Stables Lake - Styrmann Islands: Canada

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Feature class
Stables Lake lake
Stachine River stream
Stackine River stream
Stackpool railroad station
Staffe Island island
Staffe Islet islands
Stag Harbour Tickle marine channel
Stag Lake lake
Stagg Lake lake
Staircase Glacier glacier
Stalk Creek stream
Stalwart populated place
Stamford populated place
Stanawan Bay bay
Stanbridge Lake lake
Stanbridge Station populated place
Standard populated place
Standhope populated place
Standing Buffalo Indian Reserve reserve
Stang Bay bay
Stanger Island island
Stanhope populated place
Stanley Bridge populated place
Stanley Falls waterfall
Stanley Island island
Stanley Lake lake
Stanley Mission populated place
Stanley River stream
Stanley Village populated place
Stanley populated place
Stanley populated place
Stanley railroad station
Stanmore populated place
Stanstead County second-order administrative division
Stanstead Plain populated place
Stanstead second-order administrative division
Stanstead populated place
Stanton populated locality
Stapylton Bay bay
Star City populated place
Star Creek stream
Star Creek stream
Star Island island
Stardish Lake lake
Starfish Lake lake
Stark Lake lake
Starnes Fiord bay
Starnes Point point
Starnes railroad station
Starr Creek stream
Starvation Creek stream
Starvation Lake lake
Starvation River stream
Station Bay bay
Stave Lake lake
Stayner populated place
Steacie Ice Cap glacier
Steady Brook populated place
Steamboat Lake lake
Steamboat Mountain mountain
Steamboat Moutain mountain
Stebbing Lake lake
Steel Lake lake
Steel River stream
Steel stream
Steele Glacier glacier
Steele populated place
Steen River stream
Steensby Inlet bay
Steensby Peninsula peninsula
Steensby Peninsula peninsula
Steep Rock Lake populated place
Steep Rock populated place
Steephill Lake lake
Steeprock Lake lake
Stefansson Island island
Stein River stream
Steinbach populated place
Stellarton populated place
Stenen populated place
Stenkul Fiord bay
Stephen Island island
Stephen populated place
Stephens Island island
Stephens Island island
Stephens Pass strait
Stephens Passage strait
Stephenville Crossing populated place
Stephenville Pond lake
Stephenville populated place
Sterlet Lake lake
Sterry Tower Island island
Stettler populated place
Stevens Head cape
Stevens Rock rock
Stevenson Lake lake
Steveston populated place
Stewart Creek stream
Stewart Creek stream
Stewart Islands islands
Stewart Lake lake
Stewart Lake lake
Stewart Lake lake
Stewart Lakes lakes
Stewart Point point
Stewart River populated place
Stewart River stream
Stewart Valley populated place
Stewart Valley valley
Stewart lake
Stewart populated place
Stewart stream
Stewiacke populated place
Stick Lake lake
Stickeen River stream
Stickler Island island
Stidre Fiord bay
Stikeen River stream
Stikine Mountains mountains
Stikine Ranges mountains
Stikine River stream
Stillwater populated place
Stimson railroad station
Stinking Banks bank
Stirling Island island
Stirling populated place
Stirling populated place
Stirrup Island island
Stirrups Islands island
Stirrups Islands island
Stirrups island
Stitt railroad station
Stittsville populated place
Stockport Island islands
Stockport Islands islands
Stockport Isles islands
Stockton populated place
Stokes Point point
Stolz Peninsula peninsula
Stone lake
Stone stream
Stonecliffe populated place
Stoneham populated place
Stonehaven populated place
Stonemarten Lakes lakes
Stonewall populated place
Stoney Creek populated place
Stoney Island island
Stoney Island island
Stoney Point point
Stony Cape cape
Stony Creek stream
Stony Creek stream
Stony Creek stream
Stony Creek stream
Stony Creek stream
Stony Island island
Stony Island island
Stony Lake lake
Stony Lake lake
Stony Lake lake
Stony Mountain populated place
Stony Plain populated place
Stony Point point
Stony Point point
Stony Rapids populated place
Stony Rapids rapids
Stony River stream
Stony lake
Stony populated place
Stony populated place
Stooping River stream
Stop Point point
Stopford Point point
Stor Island island
Storer Island island
Storis Channel channel
Storis Passage channel
Storkersen Bay bay
Storkerson Bay bay
Stormont County second-order administrative division
Stormont populated place
Stormy Lake lake
Stormy Point point
Stornes Fiord bay
Stornes Point point
Stotekin Glacier glacier
Stouffers Lake lake
Stouffville Junction populated place
Stouffville populated place
Stoughton populated place
Stout Creek stream
Stout Lake lake
Stover Island island
Strachan Island island
Straight stream
Strait Crossing bridge
Strait of Canso strait
Strait of Georgia strait
Straits Bay bay
Stranger stream
Stranraer populated place
Strasbourg Station populated place
Strasbourg populated place
Stratford populated place
Strathclair populated place
Strathcona Fiord bay
Strathcona Islands islands
Strathcona Provincial Park park
Strathcona Sound bay
Strathcona populated place
Strathlorne populated place
Strathnaver populated place
Strathroy populated place
Stratton Creek bay
Stratton Inlet bay
Strawberry Lakes lakes
Streak Mountain mountain
Streatfeild River stream
Streatham populated place
Street Lake lake
Streetsville populated place
Stribling Point point
Stribling's point
Strickland populated place
Striding Lake lake
Stringer Lake lake
Strofiord sound
Stronach Lake lake
Strutton Islands islands
Stry populated place
Strzelecki Harbour harbor
Stuart Bay bay
Stuart Channel channel
Stuart Island populated place
Stuart Lake lake
Stuart Portage populated place
Stuart River stream
Stubbs Point cape
Stuckberry Point point
Studer Lake lake
Stuie populated place
Stull Lake lake
Stull River stream
Stum Lake lake
Stump Lake lake
Stump Lake lake
Stump lake
Stupart Bay bay
Stupart Island island
Stupart Lake lake
Stupart River stream
Stupendous Mountain mountain
Sturdies Bay populated place
Sturgeon Bay bay
Sturgeon Falls waterfall
Sturgeon Falls populated place
Sturgeon Lake lake
Sturgeon Lake lake
Sturgeon Lake lake
Sturgeon Lake lake
Sturgeon Lake lake
Sturgeon Lake lake
Sturgeon Landing populated place
Sturgeon River stream
Sturgeon River stream
Sturgeon River stream
Sturgeon River stream
Sturgeon lake
Sturgeon-weir River stream
Sturgeon-weir stream
Sturges Islands islands
Sturgis populated place
Sturt Bay bay
Sturt Point point
Styrmann Islands islands

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