Kjeoya - Kjolur - Geographical Names, map, geographic coordinates

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Country Feature class
Kjeoya Norway island
Kjeoya Norway island
Kjeoya Norway island
Kjeoya Norway island
Kjeoya Norway island
Kjeoya Norway island
Kjeoya Norway island
Kjeoybaen Norway shoal
Kjeoyholmen Norway island
Kjeoyna Norway island
Kjeoyni Norway island
Kjeoyni Norway island
Kjeoyni Norway island
Kjeoytaren Norway shoal
Kjeppestadbukta Norway cove
Kjepsmark Denmark populated locality
Kjepso Norway island
Kjepsoy Norway island
Kjer Gletscher Greenland glacier
Kjerag Norway mountain
Kjerbusdalen Norway populated place
Kjerbustol Norway farm
Kjerdelsfjellet Norway mountain
Kjerdelsvatnet Norway lake
Kjere Norway populated place
Kjerem Norway populated place
Kjereng Norway farm
Kjerestraum Norway farm
Kjerfjorden Norway fjord
Kjerfvinge Sweden farm
Kjeringetani Norway point
Kjeringgrunnen Norway shoal
Kjerkeberget Norway mountain
Kjerkedalsvatnet Norway lake
Kjerkefjellet Norway peak
Kjerkefjord Norway populated place
Kjerkefjorden Norway fjord
Kjerkeflua Norway shoal
Kjerkegrunnen Norway shoal
Kjerkehaug Norway mountain
Kjerkeholmen Norway island
Kjerkemo Norway populated place
Kjerkenes Norway point
Kjerkeneset Norway point
Kjerkeneset Norway point
Kjerkeneset Norway point
Kjerkeneset Norway farm
Kjerkenesgrunnen Norway reef
Kjerkenesodden Norway point
Kjerkenesvag Norway populated place
Kjerkeng Norway farm
Kjerkesdalen Norway valley
Kjerkesjoen Norway lake
Kjerkesjora Norway populated place
Kjerkeskog Norway farm
Kjerkestappen Norway island
Kjerkestinden Norway peak
Kjerkevatn Norway lake
Kjerkevik Norway populated place
Kjerkevik Norway farm
Kjerkevika Norway cove
Kjerkfjell Norway farms
Kjerkfjellet Norway peak
Kjerkholt Norway populated place
Kjerkhus Norway populated place
Kjerkneset Norway point
Kjerkoya Norway island
Kjerkoya Norway island
Kjerkreit Norway populated place
Kjerkstad Norway populated place
Kjerland Norway populated place
Kjerlingabjarg Iceland cliff
Kjernefjellet Norway mountain
Kjernefjellvatnet Norway lake
Kjernen Svalbard mountain
Kjernes Norway farm
Kjernet Norway farm
Kjero Benin stream
Kjero Togo stream
Kjerpesaet Norway farms
Kjerpeset Norway farms
Kjerr Norway farms
Kjerr Norway populated place
Kjerran Norway farm
Kjerre Norway railroad station
Kjerregaardsneset Svalbard point
Kjerregaardsneset Svalbard point
Kjerreidet Norway isthmus
Kjerresnes Norway populated place
Kjerret Norway populated place
Kjerrfjellet Norway mountain
Kjerrfjorden Norway fjord
Kjerrgarden Norway populated locality
Kjerrgardsasen Norway hill
Kjerrgardsosen Norway bay
Kjerring Bukt Norway bight
Kjerring Lake Norway lakes
Kjerring Sund Norway marine channel
Kjerring Norway mountain
Kjerringa Norway hill
Kjerringa Norway mountain
Kjerringa Norway point
Kjerringa Norway point
Kjerringa Norway point
Kjerringa Norway island
Kjerringa Norway rock
Kjerringa Norway point
Kjerringadalen Norway farm
Kjerringafjell Norway peak
Kjerringberg Norway farm
Kjerringberget Norway mountain
Kjerringbukta Norway bight
Kjerringdal Norway farm
Kjerringdal Norway farm
Kjerringdalen Norway farm
Kjerringdalsvatnet Norway lake
Kjerringelv Norway stream
Kjerringelva Norway stream
Kjerringelven Norway stream
Kjerringfallet Norway shoal
Kjerringfallet Norway shoal
Kjerringfjeldet Norway mountain
Kjerringfjell Norway hill
Kjerringfjell Norway mountain
Kjerringfjellet Norway mountain
Kjerringfjellet Norway mountain
Kjerringfjellet Norway mountain
Kjerringfjordfjellet Norway mountain
Kjerringfjordholmen Norway island
Kjerringfjordklubben Norway point
Kjerringfjordnes Norway farm
Kjerringfjordneset Norway point
Kjerringflua Norway island
Kjerringfluene Norway island
Kjerringgrunn Norway shoal
Kjerringgrunnan Norway shoal
Kjerringhalsen Norway farm
Kjerringhaugen Norway hill
Kjerringhei Norway mountain
Kjerringheia Norway mountain
Kjerringhol Norway island
Kjerringholme Norway island
Kjerringholme Norway rock
Kjerringholme Norway island
Kjerringholmen Norway island
Kjerringholmen Norway island
Kjerringholmen Norway island
Kjerringholmen Norway island
Kjerringholmen Norway rock
Kjerringholmen Norway island
Kjerringholmen Norway rock
Kjerringholmen Norway island
Kjerringholmen Norway rock
Kjerringholmgrunnen Norway shoal
Kjerringholmsundet Norway strait
Kjerringi Norway island
Kjerringkneskolten Norway shoal
Kjerringleia Norway channel
Kjerringleia Norway channel
Kjerringnes Norway farm
Kjerringnes Norway farm
Kjerringnes Norway farm
Kjerringnes Norway populated place
Kjerringnesdalsvand Norway lake
Kjerringneset Norway farm
Kjerringneset Norway farm
Kjerringnesoy Norway island
Kjerringnesoya Norway island
Kjerringo Norway populated place
Kjerringoy Herad Norway administrative division
Kjerringoy Norway populated place
Kjerringoya Norway islands
Kjerringskallen Norway shoal
Kjerringskjaer Norway rocks
Kjerringskjaer Norway rock
Kjerringskjeret Norway island
Kjerringskjeret Norway rock
Kjerringskjeret Norway rocks
Kjerringstol Norway hut
Kjerringsundet Norway marine channel
Kjerringtaani Norway point
Kjerringtinden Norway mountain
Kjerringvaag Norway populated place
Kjerringvag Norway populated place
Kjerringvand Norway lake
Kjerringvand Norway lake
Kjerringvandene Norway lakes
Kjerringvandet Norway lake
Kjerringvannene Norway lakes
Kjerringvatn Norway lake
Kjerringvatnan Norway lakes
Kjerringvatnet Norway farm
Kjerringvatnet Norway lake
Kjerringvatnet Norway lake
Kjerringvatnet Norway lake
Kjerringvik Norway farm
Kjerringvik Norway farm
Kjerringvik Norway farms
Kjerringvik Norway populated place
Kjerringvik Norway farm
Kjerringvik Norway cove
Kjerringvika Norway cove
Kjerringviknes Norway farm
Kjerringvikneset Norway point
Kjerringviktindan Norway peak
Kjerringviktinderne Norway peak
Kjerringvold Norway populated place
Kjerringvoll Norway populated place
Kjerringvollen Norway populated place
Kjerrisneset Norway point
Kjerrisneset Norway point
Kjerrklubben Norway point
Kjerrskjeran Norway rock
Kjerrstol Norway hut
Kjerrtoppen Norway peak
Kjerrvatnet Norway lake
Kjerrvik Norway farm
Kjerrvika Norway populated place
Kjerrvika Norway populated place
Kjersem Norway farm
Kjersemsaetra Norway farm
Kjersing Denmark populated locality
Kjersnes Norway point
Kjersneset Norway point
Kjerstad Norway populated place
Kjerstad Norway populated place
Kjersund Norway farm
Kjersund Norway farm
Kjerteminde Bugt Denmark bay
Kjerteminde Nor Denmark bay
Kjerteminde Denmark populated place
Kjerten Norway island
Kjertinge Nor Denmark bay
Kjerulf Fjord Greenland fjord
Kjerulf Glacier South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands glacier
Kjerulf Island Svalbard island
Kjerulf Nunatak Greenland nunatak
Kjerulf's Berg Svalbard peak
Kjerulfbreen Jan Mayen glacier
Kjerulfbreen Svalbard glacier
Kjerulffjellet Svalbard peak
Kjerulfoya Svalbard island
Kjerulfs Fjord Greenland fjord
Kjerulfsminde Denmark farm
Kjervaagsund Norway farm
Kjervaer Norway islands
Kjervagsund Norway farm
Kjervelvdalen Norway valley
Kjervoll Norway populated place
Kjesaeter Norway farm
Kjesbu Vatn Norway lake
Kjesbu Norway farm
Kjesbu Norway farm
Kjesbuvatnet Norway lake
Kjesebotten Sweden populated place
Kjeset Norway farm
Kjesholmen Norway island
Kjestad Norway farm
Kjestad Sweden populated place
Kjestenja Macedonia populated place
KJET-FM (Kingsburg) United States Tower
KJET-FM (Kingsburg) United States Tower
Kjetangen Norway populated place
Kjetevatn Norway lake
Kjetevatnet Norway lake
Kjetilstad Norway farms
Kjetilstveit Norway farm
Kjetsa Norway populated place
Kjetsaa Norway populated place
Kjetsaaheii Norway hill
Kjetsaheii Norway hill
Kjetta Norway farms
Kjettelen Sweden lake
Kjetten Norway farms
Kjetteskjeret Norway rock
Kjettilsjon Sweden lake
Kjettinge Denmark populated place
Kjettrup Denmark populated place
Kjettvika Norway farms
Kjetvik Norway farms
Kjeva Kosovo populated place
Kjevic Norway populated place
Kjevig Norway populated place
Kjevik Norway populated place
Kjevik Sweden populated place
Kjevika Norway cove
Kjeviki Norway cove
Kjeviktangen Norway point
Kjevlisaetra Norway farm
Kjevsalo Ostra Fjard Finland sound
Kjevsalo Vastra Fjard Finland sound
Kjevsalo Finland island
KJEZ-FM (Poplar Bluff) United States Tower
KJFA-FM (Grass Valley) United States Tower
KJFA-FM (Grass Valley) United States Tower
KJFK-FM (Perry) United States Tower
KJFM-FM (Louisiana) United States Tower
KJFP-FM (Yakutat) United States Tower
KJFX-FM (Fresno) United States Tower
KJHK-FM (Lawrence) United States Tower
KJHY-FM (Emmett) United States Tower
KJHY-FM (Emmett) United States Tower
Kji-tschu China stream
KJIB-FM (South Padre Island) United States Tower
KJIB-FM United States Tower
KJIC-FM (Pasadena) United States Tower
KJIL Radio Tower United States Tower
KJIN-AM (Houma) United States Tower
Kjirkjiri Togo populated place
KJirksey United States Populated Place
KJIW-AM (West Helena) United States Tower
KJIW-FM (Helena) United States Tower
KJJB-FM (Eunice) United States Tower
KJJC-FM (Osceola) United States Tower
KJJG-FM (Spencer) United States Tower
KJJI-FM (Shamrock) United States Tower
KJJJ-AM (Phoenix) United States Tower
KJJJ-FM (Clifton) United States Tower
KJJJ-FM (Clifton) United States Tower
KJJJ-FM (Glendale) United States Tower
KJJK-AM (Fergus Falls) United States Tower
KJJK-FM (Fergus Falls) United States Tower
KJJO-AM (Saint Louis Park) United States Tower
KJJQ-AM (Volga) United States Tower
KJJR-AM (Whitefish) United States Tower
KJJY-FM (Ankeny) United States Tower
KJJY-FM (Ankeny) United States Tower
KJJZ-FM (Kodiak) United States Tower
KJKJ United States Building
KJKJ-AM (Flagstaff) United States Tower
KJKS-FM (Cameron) United States Tower
KJLA-AM (Kansas City) United States Tower
KJLF-FM (Butte) United States Tower
KJLF-TV (El Paso) United States Tower
KJLH-FM (Compton) United States Tower
KJLO-FM (Monroe) United States Tower
KJLR-FM (Olney) United States Tower
KJLR-FM (Sparta) United States Tower
KJLS-FM (Hays) United States Tower
KJLT-AM (North Platte) United States Tower
KJLT-FM (North Platte) United States Tower
KJLY-FM (Blue Earth) United States Tower
KJMB-AM (Blythe) United States Tower
KJMB-FM (Blythe) United States Tower
KJMD-AM (Laneville) United States Tower
KJME-AM (Denver) United States Tower
KJMH-TV (Burlington) United States Tower
KJMO-FM (Jefferson City) United States Tower
KJMX-FM (Tulia) United States Tower
KJMX-FM (Tulia) United States Tower
KJMZ-FM (Dallas) United States Tower
KJNA-AM (Jena) United States Tower
KJNA-FM (Jena) United States Tower
KJNE-FM (Hillsboro) United States Tower
KJNO-AM (Juneau) United States Tower
KJNP-AM (North Pole) United States Tower
KJNP-FM (North Pole) United States Tower
KJNP-TV (North Pole) United States Tower
Kjoadalsgjogv Faroe Islands cleft
Kjoadalur Faroe Islands cirque
Kjoadalur Faroe Islands valley
Kjoastadhir Iceland farm
Kjoavatn Iceland lake
Kjobelev Denmark populated place
Kjobenhavn Denmark capital of a political entity
Kjobenhavnsbay Svalbard fjord
Kjobes Vatn Norway lake
Kjobli Saeter Norway farm
Kjobmands Sand Denmark shoal
Kjobmandskjaer Norway area
Kjodapollen Norway bay
Kjode Pol Norway bay
Kjode Norway populated place
Kjodetoppen Svalbard peak
Kjoer Hill Norway hill
Kjoes Norway populated place
Kjoey Iceland island
Kjofjord Norway fjord
Kjofjorden Norway fjord
Kjoge Aa Denmark stream
Kjoge Bay Greenland bay
Kjoge Bugt Denmark bay
Kjoge Sonakke Denmark point
Kjoge Denmark populated place
Kjogg Iceland island
Kjoggur Iceland island
Kjoglene Norway rocks
Kjogo Norway island
KJOI-FM (Dinuba) United States Tower
Kjoia Norway farm
Kjoia Norway farm
Kjoivingen Norway mountain
KJOJ-FM (Freeport) United States Tower
Kjojlija Macedonia populated place
KJOK-FM (Yuma) United States Tower
KJOK-FM (Yuma) United States Tower
KJOK-FM (Yuma) United States Tower
Kjokenes Norway farms
Kjokkelvik Norway populated locality
Kjoko Norway island
Kjokoy Norway island
Kjokoya Norway island
Kjokstol Norway farm
Kjol Norway farm
KJOL-FM (Grand Junction) United States Tower
KJOL-FM (Grand Junction) United States Tower
Kjolaas Norway farm
Kjolafjellet Norway peak
Kjolastol Norway farm
Kjolberg Norway farm
Kjolberget Norway farm
Kjolberget Norway hill
Kjolbergneset Norway point
Kjolbogen Norway cove
Kjolby Denmark populated place
Kjoleholmen Norway island
Kjolen Fjeldene Norway mountains
Kjolen Norway farm
Kjolen Norway farm
Kjolen Norway farms
Kjolen Norway hill
Kjolen Norway mountain
Kjolen Norway mountains
Kjolen Norway peak
Kjolen Norway peak
Kjolen Svalbard ridge
Kjoleng Norway farm
Kjoleskarvet Norway mountain
Kjoleviga Norway cove
Kjolevik Norway cove
Kjolfjall Iceland mountain
Kjolfjeldet Norway spur
Kjolfjell Norway ridge
Kjolfjellet Norway ridge
Kjolfjellet Norway spur
Kjolfjord Norway bay
Kjolfjorden Norway fjord
Kjolgomsaetra Norway farm
Kjolgrunnan Norway rock
Kjolgrunnen Norway rock
Kjolhaug Norway populated place
Kjolhaugan Norway mountain
Kjolhaugene Norway mountain
Kjolheia Norway hill
Kjolholm Denmark island
Kjoli Grube Norway populated place
Kjolifjell Norway hill
Kjoligruben Norway populated place
Kjoligruva Norway populated place
Kjoligruve Norway populated place
Kjoljua Norway stream
Kjolle Norway farm
Kjollefjord Norway fjord
Kjollefjord Norway farms
Kjollefjord Norway populated place
Kjollefjorden Norway fjord
Kjollefjordneset Norway point
Kjollefjordneset Norway cape
Kjollergaard Denmark farm
Kjollesdal Norway church
Kjollestad Norway church
Kjollsdalen Norway church
Kjolmangen Norway marine channel
Kjolnes Norway point
Kjolnes Norway point
Kjolneset Norway peninsula
Kjolneset Norway point
Kjolneshalvoen Norway peninsula
Kjolneshalvoya Norway peninsula
Kjolpen Denmark island
Kjolsaetran Norway farm
Kjolsdal Norway church
Kjolsdalen Norway church
Kjolseng Denmark populated place
Kjolset Norway farm
Kjolsjoen Norway lake
Kjolso Norway farms
Kjolsovaer Norway islands
Kjolsoy Norway farms
Kjolsoy Norway island
Kjolsoya Norway island
Kjolssaetran Norway farm
Kjolssetrene Norway farm
Kjolstad Norway farm
Kjolstad Norway farm
Kjolstad Norway populated place
Kjolstadfjeldet Norway mountain
Kjolstadfjellet Norway mountain
Kjolstadhir Iceland abandoned farm
Kjolsvaer Norway islands
Kjolsvik Iceland farm
Kjoltan Norway populated place
Kjoltindane Norway ridge
Kjoltinderne Norway ridge
Kjolur Faroe Islands peak
Kjolur Faroe Islands upland
Kjolur Iceland hill
Kjolur Iceland mountain
Kjolur Iceland pass
Kjolur Iceland peak

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