Fabistholmarna - Fatrask: Finland

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Feature class
Fabistholmarna rocks
Faboda populated place
Fadderjarvi lake
Fadervik cove
Fadikari shoal
Fadsjoviken bay
Faestoerne rock
Fafang island
Fafangan island
Fafanggadden rocks
Fafangholm island
Fafangholmen island
Fafango island
Fafangofladan strait
Fafangon island
Fafangskar island
Fafangskar rocks
Fafangskar island
Fafangskar rock
Fafangskar island
Fafangskar peninsula
Fafangskaren islands
Fafangskaret island
Fafangudden point
Fagelbadan rock
Fagelberga populated place
Fagelberget hill
Fagelgrundet rock
Fagelholm island
Fagelholmen rock
Fagelmossen marsh
Fagelo island
Fagelsjo island
Fagelskar rock
Fagelskaret island
Fagelsund strait
Fagelsundsudden point
Fagelvik populated place
Fagerholm island
Fagerkulla populated place
Fagerlot rock
Fagerlund populated place
Fagernas Trask lake
Fagero island
Fagero island
Fagero island
Fagerofjarden channel
Fagerogrunden rock
Fagersta populated place
Fagersta populated place
Fagerstad populated place
Fagervik inlet
Fagervik populated place
Fagervik railroad station
Fagerviken inlet
Faglen rocks
Faholmarna islands
Falafjart island
Falkberg populated place
Falkberget hill
Falken island
Falkholm island
Falkholmen island
Falkinkurkku channel
Falkishallet island
Falkklobb island
Falkkobben rock
Falko Fjarden sound
Falko island
Falkon island
Falkon peninsula
Fall populated place
Fallbacka populated place
Fallbacken populated place
Fallbole populated place
Fallholmen island
Fallholmen island
Fallholmen island
Fallholmen rock
Fallijavri lake
Falliluottimaaivi hill
Falliluottimoaivi hill
Fallipeassjokka stream
Fallipeassoaivi hill
Fallipesjokka stream
Falliskar island
Fallskaret island
Fallskaret peninsula
Fallsundet strait
Falmskar island
Falskar island
Falskskar island
Falskskar peninsula
Faltas populated place
Falungskar island
Fanskobben rock
Fantsnas populated place
Fantsnasfjarden bay
Fanttenkari island
Fardis Brannan section of populated place
Farfarsoren island
Fargeriet rock
Fargrundet island
Farhallen rock
Farholmarna islands
Farholmen populated place
Farholmen island
Farholmen island
Farholmen island
Farholmen island
Farjsundet marine channel
Farkobbarna rocks
Faro island
Farom rock
Farorarna island
Faroren island
Farskar island
Farskar peninsula
Farskarbadan island
Farskaret island
Farskaret peninsula
Farskarrskatan point
Farten sound
Fasarby populated place
Fasarbyviken bay
Fasjo lake
Faskars Bottnen channel
Faskholm rock
Faskujokka stream
Fastarby populated place
Fastbole populated place
Fastbole section of populated place
Fasterbyon island
Fastinki island
Fastor rock
Fastorna Bank rock
Fastorna rock
Fastorna rocks
Fatet rocks
Fatipori populated place
Fatrask lake

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