Meeks Ranch - Meerwijk - Geographical Names, map, geographic coordinates

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Country Feature class
Meeks Ranch United States Locale
Meeks Ranch United States Locale
Meeks Reservoir Number 1 United States Reservoir
Meeks Reservoir Number 2 United States Reservoir
Meeks Reservoir United States Reservoir
Meeks Run United States Stream
Meeks School (historical) United States School
Meeks Settlement United States Populated Place
Meeks Spring United States Spring
Meeks Station (historical) United States Locale
Meeks Store United States Building
Meeks Store United States Locale
Meeks Table Natural Area United States Area
Meeks Table United States Summit
Meeks Waterhole United States Reservoir
Meeks United States Populated Place
Meeks United States Populated Place
Meeks United States Populated Place
Meeks United States Populated Place
Meeks United States Populated Place
Meeks United States Locale
Meeksi Asundus Estonia populated place
Meeksi Oja Estonia stream
Meeksi Estonia populated place
Meeksi Estonia populated place
Meeksville Volunteer Fire Department United States Building
Meeksville United States Populated Place
Meekton South Africa populated place
Meel Daaq Somalia hill
Meelaake Germany marsh
Meeladeen Somalia populated place
Meelagh Bank Ireland shoal
Meelagh River Ireland stream
Meelaherragh Ireland locality
Meelaiu Nukk Estonia point
Meelake Germany marsh
Meelberg Belgium populated place
Meelberg South Africa mountain
Meelbergsven Netherlands marsh
Meelby Denmark populated place
Meeldrum House Ireland country house
Meele Cameroon stream
Meeleebee Downs Australia farm
Meeleebee Australia farm
Meeleen Ireland locality
Meelem Nigeria populated place
Meelera Rockholes Australia rock
Meelgarrow Ireland locality
Meelick Bridge Ireland populated place
Meelick House Ireland estate
Meelick Lough Ireland lake
Meelick Ireland populated place
Meelick Ireland populated place
Meelick Ireland populated place
Meelick Ireland populated locality
Meelick Ireland populated locality
Meeliku Estonia populated place
Meelin Hill Ireland mountain
Meelin Ireland populated place
Meelina Rockhole Australia rock
Meeline Australia farm
Meeling Lesotho mission
Meelon Australia populated place
Meelpaeg Lake Canada lake
Meelse Denmark populated place
Meelse Denmark railroad stop
Meelshane Ireland populated place
Meelva Jarv Estonia lake
Meelva Soo Estonia swamp
Meelva Estonia populated place
Meelva Estonia populated place
Meelyay Spring Australia spring
Meelyong Australia hill
Meem Atoll Maldives first-order administrative division
Meem Library United States Building
Meema Sierra Leone populated place
Meemahana Colombia populated place
Meeman Journalism Building United States Building
Meeman-Shelby Forest State Park United States Park
Meemana Sri Lanka populated place
Meemaste Estonia populated place
Meeme Center Cemetery United States Cemetery
Meeme Creek United States Stream
Meeme River United States Stream
Meeme United States Populated Place
Meemering Well Australia well
Meemi Creek Australia stream
Meeminnagolla Wewa Sri Lanka reservoir
Meemortal Netherlands populated place
Meemron Indonesia populated place
Meems Bottom Covered Bridge United States Bridge
Meems Bottom United States Bend
Meems United States Populated Place
Meemtiyn Davaa Mongolia pass
Meemu Atholhu Maldives first-order administrative division
Meemu Atoll Maldives first-order administrative division
Meen Bridge Ireland populated locality
Meen Glas Halt Ireland railroad station
Meen Villu Sri Lanka marsh
Meen Yemen populated place
Meena Niger populated place
Meenaboll Hill Ireland hill
Meenabollagan Hill Ireland hill
Meenach Hollow United States Valley
Meenachallion Ireland farm
Meenachallow Ireland populated locality
Meenacharvy Hill Ireland hill
Meenachi Sri Lanka estate
Meenaclady Ireland populated place
Meenacross Ireland populated locality
Meenacross Ireland populated place
Meenacung Ireland populated locality
Meenadeeny Ireland populated place
Meenadreen Ireland spur
Meenadreen Ireland populated locality
Meenaglagh Ireland locality
Meenagolan Ireland populated place
Meenagolan Ireland populated locality
Meenagraun Lough Ireland lake
Meenagrillagh Hill Ireland hill
Meenaguse Lough Ireland lake
Meenaguse Ireland farm
Meenagushoge Hill Ireland hill
Meenahga Mountain United States Summit
Meenakshiammanpet India section of populated place
Meenalargan Hill Ireland hill
Meenalughoge Hill Ireland hill
Meenan Cemetery United States Cemetery
Meenanalbany Ireland populated locality
Meenar Hill Australia hill
Meenar Australia populated place
Meenard Mountain United Kingdom mountain
Meenardie Dam Australia water tank
Meenarra Hill Australia hill
Meenasrona Ireland populated place
Meenasrona Ireland populated locality
Meenataggart Ireland populated place
Meenatchi Kulam Sri Lanka reservoir
Meenatchipuram India railroad station
Meenatotan Ireland populated locality
Meenavally House Ireland country house
Meenavean Ireland populated locality
Meenaward Ireland populated locality
Meenawogary Ireland populated locality
Meenbannad Lough Ireland lake
Meenbannivane Ireland locality
Meenbeek Belgium stream
Meenbog Hill Ireland hill
Meencorwick Ireland populated locality
Meendarragh Ireland populated locality
Meendhony Ireland locality
Meendigi Russia populated place
Meendooish Hill Ireland hill
Meendoran Ireland populated locality
Meendurragha Ireland forest
Meene Karron Somalia populated place
Meene Netherlands populated place
Meeneen Ireland populated place
Meenen Belgium administrative division
Meenen Belgium populated place
Meenewa Sri Lanka populated place
Meenglass Halt Ireland railroad station
Meenglass Station Ireland railroad station
Meenglass Ireland estate
Meengorman Ireland locality
Meengs Canyon United States Valley
Meengs Spring United States Spring
Meeni Romania populated place
Meenii Romania populated place
Meenikunnu Soo Estonia swamp
Meenindunya Australia waterhole
Meeninta Creek Australia stream
Meeniray Hill Ireland hill
Meenita Creek Australia stream
Meeniyan Australia populated place
Meenk Netherlands estate
Meenkeeragh Hill Ireland hill
Meenkeeragh Ireland hill
Meenkeeragh Ireland populated locality
Meenkeragh Hill Ireland hill
Meenkilly Ireland populated place
Meenlaragh Ireland populated place
Meenlecknalore Lough Ireland lake
Meenmore Ireland populated place
Meennahorna Ireland populated place
Meennaraha Ireland populated locality
Meennaraheeny Ireland locality
Meenodaikaddu Sri Lanka populated place
Meenon Townhall United States Building
Meens Ireland populated place
Meens Ireland locality
Meenschar Netherlands locality
Meensel Belgium populated place
Meensel-Kieseghem Belgium populated place
Meensel-Kiezegem Belgium administrative division
Meensel-Kiezegem Belgium populated place
Meenselbeek Belgium stream
Meensen Germany populated place
Meentebrug Netherlands bridge
Meentenstrom Germany stream
Meenteog Ireland mountain
Meentheena Australia farm
Meentinny Ireland locality
Meents Dam United States Dam
Meents Reservoir United States Reservoir
Meentullynagarn Bridge Ireland populated locality
Meentullynagarn Ireland populated locality
Meentzen Gulch United States Valley
Meenvline South Ireland locality
Meenwen Baai Indonesia bay
Meenyanly Ireland locality
Meenybraddan Ireland populated locality
Meenychanon Ireland populated locality
Meenymore Ireland populated locality
Meenyollan Ireland populated locality
Meepa River Papua New Guinea stream
Meepa Wewa Sri Lanka reservoir
Meepawala Sri Lanka populated place
Meepawela Sri Lanka populated place
Meepe Sri Lanka populated place
Meepilawa Sri Lanka estate
Meepitiya Sri Lanka section of estate
Meepitiya Sri Lanka coconut grove
Meepitiya Sri Lanka populated place
Meepitiya Sri Lanka populated place
Meequia Mozambique populated place
Meer Aland Germany farm
Meer Bach Germany stream
Meer Dam United States Dam
Meer en See South Africa section of populated place
Meer Kraal South Africa farm
Meer Leopold II Congo, Democratic Republic of the lake
Meer Ranch United States Locale
Meer Reservoir United States Reservoir
Meer Semajang Indonesia lake
Meer Silondo Mozambique lake
Meer Silondo South Africa lake
Meer Tolire dajaha Indonesia lake
Meer van Boeliling Indonesia lake
Meer van Danau Indonesia lake
Meer van Genval Belgium pond
Meer van Horoehiaha Indonesia lake
Meer van Kerintji Indonesia lake
Meer van Limbato Indonesia lake
Meer van Manindjau Indonesia lake
Meer Van Moeat Indonesia lake
Meer van Sidenreng Indonesia lake
Meer van Singkarak Indonesia lake
Meer van Tondano Indonesia lake
Meer Zorgen Guyana estate
Meer Belgium administrative division
Meer Belgium populated place
Meer Belgium populated place
Meer Belgium populated place
Meer Belgium populated place
Meer Belgium populated place
Meer Belgium populated place
Meer Belgium populated place
Meer Federated States of Micronesia locality
Meer Germany populated place
Meer Germany populated place
Meer Netherlands populated place
Meer Netherlands populated place
Meer Netherlands populated place
Meer Netherlands populated place
Meer United States Populated Place
Meer-Berg Germany hill
Meer-Graben Germany ditch
Meera Village Sri Lanka populated place
Meerabundy Pool Australia pool
Meeragoolia Australia farm
Meeragoring Australia hill
Meeragul Rockhole Australia rock
Meerah North Australia populated place
Meerakele Sri Lanka estate
Meerakelle Sri Lanka estate
Meerakkapannai Sri Lanka populated place
Meeran Sri Lanka oil palm plantation
Meerandaganna Pool Australia pool
Meerane Germany populated place
Meeranga Ela Sri Lanka stream
Meerapalu Soo Estonia marsh
Meerapalu Estonia populated place
Meerauge Austria pond
Meerawa Australia populated place
Meerawanna Well Australia well
Meerbach Germany ditch
Meerbach Germany stream
Meerbach Germany stream
Meerbach Germany stream
Meerbach Germany stream
Meerbeck Germany populated place
Meerbeck Germany populated place
Meerbeek Belgium administrative division
Meerbeek Belgium populated place
Meerbeek Belgium stream
Meerbeekhof Belgium farm
Meerbeeksche Hoek Belgium populated place
Meerbeeksehoek Belgium populated place
Meerbeke Belgium administrative division
Meerbeke Belgium populated place
Meerbeke Belgium populated place
Meerberg Belgium populated place
Meerberg Germany farm
Meerbodenreuth Germany populated place
Meerboom Namibia farmstead
Meerbrauck Germany farm
Meerbrook United Kingdom populated place
Meerbruch Germany marsh
Meerbruchswiesen Germany grazing area
Meerburgerwatering Netherlands canal
Meerburgerwetering Netherlands canal
Meerburgse Wetering Netherlands canal
Meerbusch Germany forest
Meerbusch Germany populated place
Meerdaalbos Belgium forest
Meerdamsloot Belgium ditch
Meerdegat Belgium populated place
Meerder Wyk South Africa farm
Meerdere Zorg French Polynesia atoll
Meerderwyk South Africa farm
Meerdink Netherlands estate
Meerdonck Belgium populated place
Meerdonk Belgium administrative division
Meerdonk Belgium populated place
Meerdorf Germany populated place
Meerdorf Germany populated place
Meerdorfer Holz Germany forest
Meerdorp Belgium populated place
Meere Belgium populated place
Meereek Australia populated place
Meereka School Zambia school
Meeren Belgium populated place
Meeren Belgium populated place
Meeren Belgium populated place
Meeren Netherlands populated place
Meerenbroek Netherlands populated place
Meerendal South Africa farmstead
Meerendre Belgium administrative division
Meerendre Belgium populated place
Meerenge von Domesnas Estonia strait
Meerenhoek Belgium populated place
Meerestein Netherlands section of populated place
Meerey Benle Somalia hill
Meerfeld Germany populated place
Meerfelder Maar Germany lake
Meergoon Australia hill
Meergoor Belgium marsh
Meergraaf Netherlands canal
Meerhaagbeek Belgium stream
Meerhausen Germany populated place
Meerhem Belgium populated place
Meerheuvel Belgium populated place
Meerhoef Belgium farm
Meerhoek Belgium populated place
Meerhoeve Belgium farm
Meerhoeven Belgium populated place
Meerhof Germany farm
Meerhof Germany populated place
Meerhof Germany populated place
Meerhof South Africa railroad station
Meerhofkasteel South Africa farmstead
Meerholskop South Africa farm
Meerholtzkop South Africa hill
Meerholz Germany populated place
Meerholzer Heiligenkopf Germany hill
Meerhout Belgium administrative division
Meerhout Belgium populated place
Meerhout Belgium populated place
Meerhoutdries Belgium populated place
Meerhoutdriesch Belgium populated place
Meerhoute Belgium populated place
Meerhoutstraat Belgium populated place
Meerhusener Moor Germany moor
Meeri Asundus Estonia populated place
Meeri Estonia populated place
Meeri Somalia locality
Meeria Cotta Sri Lanka estate
Meeriabedde Sri Lanka estate
Meeriatenne Sri Lanka estate
Meerie Waterhole Australia waterhole
Meerigee Well Australia well
Meerigeliya Sri Lanka section of estate
Meerimulla Sri Lanka populated place
Meering Australia populated place
Meerkanal Germany canal
Meerkat Namibia farmstead
Meerkerk Netherlands populated place
Meerkirchen Germany populated place
Meerklebee Hill Australia hill
Meerkoetentocht Netherlands canal
Meerkolk Germany swamp
Meerlaan Belgium populated place
Meerlaanstraat Belgium populated place
Meerlaar Belgium populated place
Meerlaer Belgium populated place
Meerland Netherlands populated place
Meerlandskop South Africa hill
Meerlandsvalley South Africa farm
Meerlandswatering Netherlands canal
Meerle Belgium administrative division
Meerle Belgium populated place
Meerlebroek Netherlands populated place
Meerlenest Belgium populated place
Meerlenhof Belgium farm
Meerlennest Belgium populated place
Meerlieu Australia populated place
Meerlo Netherlands populated place
Meerloo Netherlands populated place
Meerlus Noord South Africa farmstead
Meerlus Suid South Africa farmstead
Meerlus Namibia farmstead
Meerlus South Africa farmstead
Meerlus South Africa populated place
Meerlus South Africa populated place
Meerluskloof South Africa ravine
Meerlust A South Africa farm
Meerlust Forest Reserve South Africa forest reserve
Meerlust Noord South Africa farm
Meerlust South Africa farm
Meerlust South Africa farm
Meerlust South Africa farm
Meerlust South Africa farm
Meerlust South Africa farmstead
Meerlust South Africa farmstead
Meermaul Australia populated place
Meern Netherlands populated place
Meernach Germany populated place
Meerpoort Namibia farmstead
Meers Cemetery United States Cemetery
Meers Lake Dam United States Dam
Meers Lake United States Reservoir
Meers Post Office (historical) United States Post Office
Meers Netherlands populated place
Meers United States Populated Place
Meersbeek Belgium stream
Meersburg Germany populated place
Meerschaum Canyon United States Valley
Meerschaum Mine Tanzania mine
Meerschaum Mine United States Mine
Meerschaum Spring United States Spring
Meerschaum Tank United States Reservoir
Meerschaum Vale Australia populated place
Meersche Duinen Netherlands dune
Meersche Belgium populated place
Meerschen Belgium populated place
Meerschkant Belgium populated place
Meerschkant Belgium populated place
Meerschkant Belgium populated place
Meerschstraat Belgium populated place
Meerschvoorde Belgium populated place
Meerse Belgium populated place
Meersel Belgium populated place
Meerselo Netherlands populated place
Meersen Belgium populated place
Meersen Netherlands populated place
Meersenhof Netherlands estate
Meersenhoven Belgium populated place
Meershem Belgium populated place
Meershoven Belgium populated place
Meersig Plantasie South Africa forest reserve
Meersig Plantation South Africa forest reserve
Meersig Namibia populated place
Meersig South Africa railroad siding
Meersiraat Belgium populated place
Meerskant Belgium populated place
Meerskant Belgium populated place
Meerskant Belgium populated place
Meerssen Netherlands populated place
Meerssenhove Netherlands estate
Meersstraat Belgium populated place
Meerstraat Belgium populated place
Meerstraat Belgium populated place
Meerstraat Belgium populated place
Meerstraat Belgium populated place
Meerstraat Belgium populated place
Meerstraet Belgium populated place
Meersvoorde Belgium populated place
Meerswinden Germany populated place
Meerten Netherlands populated place
Meertenwei Netherlands populated place
Meeru-am South Korea rock
Meerup Dunes Australia dune
Meerup River Australia stream
Meeruse Sadam Estonia harbor
Meerut City India populated place
Meerut District India second-order administrative division
Meerut India second-order administrative division
Meerut India populated place
Meerutabad Pakistan populated place
Meerveld Netherlands populated place
Meervelderbosch Netherlands forest
Meerveldhoven Netherlands section of populated place
Meerven Netherlands locality
Meerven Netherlands populated place
Meervlakte Indonesia plain
Meerwasser Germany canalized stream
Meerwater South Africa farmstead
Meerwijk Netherlands canal
Meerwijk Netherlands populated place

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