La Bordelaise - Lay: Federated States of Micronesia

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Feature class
La Bordelaise atoll
La Coquille island
Laay locality
Laay populated place
Labung hill
Laeneachoqol bay
Laeneamaen' inlet
Laeneayabach blowhole
Laeneenguluw blowhole
Laeneesigow blowhole
Laenmaqut point
Laf atoll
Lagulus islands
Lahy populated place
Lai populated place
Laiap Island island
Laiap island
Lalang Island island
Lalang island
Lam island
Lamar populated place
Lamatol Bay bay
Lamear populated place
Lamer populated place
Lamior atoll
Lamoil Island island
Lamoil island
Lamoliau-uru atoll
Lamoliaur Ulu Islands atoll
Lamolior Atoll atoll
Lamoliork Islands atoll
Lamorsu atoll
Lamos Reef reef
Lamos Riff reef
Lamosen Bay bay
Lamoseu Bay bay
Lamot island
Lamotrek Atoll atoll
Lamotrek Island atoll
Lamotrek Island island
Lamotrek Islands atoll
Lamotrek Islet island
Lamotrek island
Lamuittul Bay bay
Lamuliur atoll
Lamuliur atoll
Lamululudi atoll
Lamululutup atoll
Lamuniur atoll
Lamutrik Inseln atoll
Lanar anchorage
Lanechool bay
Laneman' inlet
Lanemaut point
Lanengulu blowhole
Laner anchorage
Lanesigow blowhole
Lanesugow blowhole
Laneyaboch blowhole
Langar Einfahrt anchorage
Langar Island island
Langar Road anchorage
Langar-Hafen anchorage
Langar-Reede anchorage
Langarow inlet
Lanmuut point
Lanomituk islands
Laol Island island
Laol Islands island
Laol island
Lap Island island
Lap island
Large West Bay bay
Larkins atoll
Las Hermanas atoll
Las locality
Lati island
Lauvergne Island island
Lay locality

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