`En `Ada - `Enot Zippori: Israel

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Feature class
`En `Ada spring
`En `Adashim spring
`En `Agev spring
`En `Akhbera spring
`En `Alug spring
`En `Amal spring
`En `Aneva spring
`En `Aqrabbim spring
`En `Arpad spring
`En `Aurona spring
`En `Avedat spring
`En `Avrona spring
`En `Elabon spring
`En `Ezbonit spring
`En `Iron populated place
`En `Ofa'im spring
`En `Ofarim spring
`En Adami spring
`En Admon spring
`En Agmon spring
`En Amazyahu spring
`En Ammat Avel spring
`En Arbel spring
`En Ashlag spring
`En Avino`am spring
`En Aviv spring
En Ayala populated place
`En Ayyala populated place
`En Ayyalot spring
`En Azenot spring
`En Bar Yohay spring
`En Be'era spring
`En Bedolah spring
`En Ben Makhir spring
`En Besor spring
`En Biriyya spring
`En Boqeq spring
`En Boqeq populated place
`En Dakh spring
`En Daniyyel spring
`En Danna spring
`En Dawid spring
`En Dayish spring
`En Deqalim spring
`En Devora spring
`En Divsha spring
`En Dor spring
`En Dor populated place
`En Duvshan spring
`En Eder spring
`En Ela spring
`En Es`ad spring
`En Esel spring
`En Eshhar spring
`En Gal`ed spring
`En Gamal spring
`En Gannim populated place
`En Gat Hefer spring
`En Gazit spring
`En Gedi populated place
`En Gedi spring
`En Geled spring
`En Gev populated place
`En Gevul spring
`En Ha'Ari spring
`En Ha`Emeq populated place
`En Hadas spring
`En Hadda spring
`En Hagal spring
`En HaHoresh populated place
`En HaKikkar spring
`En Hamarmar spring
`En HaMe`ara spring
`En HaMifraz populated place
`En HaMore spring
`En Hanan spring
En Hanatsiv populated place
`En HaNaziv populated place
`En Harod Ihud section of populated place
`En Harod Me'uhad section of populated place
`En Harod populated place
`En Harod spring
`En HaSammal spring
`En HaShayyara spring
`En HaShelosha populated place
`En HaShofet populated place
`En Hawwa spring
`En Hayyim spring
`En Hayyim spring
`En HaZaqen spring
`En Hazeva spring
`En Hazeva ancient site
`En Hedeq spring
`En Hedwa spring
`En Herav spring
`En Hiyya spring
`En Hizar spring
`En Hod populated place
`En Homet spring
`En Honi spring
`En Hosen spring
`En Hur spring
`En Hutra spring
`En Ibrahim populated place
`En Ivzam spring
`En Kaftor spring
`En Karkom spring
`En Karmel populated place
`En Kerem populated place
`En Kikheli spring
`En Kivshan spring
`En Kokhav spring
`En Korim spring
`En Koves spring
`En Koveshim spring
`En Lappidot spring
`En Livnim spring
`En Mahal spring
`En Mahil populated place
`En Malqoah spring
`En Maqqav spring
`En Marzev spring
`En Mashaq spring
`En Masiq spring
`En Massah spring
`En Meron spring
'En Mimlah reservoir
`En Mimlah spring
`En Misgav spring
`En Moda` spring
`En Mor spring
`En Moresan spring
`En Na`aman populated place
`En Na`im spring
En Na`ima ruin
En Nabi Hsein tomb
En Nabi Husein tomb
En Nabi Rubin mosque
En Nabi Rubin ruin
En Nabi Shu`eib tomb
En Nabi Yunis tomb
`En Nahalit spring
En Nahr ruin
`En Namer spring
En Nasira populated place
En Nawaqir populated place
`En Ne`ura spring
`En Nesher spring
`En Netafim abandoned populated place
`En Netafim well
`En Netofa spring
`En Nisan spring
`En Nittay spring
`En Nizza spring
`En No'it spring
En Nuqeib populated place
En Nuqeib ruin
`En Orahot spring
`En Pagga spring
`En Pasha spring
`En Pashhur spring
`En Pelugot HaEsh spring
`En Petel spring
`En Qeshet spring
`En Rabbi spring
`En Rahel spring
`En Rami'el spring
`En Rani spring
`En Ravid spring
`En Raz spring
`En Rehan spring
`En Rehov spring
`En Rekhesh spring
`En Renanim spring
`En Rewaya spring
`En Rimmon spring
`En Ro`im spring
`En Roni spring
`En Sahar spring
`En Saharonim spring
`En Sara populated place
`En Sarid populated place
`En Se`ara spring
`En Sefan spring
`En Sela` spring
`En Semadar spring
`En Sha'ul spring
`En Sha`al spring
`En Shabbetay spring
`En Shahal spring
`En Shahaq spring
`En Shamir spring
`En Shammay spring
`En Sharona spring
`En Sharuhen spring
`En Shehor spring
`En Shekhar spring
`En Shelef spring
`En Shemen spring
`En Shemer populated place
`En Sheva` locality
`En Shevil spring
`En Shezor spring
`En Shiddim spring
`En Shoqeq spring
`En Shum spring
`En Sis spring
`En Tamar spring
`En Tamid spring
`En Taron spring
`En Tavor spring
`En Te'o spring
`En Tehavit spring
`En Tina spring
`En Tir`an spring
`En Tiv`on spring
`En Tomer spring
`En Tovim spring
`En Ud spring
`En Ulam spring
`En Ur spring
`En Wardit spring
`En Wered populated place
`En Ya`ala spring
`En Ya`aqov populated place
`En Yahav populated place
`En Yahav spring
`En Yannay spring
`En Yaqim spring
`En Yavne'el spring
`En Yir'on spring
`En Yiska spring
`En Yivqa` spring
`En Yizre`el spring
`En Yorqe`am spring
`En Yosef spring
`En Yotam spring
`En Yotvata spring
`En Yuvela spring
`En Yuvla spring
`En Zafzafa spring
`En Zalmon spring
`En Zammeret spring
`En Zazaf spring
`En Ze'elim spring
`En Ze'ev spring
`En Zehara spring
`En Zelef spring
`En Zemora spring
`En Zetim populated place
`En Zetim spring
`En Zeved spring
`En Zeviyya spring
`En Zippori spring
`En Ziq spring
`En Ziv spring
`En Ziw spring
`En Zo`arim spring
`En Zon spring
`En Zuf spring
`En Zur spring
`En Zurim populated place
`Enat populated place
EnBokeko populated place
Engeddi populated place
Engeddi spring
Engedi spring
Enmar wadi
`Enot `Efroni spring
`Enot `Enan spring
`Enot Amittay spring
`Enot At spring
`Enot Hasida spring
`Enot Maharal spring
`Enot Mehazezim spring
`Enot Peharim spring
`Enot Sho`im spring
`Enot Yahel spring
`Enot Zippori spring

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