Paaroa - Paveau Point: French Polynesia

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Feature class
Paaroa locality
Paca populated place
Pacifica region
Paea River stream
Paea administrative division
Paea populated place
Paeau populated place
Paevaeva Pointe point
Pahatea plain
Pahi Rock rock
Pahi reef
Pahiarepo populated place
Pahiti populated place
Pahoa mountain
Pahonu section of populated place
Pahotu Point point
Pahua Point point
Pahua populated place
Pain de Sucre mountain
Paiouma populated place
Paite reef
Palliser Islands islands
Palliser Isles islands
Pani populated place
Paniola locality
Pao-pao bay
Paofai populated place
Paopao Bay bay
Paopao Valley valley
Paopao populated place
Papahiona mountain
Papahoa bay
Papaihona mountain
Papakaua atoll
Papakena Island atoll
Papakena atoll
Papao populated place
Papara administrative division
Papara populated place
Paparevo populated place
Paparoa Point point
Paparoa point
Papatea islands
Papatikee rock
Papava populated place
Papawa Harbor inlet
Papawa populated place
Pape Amo locality
Pape Haua point
Papeari Harbor bay
Papeari administrative division
Papeari populated place
Papearia stream
Papeere Point point
Papeete Harbor bay
Papeete capital of a political entity
Papehau stream
Papehee populated place
Papeiri Pass strait
Papeiti capital of a political entity
Papeiti valley
Papenee stream
Papenoo administrative division
Papenoo locality
Papenu Pass strait
Papenu Point point
Papenu Valley valley
Papenu administrative division
Papenu locality
Papenu stream
Papeotai populated place
Papereu locality
Papetia stream
Papetoai Bay bay
Papetoai Reef reef
Papetoai administrative division
Papetoai populated place
Papeuriri Bay bay
Papiete capital of a political entity
Papiti capital of a political entity
Papo Point point
Papouri island
Papuri island
Paraeo populated place
Paraiore populated place
Paraka Pass channel
Paraoa Island atoll
Paraoa atoll
Paraohumu populated place
Paraoro populated place
Parari populated place
Paratahi Reef reef
Paratahi reef
Parau mountain
Pare administrative division
Pari Cliffs cliff
Pariauta mountain
Paripahia point
Paritautia mountain
Paroa Point point
Paroa atoll
Passage d' Otiaroa channel
Passe Aaraa strait
Passe Aifa strait
Passe Aionifa strait
Passe Apootoo marine channel
Passe Araara strait
Passe Arikitamiro channel
Passe Aumiro channel
Passe Ava Ino strait
Passe Ava Iti strait
Passe Ava Iti strait
Passe Ava Peihi strait
Passe Avae strait
Passe Avahiti strait
Passe Avamoa strait
Passe Avamotu strait
Passe Avarapa strait
Passe Avarei marine channel
Passe Avaroa strait
Passe Avatoru channel
Passe Azikitamiro channel
Passe d' Afareiatu strait
Passe d' Aifa strait
Passe d' Aiura strait
Passe d' Aiurua strait
Passe d' Avaroa strait
Passe d' Onohea strait
Passe d' Onoheha strait
Passe de Faaone strait
Passe de Faarearea strait
Passe de Faarumai strait
Passe de Faurumai strait
Passe de Haapiti strait
Passe de Haumi marine channel
Passe de l' Ouest marine channel
Passe de la Boudeuse strait
Passe de Mahaena strait
Passe de Maraa strait
Passe de Marepa strait
Passe de Matu strait
Passe de Motu Au strait
Passe de Motu Nono strait
Passe de Paea strait
Passe de Papeete strait
Passe de Papeiri strait
Passe de Papeivi strait
Passe de Papenoo strait
Passe de Puheva channel
Passe de Puuotohe strait
Passe de Rautirare strait
Passe de Rautoanui strait
Passe de Taapuna strait
Passe de Taharoa strait
Passe de Taipari strait
Passe de Tapueraha strait
Passe de Taunoa strait
Passe de Teavaraa strait
Passe de Teavero marine channel
Passe de Temarauri strait
Passe de Tepiro strait
Passe de Teputa strait
Passe de Teputo strait
Passe de Teruaupou marine channel
Passe de Teruaupu marine channel
Passe de Tiitau strait
Passe de Tiputa channel
Passe de Toahotu strait
Passe de Tomotai strait
Passe de Topiro strait
Passe de Vaihi strait
Passe de Vaionifa strait
Passe de Vairao strait
Passe du Nord-Ouest marine channel
Passe du Sud-Est marine channel
Passe du Sud-Ouest marine channel
Passe Faafameru channel
Passe Farerea strait
Passe Havae strait
Passe Horokumu channel
Passe Hotumatuu strait
Passe Irihonu strait
Passe Iriru strait
Passe Kaki channel
Passe Maha Honu strait
Passe Manavatei strait
Passe Manavateikariki strait
Passe Manino channel
Passe Marihini channel
Passe Matauvau strait
Passe Motu Puapua channel
Passe Moturaa channel
Passe Nao Nao strait
Passe Nepo channel
Passe Ngarue channel
Passe Ngnarue channel
Passe Okarare channel
Passe Onoaiu strait
Passe Onoiau strait
Passe Otaho channel
Passe Otune channel
Passe Otungi channel
Passe Ouest marine channel
Passe Paipai strait
Passe Pakaka channel
Passe Porieua channel
Passe Porofai channel
Passe Porovaki channel
Passe Punaeroa strait
Passe Puotohe strait
Passe Puuotohe strait
Passe Rautirare strait
Passe Rautoanui strait
Passe Sud-Est marine channel
Passe Sud-Ouest marine channel
Passe Tairapa channel
Passe Taota strait
Passe Taotai strait
Passe Taotoi strait
Passe Tapuaeraha strait
Passe Tapuhiria channel
Passe Tareu strait
Passe Teava Moa strait
Passe Teavanui strait
Passe Teavapiti strait
Passe Teavaraa strait
Passe Teavaroa channel
Passe Teavarua strait
Passe Tehere channel
Passe Temaketa channel
Passe Temarauri strait
Passe Teruapu marine channel
Passe Tetobe channel
Passe Tetohe Rahi channel
Passe Tetohe channel
Passe Tiano strait
Passe Tiare strait
Passe Tiareroa channel
Passe Tiputa channel
Passe Toahotu strait
Passe Toamaro strait
Passe Toto Ahau channel
Passe Totoro Ahau channel
Passe Tuheiava channel
Passe Tumakohua channel
Passe Tupapaurau strait
Passe Tutataroa strait
Passe Vaiare marine channel
Passe Vaiau strait
Passe Vaiere marine channel
Pataroa locality
Patere populated place
Pati reef
Patio populated place
Patioti island
Patu Patu populated place
Patuarepa populated place
Paturoa populated place
Patutoa populated place
Pau Point point
Pau Toru locality
Pauhinu Summit peak
Paui populated place
Paumea Bay bay
Paumea bay
Paumotu islands
Paveau Point point

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