Vadili - Vazaja: Cyprus

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Feature class
Vadili populated place
Vakla locality
Valeia forest
Valia Forest forest
Valia Forest forest
Valia Forest forest
Valia forest
Valili populated place
Valya forest
Vamvakera locality
Vamvakies locality
Vani populated place
Vareta locality
Varisa populated place
Variseia populated place
Varisha populated place
Varkas stream
Varkes locality
Varkes locality
Varkies locality
Varli Deresi intermittent stream
Varliyn intermittent stream
Varosha abandoned populated place
Varvara triangulation station
Varvatses locality
Vasa Kilani populated place
Vasa Limassol populated place
Vasa populated place
Vasa populated place
Vasilakena locality
Vasileja populated place
Vasili populated place
Vasilia populated place
Vasiliatis hill
Vasilies locality
Vasilika locality
Vasiliko port
Vasiliko locality
Vasiliko military installation
Vasiliko intermittent stream
Vasilikos Deresi intermittent stream
Vasilikos Potamos intermittent stream
Vasilikos port
Vasilikos military installation
Vasilikos intermittent stream
Vasilikos intermittent stream
Vasilion locality
Vasilis locality
Vasilya populated place
Vasilya populated place
Vatera intermittent stream
Vateri locality
Vatha Rocks rocks
Vatha hill
Vatha rocks
Vathia Laxia locality
Vathia Laxia locality
Vathias intermittent stream
Vathkia Laxia locality
Vathkia locality
Vathykopia hill
Vathylakas populated place
Vathylakka populated place
Vathylakkas populated place
Vathyn Jiladhin locality
Vathypotamos locality
Vathyrgakas intermittent stream
Vathyrkakas intermittent stream
Vathyronas intermittent stream
Vathyronas locality
Vathys intermittent stream
Vathys intermittent stream
Vathys section of intermittent stream
Vathys locality
Vatilaka populated place
Vatilakka populated place
Vatili populated place
Vatin locality
Vatos locality
Vatoudhi locality
Vatoudhkia intermittent stream
Vavatsinia populated place
Vavatsinya populated place
Vavila populated place
Vavilas Point point
Vavilas populated place
Vavilas point
Vavilla populated place
Vavla populated place
Vavylas populated place
Vazaja locality

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