay
South Cape cape
South Cape cape
South Caribou Hills hill
South Chappuis Lake lake
South Duck Islands island
South Easthope populated place
South Fiord bay
South Fork Belly River stream
South Fork Hawkins Creek stream
South Fork Meadow Creek stream
South Fork Mountains mountains
South Fork of Salmo River stream
South Fork Range mountains
South Fork Salmon River stream
South Fork populated place
South Fork stream
South Fowl Lake lake
South Grant Glacier glacier
South Green Island island
South Hazelton railroad station
South Head cape
South Henik Lake lake
South Indian Lake populated place
South Indian lake
South Island island
South Joggings populated place
South Joggins populated place
South Junction populated place
South Knife Lake lake
South Knife River stream
South Lake lake
South Lancaster populated place
South Leaf River stream
South Long Range Mountains hill
South Lowell Glacier glacier
South Macmillan River stream
South Maitland populated place
South Maitland populated place
South March populated place
South Messier Lake lake
South Muldrew Lake lake
South Nahanni River stream
South Nahanni populated place
South Nation River stream
South Nelson populated place
South Ooglit Island island
South Pender Island island
South Point point
South Porcupine populated place
South Reefs reef
South River populated place
South River stream
South Road House populated place
South Roxton populated place
South Salmo River stream
South Saskatchewan Dam dam
South Saskatchewan Reservoir reservoir
South Saskatchewan River stream
South Seal River stream
South Shoals shoal
South Similkameen stream
South Skerries islands
South Sleeper Islands islands
South Thompson River stream
South Toulinguet Island island
South Tweedsmuir Island island
South Twillingate Island island
South Twin Island island
South Twin Lake lake
South Twin Lake lake
South Wabiskaw Lake lake
South Wolf Island island
South Wolf Island island
South Wood Glacier glacier
South bay
Southampton Island island
Southampton Island populated place
Southampton populated place
Southampton populated place
Southbank populated place
Southeast Ice Cap glacier
Southeast Rock rock
Southend populated place
Southern Bay Station populated place
Southern Bay populated place
Southern Indian Lake lake
Southern Lake lake
Southern Passage inlet
Southey populated place
Southgate River stream
Southport populated place
Souths Bay bay
Southwest Arm inlet
Southwest Bay bay
Southwest branch of Halfway stream
Southwest Gander River stream
Southwest Point point
Sovereign Lake lake
Sovereign populated place
Sowden Lake lake

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