Fjeldvold - Fjusnas - Geographical Names, map, geographic coordinates

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Country Feature class
Fjeldvold Norway farm
Fjelestad Norway farms
Fjelfroskvatn Norway lake
Fjelie Sweden populated place
Fjell Herad Norway administrative division
Fjell Norway farm
Fjell Norway farm
Fjell Norway farm
Fjell Norway farms
Fjell Norway farms
Fjell Norway populated place
Fjell Norway populated place
Fjell Norway populated place
Fjell Norway populated place
Fjell Norway populated place
Fjell Norway church
Fjell Norway populated locality
Fjellaeger Norway farm
Fjellanger Norway farms
Fjellanger Norway populated locality
Fjellangsvagen Norway bay
Fjellariaive Sweden mountain
Fjellarijoki Sweden stream
Fjellaune Norway farm
Fjellavloysingen Norway point
Fjellbackaryggen Svalbard ridge
Fjellbak Norway hill
Fjellbakken Norway bank
Fjellberg Norway farms
Fjellbrotlifjellet Norway mountain
Fjellbu Norway farm
Fjellbu Norway farm
Fjellbu Norway farms
Fjellbukta Norway farm
Fjelldal Norway farm
Fjelldal Norway populated place
Fjelldal Norway populated place
Fjelldalen Norway farms
Fjelldalsfjell Norway mountain
Fjelldalsfjellet Norway mountain
Fjelldalsheia Norway mountain
Fjelldalsholman Norway islands
Fjelldokka Norway stream
Fjelldokkfjellet Norway spur
Fjelldokkvatnet Norway lake
Fjelle Norway farm
Fjelle Norway farm
Fjellebro Denmark estate
Fjellebro Denmark populated place
Fjellegga Svalbard ridge
Fjellelva Norway stream
Fjellelvi Norway stream
Fjellenstrup Denmark populated place
Fjellerad Denmark populated place
Fjellerup Flak Denmark shoal
Fjellerup Mark Denmark populated place
Fjellerup Stationsby Denmark populated place
Fjellerup Strand Denmark populated place
Fjellerup Denmark populated place
Fjellerup Denmark populated place
Fjellerup Denmark populated place
Fjellerup Denmark populated place
Fjellerup Denmark railroad station
Fjellestad Norway populated place
Fjellestad Norway populated place
Fjellesund Norway populated place
Fjellet Norway farm
Fjellet Norway farm
Fjellet Norway farm
Fjellfrossvatnet Norway lake
Fjellgardsvatn Norway lake
Fjellgardsvatnet Norway lake
Fjellgrunnen Norway shoal
Fjellgutusjoen Norway lake
Fjellhamar Norway railroad station
Fjellhammar Norway railroad station
Fjellhaug Norway populated place
Fjellheim Norway farm
Fjellheim Norway farm
Fjellheim Norway farm
Fjellhoggskolten Norway shoal
Fjellholmen Norway land-tied island
Fjellhvil Norway farm
Fjellkarstad Norway farm
Fjellkjosa Norway farm
Fjellkjosen Norway farm
Fjellkjosvatn Norway lake
Fjellkjosvatnet Norway lake
Fjellnes Norway farm
Fjellnes Norway farms
Fjellnes Norway populated place
Fjellnes Norway populated place
Fjellnuten Svalbard nunatak
Fjelloa Norway farm
Fjelloy Norway island
Fjelloyda Norway lake
Fjells Sweden farms
Fjells Sweden farms
Fjellsaeter Norway farm
Fjellsaeter Norway farm
Fjellsaeter Norway farm
Fjellsaetri Norway farm
Fjellsbo Norway farm
Fjellsboheii Norway mountain
Fjellsegga Norway shoal
Fjellsegga Norway shoal
Fjellseggbaan Norway reef
Fjellseibaen Norway reef
Fjellsenden Norway farm
Fjellsenden Norway peak
Fjellset Norway farm
Fjellset Norway farm
Fjellset Norway farm
Fjellsetbaen Norway shoal
Fjellseter Norway farm
Fjellsettbaen Norway shoal
Fjellsholmen Norway island
Fjellsja Norway lake
Fjellsjaa Norway lake
Fjellsjo Norway lake
Fjellsjoan Norway lakes
Fjellsjoen Norway lake
Fjellsjohogda Norway hill
Fjellsjohogda Norway hill
Fjellsjok Norway mountain
Fjellsjokampen Norway mountain
Fjellskaalnes Norway populated place
Fjellskafte Sweden estate
Fjellskalnes Norway populated place
Fjellskar Norway populated place
Fjellskjaekra Norway lake
Fjellskogen Norway populated place
Fjellsli Norway farm
Fjellslia Norway farm
Fjellslia Norway farm
Fjellslitjern Norway lake
Fjellspollen Norway inlet
Fjellsrud Norway populated place
Fjellstad Norway farm
Fjellstad Norway farm
Fjellstad Norway farm
Fjellstad Norway farm
Fjellstad Norway farm
Fjellstol Norway farm
Fjellstol Norway farm
Fjellstol Norway farm
Fjellstol Norway farm
Fjellstol Norway hut
Fjellstolen Norway farm
Fjellstolen Norway farm
Fjellstolen Norway farm
Fjellstolvatn Norway lake
Fjellstolvatnet Norway lake
Fjellstrand Norway populated place
Fjellstua Norway hut
Fjelltindnasen Norway mountain
Fjelltveit Norway farm
Fjelltveit Norway populated place
Fjellumhoj Denmark hill
Fjellungso Sweden island
Fjellvaer Norway populated place
Fjellvaeroy Norway island
Fjellvaeroy Norway populated place
Fjellvaeroya Norway island
Fjellvagen Svalbard bay
Fjellvatn Norway lake
Fjellvatna Norway lakes
Fjellvatnet Norway lake
Fjellvatnet Norway lake
Fjellvatnet Norway lake
Fjellvatnet Norway lake
Fjellvik Norway bay
Fjellvik Norway farm
Fjellvika Norway bay
Fjellvika Norway cove
Fjellvikholman Norway islands
Fjellvikholmene Norway islands
Fjellvoll Seter Norway farm
Fjellvoll Norway farm
Fjellvollen Norway farm
Fjellvollsaetra Norway farm
Fjelna Norway stream
Fjelnesdalen Norway farm
Fjelso Denmark populated place
Fjelstad Hall United States Building
Fjelsted Denmark populated place
Fjelsted Denmark populated place
Fjelstrup Denmark populated place
Fjelvollen Norway farm
Fjends Kommune Denmark second-order administrative division
Fjenneslev Denmark populated place
Fjenneslev Denmark populated place
Fjenneslev Denmark railroad station
Fjenneslevmagle Denmark populated place
Fjenstrup Denmark populated place
Fjer Norway populated place
Fjerangen Norway bay
Fjerbaek Denmark populated place
Fjerddstad Norway farm
Fjerdebreen Svalbard glacier
Fjerdingelva Norway stream
Fjerdingelven Norway stream
Fjerdingen Norway farm
Fjerdingen Norway hill
Fjerdingen Norway populated place
Fjerdingstad Norway farm
Fjerdingsteinen Norway point
Fjerdingsteinen Norway point
Fjerdvatnet Norway lake
Fjere Norway populated place
Fjergen Norway lake
Fjeri Veis Beut Albania populated place
Fjeri Albania seat of a first-order administrative division
Fjeric Croatia peak
Fjermedalen Norway valley
Fjermestad Norway farms
Fjerreslev Denmark populated place
Fjerritslev Kommune Denmark second-order administrative division
Fjerritslev Denmark populated place
Fjertoft Norway island
Fjertoft Norway populated place
Fjertoftjord Norway fjord
Fjertoftnes Norway point
Fjerupgaarde Denmark populated locality
Fjerupgarde Denmark populated locality
Fjervoyan Norway islands
Fjesa Slovenia populated place
Fjeseth Field United States Park
Fjesetsaeter Norway farm
Fjesetseter Norway farm
Fjestad Lake United States Lake
Fjeterjavrek Norway lakes
Fjetland Norway populated place
Fjetlandsnut Norway peak
Fjetterstadholmen Norway island
Fjldheim Dam United States Dam
Fjol Iceland rock
Fjolabuhogda Norway peak
Fjolabusaeter Norway farm
Fjolbu Vand Norway lake
Fjolbuvatnet Norway lake
Fjole Sweden populated place
Fjolebaden Sweden shoal
Fjoli Norway farm
Fjoll Iceland farm
Fjollum Iceland stream
Fjollvaeflugryunna Norway shoal
Fjollvaer Norway islands
Fjollvaerflugrunna Norway shoal
Fjollvaerflugrynna Norway shoal
Fjolna Norway stream
Fjoloy Norway island
Fjoloya Norway island
Fjolperstorp Sweden farm
Fjolsta Sweden populated place
Fjolvagan Norway island
Fjolvik Norway farm
Fjolvika Norway landing
Fjolviken Norway landing
Fjon Norway farm
Fjone Norway populated place
Fjora Norway farm
Fjord des Portes Noires French Southern and Antarctic Lands fjord
Fjord Henri Bossiere French Southern and Antarctic Lands fjord
Fjord Larose French Southern and Antarctic Lands fjord
Fjordbadarna Sweden shoal
Fjordbaden Sweden rock
Fjordbaden Sweden rock
Fjordbaen Norway reef
Fjordbaen Norway reef
Fjordblink Greenland cliff
Fjordbotn Norway populated place
Fjordbugt Norway farms
Fjordbugten Norway farms
Fjordbukta Norway farms
Fjordebaden Sweden shoal
Fjordebaden Sweden shoal
Fjordflua Norway shoal
Fjordgaard Denmark farm
Fjordgard Norway farm
Fjordgarden Denmark farm
Fjordgrund Denmark shoal
Fjordgrunden Denmark shoal
Fjordgrunnen Norway shoal
Fjordhhungabodhi Iceland reef
Fjordholman Norway islands
Fjordholmane Norway islands
Fjordholmen Sweden island
Fjordholmene Norway islands
Fjordholmsskaren Sweden islands
Fjordhuk Greenland mountain
Fjordhungakvisl Iceland stream
Fjordhungs Lake Iceland lake
Fjordhungsalda Iceland mountain
Fjordhungsalda Iceland mountain
Fjordhungsbodhi Iceland reef
Fjordhungshals Iceland hill
Fjordhungshals Iceland ridge
Fjordhungsholl Iceland hill
Fjordhungsholl Iceland hill
Fjordhungssandur Iceland upland
Fjordhungsvatn Iceland lake
Fjordhungur Iceland slope
Fjordhur Iceland farm
Fjordhur Iceland populated place
Fjordmanden Norway peak
Fjordmannen Norway peak
Fjordmarken Denmark polder
Fjordneset Norway point
Fjordnibba Svalbard hill
Fjordsdalen Norway valley
Fjordskar Sweden rocks
Fjordskar Sweden rock
Fjordvang Skolegard Denmark farm
Fjordvang Denmark farm
Fjorelstad Norway farm
Fjoreneset Norway point
Fjorholmen Norway island
Fjorholmen Svalbard island
Fjornestangen Norway point
Fjorre Norway populated place
Fjorsjoen Norway lake
Fjortende Juli Brae Svalbard glacier
Fjortende Juli braeen Svalbard glacier
Fjortende Julibreen Svalbard glacier
Fjortende Julibukta Svalbard cove
Fjortoft Norway island
Fjortoft Norway populated place
Fjortoftfjord Norway fjord
Fjortoftfjorden Norway fjord
Fjortoftgrynna Norway bank
Fjortoftgrynna Norway bank
Fjortoftneset Norway point
Fjorungen Svalbard lake
Fjorur Iceland beach
Fjorvik Norway farm
Fjos Iceland farm
Fjos Iceland farm
Fjosaa Norway stream
Fjosaaga Norway stream
Fjosabolt Iceland lake
Fjosaklettar Iceland rocks
Fjosaklettur Iceland rocks
Fjosakot Iceland farm
Fjosanger Norway populated place
Fjosar Iceland farm
Fjosatunga Iceland farm
Fjosatungufjall Iceland mountain
Fjosbu Norway farm
Fjosdaltinden Norway peak
Fjose Norway farm
Fjoseid Norway farm
Fjoseidbukta Norway cove
Fjoseide Norway farm
Fjoseidholtan Norway farm
Fjosholmgrunnen Norway shoal
Fjoslia Norway farm
Fjoslia Norway hill
Fjoslien Norway farm
Fjosne Norway farm
Fjosneset Norway point
Fjosoken Sweden lake
Fjosokken Sweden lake
Fjossker Iceland rocks
Fjosvika Norway farm
Fjosvikfjellet Norway mountain
Fjotland Herad Norway administrative division
Fjotland Norway populated place
Fjotten Svalbard mountain
Fjuckby Sweden populated place
Fjugesta Sweden populated place
Fjuk Norway populated place
Fjuk Sweden island
Fjuksholmen Sweden island
Fjuksnes Iceland point
Fjuksofjard Sweden sound
Fjuksofjarden Sweden sound
Fjuksogrunden Sweden shoal
Fjuksokallarna Sweden reef
Fjukson Sweden island
Fjuksoren Sweden section of island
Fjukstad Norway populated place
Fjuksundet Sweden marine channel
Fjurholmen Finland rock
Fjus Sweden populated place
Fjuserud Sweden populated place
Fjusnas Sweden populated place
Fjusnas Sweden populated place

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