Maa - Mazovounos: Cyprus

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Feature class
Maa populated place
Macango hill
Machaira mountain
Machairas Monastery monastery
Machairas mountain
Madeli Forest forest
Maden Deresi intermittent stream
Madenlikoy populated place
Madhari Ridge locality
Madhari mountain
Madhari locality
Madikoloni populated place
Madyat populated place
Magnisia locality
Magosa Ilcesi first-order administrative division
Magosa Korfezi bay
Magosa populated place
Magounda River intermittent stream
Magounda populated place
Magounda intermittent stream
Magunda Deresi intermittent stream
Magunda populated place
Magusa Korfezi bay
Magusa populated place
Maheras Manastiri monastery
Mais point
Majango hill
Makaria City ancient site
Makedhoni locality
Makedhonitissa Monastery monastery
Makedonitissa Monastery monastery
Makhaeras Monastery monastery
Makhania Chiftlik area
Makhania locality
Makheras Forest forest
Makheras Forest forest
Makheras Monastery monastery
Makheras mountain
Makounta populated place
Makounta intermittent stream
Makrasiga populated place
Makrasika populated place
Makrasyka populated place
Makrasyka hill
Makria Kondarka mountain
Makries Mixes locality
Makris Pefkos locality
Makrokolymbos locality
Makrona triangulation station
Makrorachi hill
Makrorashi hill
Makrorasi hill
Makroulli locality
Makrya Laona locality
Makunda intermittent stream
Mala locality
Malamyu locality
Malatya populated place
Malatya populated place
Malia populated place
Maliotis locality
Malletu intermittent stream
Mallia populated place
Mallidag populated place
Mallina locality
Malloura locality
Mallouri locality
Mallouri locality
Malos locality
Malounda populated place
Malounda populated place
Malounda populated place
Malounta populated place
Malounta populated place
Maltepe populated place
Malunda populated place
Malunda populated place
Malya populated place
Mammari populated place
Mamonia populated place
Mamonya populated place
Mamoundali populated place
Mamountali populated place
Mamundali populated place
Mana tou Nerou Forest forest
Mana tou Nerou locality
Mandaras locality
Mandili Boynu locality
Mandirya populated place
Mandirya populated place
Mandna populated place
Mandolaxia locality
Mandonena locality
Mandra tis Kojakaris locality
Mandra tou Gavrili locality
Mandra tou Hajarkyrou locality
Mandra tou Hajilouka locality
Mandra tou Kambiou locality
Mandra tou Khailou locality
Mandra tou Kilanemou hill
Mandra tou Koilanemou hill
Mandra tou Lakhoou locality
Mandra tou Mevliti locality
Mandra tou Neophytou locality
Mandra tou Salikhi locality
Mandra tou Tavrou mountain
Mandra tou Tsimbitou locality
Mandra tou Vounou locality
Mandra tu Tavru mountain
Mandra hill
Mandra locality
Mandraes populated place
Mandraes populated place
Mandralar populated place
Mandraz populated place
Mandres Aphendikes locality
Mandres Forest forest
Mandres Hamid populated place
Mandres Morphou populated place
Mandres tou Jarti locality
Mandres tou Mikhail hill
Mandres tou Prastiou locality
Mandres tou Xenou locality
Mandres populated place
Mandres populated place
Mandres populated place
Mandres locality
Mandres locality
Mandres locality
Mandres locality
Mandres locality
Mandres locality
Mandrez populated place
Mandri locality
Mandri locality
Mandria populated place
Mandria populated place
Mandrika Elias locality
Mandrika Forest forest
Mandrika locality
Mandriya populated place
Mandriya populated place
Mandroudhia locality
Mania Chiftlik locality
Maniari locality
Manijin island
Manjari locality
Manoilies locality
Manolies locality
Manolis locality
Manolykos locality
Mansoura populated place
Mansur populated place
Mansura populated place
Manzoura locality
Maokremmos mountain
Maoutsos locality
Marakhoussi locality
Marangos locality
Maras abandoned populated place
Marata populated place
Maratasa Deresi intermittent stream
Maratasa region
Maratha populated place
Maratha intermittent stream
Marathasa Dam dam
Marathasa region
Marathasa intermittent stream
Marathasas Potamos intermittent stream
Marathassa region
Maratheftou locality
Marathini intermittent stream
Marathos locality
Marathos locality
Marathounda populated place
Marathounta populated place
Marathovouno populated place
Marathovouno populated place
Marathovounos populated place
Maratogno populated place
Maratovno populated place
Maratovuno populated place
Maratunda populated place
Maratunya populated place
Margarita locality
Margi Chiftlik area
Margi populated place
Margo populated place
Mari populated place
Marina section of populated place
Marina mountain
Marines locality
Marinoudha populated place
Marion ancient site
Marion/Arsinoe City-Site ancient site
Maritena locality
Marki populated place
Marko populated place
Marko hill
Markon populated place
Markos hill
Markoullos locality
Marmara section of populated place
Marmaraes intermittent stream
Marmaras locality
Marona populated place
Maronas populated place
Maroni populated place
Maroni intermittent stream
Maroniou Potamos intermittent stream
Maronou Potamos intermittent stream
Maroulena intermittent stream
Maroulenas Potamos intermittent stream
Maroullenas intermittent stream
Masari populated place
Masera Manastiri monastery
Masera mountain
Masherkonas hill
Masties hill
Mathiati populated place
Mathiatis populated place
Mathiatis locality
Mathikoloni populated place
Matiatis populated place
Matikoloni populated place
Matsagkos hill
Matsikorithies locality
Matsoukia locality
Matyat populated place
Matyat locality
Mavioli populated place
Mavres Sices locality
Mavres Sykies locality
Mavri Kremmi locality
Mavri Mazeri hill
Mavri Palloura locality
Mavri Schinia mountain
Mavri Shinia mountain
Mavri Sinya mountain
Mavri Skala intermittent stream
Mavridhes locality
Mavrijin locality
Mavrikies locality
Mavro locality
Mavrohoma locality
Mavrokhoma locality
Mavrokolimbo intermittent stream
Mavrokolimbos Baraji dam
Mavrokolymbos Dam dam
Mavrokolymbos River intermittent stream
Mavrokolymbos intermittent stream
Mavrokolymbos locality
Mavrokolymbos locality
Mavrokolympos intermittent stream
Mavrokremmos locality
Mavrokremmos locality
Mavrokremnia locality
Mavroli populated place
Mavrolimni intermittent stream
Mavrommatis locality
Mavron Dhasos locality
Mavron Oros Forest forest
Mavron Oros forest
Mavron Oros locality
Mavronera locality
Mavronero locality
Mavrooro forest
Mavropetra locality
Mavrorotsos locality
Mavros intermittent stream
Mavrospilios locality
Mavrovouni Mine abandoned mine
Mavrovouni abandoned mine
Mavrovuni Madeni abandoned mine
Mavroyeni mountain
Mavroyi locality
Mavroyi intermittent stream
Mavroyiannies locality
Maymun Adasi island
Mazaki Adasi island
Mazaki Island island
Mazera locality
Mazera locality
Mazera hill
Mazera locality
Mazera locality
Mazeradhes locality
Mazeres locality
Mazeres locality
Mazeres locality
Mazeri Forest forest
Mazeri locality
Mazeri locality
Mazeri intermittent stream
Mazeri intermittent stream
Mazeri locality
Mazeri locality
Mazeri hill
Mazeri locality
Mazeri locality
Mazeri locality
Mazerka locality
Mazerka locality
Mazerka locality
Mazero locality
Mazi mountain
Mazokambi hill
Mazokambos locality
Mazokambos locality
Mazoto populated place
Mazotos populated place
Mazotos locality
Mazoulia hill
Mazovouno locality
Mazovouno locality
Mazovounos locality
Mazovounos locality
Mazovounos locality

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