Guechamale - Gutta Tella: Djibouti

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Feature class
Guechamale area
Guechamale stream
Gued Daoua`o stream
Gued Dji`a sand area
Gued Garas stream
Gued Goumays stream
Gued Ilalo stream
Gued Koulamale stream
Gued Koulanle hill
Gued Koulanlei stream
Gued stream
Guedaouaraba mountain
Guedballadan stream
Gueddi Bahal stream
Gueddi Barbarou hill
Gueddi Barre stream
Gueddi Dague mountain
Gueddi Djallo stream
Gueddi Qayyad stream
Gueddiyo Allale stream
Guedem mountain
Guedgarassale well
Guedi Allale mountain
Guedi Dague mountain
Guedid Ilig well
Guedka Ad well
Guedkoudaale well
Guedmarre stream
Guedqouda`ale well
Guegada `Ali `Oune pan
Guegada Hayyablei depression
Guegada Hayyablei upland
Gueirassolisso Kada hill
Gueirassolisso hill
Guelangale hill
Guelbik upland
Gueleguite hill
Guelkaror stream
Guelle Afouah stream
Guello Djogse hill
Gueni Bada intermittent lake
Guer Tibira well
Gueran well
Gueredda stream
Guerento well
Guerentoli mountain
Guerti Da plain
Guesle hill
Guessa `As`as slope
Guessabadao hill
Guiba Bouie well
Guidoli well
Guidou upland
Guigle stream
Guinni Bad intermittent lake
Guinni Koma island
Guinni peak
Guinni stream
Guirorri well
Guirrori well
Guissi mountain
Guissy mountain
Guistir Ouein well
Guistir well
Gulf of Tadjoura gulf
Gulf of Tajura gulf
Gumni Koma island
Gurenle well
Gurmud mountain
Gutta Tella Ousal reef
Gutta Tella reef

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