Charlottedal - Christrup: Denmark

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Feature class
Charlottedal estate
Charlottedal farm
Charlottendal estate
Charlottendal farm
Charlottenlund Slot castle
Charlottenlund populated place
Chersonesus region
Christiania section of populated place
Christiansbjerg section of populated place
Christiansborg Palace castle
Christiansborg Slot castle
Christiansborg castle
Christiansdal estate
Christiansfeld Kommune second-order administrative division
Christiansfeld populated place
Christianshab farm
Christianshavn section of populated place
Christianshavns Kanal navigation canal
Christianshede Stationsby populated place
Christianshede populated place
Christianshede populated locality
Christianshede railroad station
Christiansholm farm
Christiansholm island
Christianslund farm
Christianslund farms
Christianslund forest
Christiansminde estate
Christiansminde farm
Christiansminde farm
Christiansminde section of populated place
Christianso Kommune second-order administrative division
Christianso island
Christianso islands
Christinedal estate
Christinelund farm
Christrup populated place

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