Cada - Cayonu: Cyprus

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Feature class
Cada populated place
Caglayan section of populated place
Cakilli Dere intermittent stream
Cakirlar populated place
Cakistra populated place
Cakmali populated place
Caledonian Falls waterfall
Cami Kebir mosque
Camli Dere intermittent stream
Camli intermittent stream
Camlibel populated place
Camlibel populated place
Camlibel populated place
Camlica populated place
Camlica populated place
Camlikoy populated place
Camp Troodos resort
Canakkale populated place
Canbulat section of populated place
Cape Akamas cape
Cape Andreas cape
Cape Andreass cape
Cape Apostolos Andreas cape
Cape Apostolou Andhrea cape
Cape Arnaoutis cape
Cape Arnauti cape
Cape Aspro cape
Cape Aspron cape
Cape Depranom cape
Cape Dhrepano cape
Cape Dolos cape
Cape Drepanum cape
Cape Elaia cape
Cape Elea cape
Cape Eloea cape
Cape Gata cape
Cape Gkreko cape
Cape Greco cape
Cape Kiti cape
Cape Kition cape
Cape Kokkino point
Cape Kormakiti cape
Cape Kormakitis cape
Cape Lara point
Cape Limniti cape
Cape Plakoti cape
Cape Proti cape
Cape Pyla cape
Cape Yeranisos cape
Cape Yeranisou cape
Cape Zevgari cape
Cape Zeygari cape
Carpas Mountains mountains
Carpas Peninsula peninsula
Carta mountain
Cataldere Goleti reservoir
Cataldere intermittent stream
Catalkoy populated place
Catkoy populated place
Catoz populated place
Cavuslari populated place
Cayirova populated place
Cayonu abandoned populated place
Cayonu populated place

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