Gfadering - GFW Middle School - Geographical Names, map, geographic coordinates

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Country Feature class
Gfadering Germany populated locality
Gfall Berg Germany mountain
Gfall Austria mountain
Gfall Germany farm
Gfall Germany populated place
Gfall Germany populated place
Gfallach Germany stream
Gfallbach Austria intermittent stream
Gfaller Alpe Austria hut
Gfaller Wand Austria peak
Gfaller Austria hut
Gfalleralpe Austria mountain
Gfallhof Germany farm
Gfallkogel Austria mountain
Gfallterkopf Germany mountain
Gfang-Bach Germany stream
Gfangen Austria populated place
Gfangen Germany farm
Gfasskopfe Austria peaks
Gfat Albania populated place
Gfeichet Germany farm
Gfell Czech Republic populated place
Gfellen Bach Austria stream
Gfellhof Germany farm
Gferet Germany farm
Gferet Germany farm
Gfigor'yevka Russia populated place
GFL Lakeside School United States School
Gfletz Austria locality
Gfletzacker Austria field
Gfletzgraben Austria intermittent stream
Gfohl Austria populated place
Gfohlbach Austria stream
Gfohlberg Austria mountain
Gfohler Austria farm
Gfohleramt Austria populated place
Gfohret Germany populated locality
Gfoll Austria populated place
Gfollalm Austria grazing area
Gfollalm Austria hut
Gfoller Riegel Austria ridge
Gfoller Austria farm
Gfollerbach Austria stream
Gfollgraben Austria populated place
Gfollner Austria farm
Gfollner Austria farm
Gfollwald Austria forest
Gfou Congo, Republic of the stream
Gfradert Germany farm
Gfrans Austria populated place
GFW High School United States School
GFW Middle School United States School

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