Le Poer - Leyny: Ireland

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Feature class
Le Poer mountain
Lea More populated place
Leaba Shioda populated place
Leabeg populated place
Leabeg populated place
Leac Buidhe rock
Leadawittin locality
Leader's Bridge populated locality
Leades House country house
Leadhbach mountain
Leaffany River stream
Leaffony River stream
Leafrin Hill hill
Leagan Hill hill
Leagans Hill hill
Leagaun populated locality
Leagaun populated locality
Leagh locality
Leaghany River stream
Leaghany River stream
Leaghillaun cape
Leaghort locality
Leaght populated locality
League Point point
Leaha Bridge populated locality
Leahan mountain
Leahanmore mountain
Leahern's Point point
Leahgarrow populated locality
Leahy Rocks rocks
Leam Lough lake
Leamacrossan Hill mountain
Leamadartaun populated locality
Leamagowra Lodge house
Leamareha Island island
Leamawaddro River stream
Leamean House country house
Leamhcan populated place
Leamlara House estate
Leamlara River stream
Leamlara estate
Leamlara populated place
Leamnaguila populated place
Leamore Park estate
Leamore Strand beach
Leamslug rocks
Leana populated locality
Leanamore populated place
Leanevglissane populated place
Leannan River stream
Leansaghane populated place
Leap Castle estate
Leap of Doonass weir
Leap populated place
Leapford Stream stream
Leary's Cross Roads populated locality
Leatbeg populated place
Leath locality
Lecamy populated place
Lecarrow populated place
Lecarrow populated place
Lecarrow populated locality
Lecarrow populated locality
Lecarrow populated place
Leck Point point
Leck populated locality
Leckanarainey populated place
Leckanvy populated place
Leckaun populated locality
Leckavrea Mountain mountain
Leckee populated locality
Leckemy populated place
Lecknacurra point
Lecky Rocks rocks
Ledonigan populated locality
Leean Mountain mountain
Leekfield House estate
Leekfield estate
Leel Point point
Leemount estate
Leenane populated place
Leenaun populated place
Leer River stream
Legalough lake
Legan populated place
Legan locality
Leganagh Point point
Legga populated place
Leggah populated place
Legland populated locality
Legnagrow populated locality
Legnahoory populated place
Lehanagh locality
Lehardan populated place
Lehenagh House country house
Lehenagh populated place
Lehid Harbour harbor
Lehinch populated place
Lehinch island
Leic Snamha populated place
Leifear seat of a first-order administrative division
Leighlinbridge populated place
Leighon Island island
Leim an Bhradain populated place
Leinster region
Leipsic hill
Leithghlinn an Droichid populated place
Leitim East locality
Leitir Ceanainn populated place
Leitir Fraic populated place
Leitir Meallain populated place
Leitir Mhic an Bhaird populated place
Leitir Moir lake
Leitrim House country house
Leitrim House country house
Leitrim Middle locality
Leitrim populated place
Leitrim populated place
Leitrim locality
Leitrim locality
Leitrim populated place
Leitrim first-order administrative division
Leitry Bridge populated locality
Leix first-order administrative division
Leixlip populated place
Lelagh populated place
Lellesagle locality
Lemacraig populated locality
Lemanaghan populated place
Lemgare Rocks populated locality
Lemgare populated place
Lemon Rock rock
Lemonfield House country house
Lemonstown Cross Roads populated place
Lemonstown locality
Lemybrien populated place
Lenadoon Point point
Lenagh locality
Lenahaun populated locality
Lenamore populated place
Lenamore populated place
Lenan Head cape
Lenan populated locality
Lenankeel populated place
Lennaght populated locality
Lenstown populated place
Leoh Mountain mountain
Leoh River stream
Leopardstown populated place
Leperstown locality
Lergynasearhagh populated locality
Lerr River stream
Lerrig populated place
Leserragh House country house
Leslie Hill populated locality
Letter Cross Roads populated place
Letter East locality
Letter House country house
Letter Lodge house
Letter More populated locality
Letter South mountain
Letter populated locality
Letter populated place
Letter locality
Letter populated place
Letter populated locality
Letter populated locality
Lettera populated place
Letteragh locality
Letterask populated locality
Letterbarra populated place
Letterbreckaun mountain
Letterbrick populated locality
Lettercallow locality
Lettercraffroe Lough lake
Lettercraffroe lake
Letterdife House country house
Letterdunane populated place
Letterfinish populated place
Letterfrack populated place
Lettergarriv populated place
Lettergull populated locality
Lettergunnet locality
Letterilly House country house
Letterkelly locality
Letterkenny populated place
Letterkilley populated place
Letterleague populated place
Letterlicky Bridge populated locality
Letterlough populated locality
Lettermacaward populated place
Lettermaghera spur
Lettermakenny populated locality
Lettermore Island island
Lettermore populated locality
Lettermore lake
Lettermore populated locality
Lettermullan populated place
Letternadarriv locality
Letterunshin locality
Lettybrook House estate
Lettybrook estate
Leugh populated place
Levallinree Lough lake
Levally House estate
Levally Lough lake
Levally Lough lake
Levally estate
Levally locality
Levally populated locality
Levington Park estate
Levitstown House country house
Lewis Ville house
Lewistown House country house
Lewistown locality
Leyny Station railroad station
Leyny railroad station
Leyny populated locality

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