Mtonya - Mtzkhet - Geographical Names, map, geographic coordinates

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Country Feature class
Mtonya Malawi populated place
Mtonya Tanzania populated place
Mtonya Tanzania stream
Mtonya Zambia populated place
Mtonyi Kenya pond
Mtonza Malawi populated place
Mtoo Malawi populated place
Mtopa Zambia populated place
Mtopa Zambia populated place
Mtopa Zambia stream
Mtopesi Tanzania stream
Mtopkwe Zimbabwe hill
Mtopwa Tanzania populated place
Mtora Zambia stream
Mtora Zimbabwe stream
Mtora Zimbabwe stream
Mtoradundu Zimbabwe stream
Mtoragundu River Zimbabwe stream
Mtorahuku Zimbabwe stream
Mtorashanga Pass Zimbabwe pass
Mtorashanga River Zimbabwe stream
Mtorashangu Zimbabwe populated place
Mtorazeni Zimbabwe farm
Mtoririro Zimbabwe stream
Mtoro Division Zimbabwe agricultural colony
Mtoro Intensive Conservation Area Zimbabwe area
Mtoro Purchase Land Zimbabwe agricultural colony
Mtoro River Tanzania stream
Mtoro River Zimbabwe stream
Mtoro Zimbabwe mountain
Mtoro Zimbabwe stream
Mtorogundu Zimbabwe stream
Mtorohuku River Zimbabwe stream
Mtoromanzi Zimbabwe stream
Mtoroshanga Pass Zimbabwe pass
Mtoroshanga River Zimbabwe stream
Mtoroshanga Zimbabwe populated place
Mtoroshangu Zimbabwe pass
Mtoroshangu Zimbabwe stream
Mtorowoshi River Zimbabwe stream
Mtorozaka River Zimbabwe stream
Mtorozana River Zimbabwe stream
Mtorra Mozambique stream
Mtorwi Tanzania mountain
Mtoser Tanzania stream
Mtoshwe Zimbabwe stream
Mtosi River Tanzania stream
Mtosi Malawi stream
Mtosi Tanzania populated place
Mtoso Malawi populated place
Mtotchovu Sisal Estate Tanzania estate
Mtoti South Africa lake
Mtoti South Africa stream
Mtoto Island Tanzania island
Mtoto Islets Tanzania island
Mtoto Equatorial Guinea stream
Mtoto Malawi stream
Mtotoana Mozambique stream
Mtotosha Kop Swaziland mountain
Mtotsa Malawi populated place
Mtotwe Zimbabwe farm
Mtouda Morocco populated place
Mtoudda Morocco populated place
Mtouga Morocco populated place
Mtouga Morocco tribal area
Mtougga Morocco populated place
Mtougui Morocco populated place
Mtoukoumbou Congo, Republic of the stream
Mtount George Cemetery United States Cemetery
Mtovelisusi Tanzania populated place
Mtowa Pemba Kenya stream
Mtowa Stream Malawi stream
Mtowa Zimbabwe hill
Mtowabaga Tanzania populated place
Mtowamawe Kenya stream
Mtowani Zimbabwe hill
Mtowe Zambia populated place
Mtowe Zambia populated place
Mtowe Zambia populated place
Mtowe Zimbabwe mountain
Mtowe Zimbabwe mountain
Mtowenda Zimbabwe stream
Mtowi Zambia hill
Mtowosi Wa Chewa Zambia stream
Mtowosi Wa Senga Zambia stream
Mtoya Zambia stream
Mtozelo South Africa populated place
Mtozi Tanzania stream
Mtpwazi Zambia stream
Mtreoua Mauritania well
Mtreouakh Mauritania well
Mtreouakh Mauritania escarpment
Mtrhoulest Morocco populated place
Mtrouni Comoros intermittent stream
Mts'khet'a Georgia populated place
Mts'khet'is Raioni Georgia second-order administrative division
Mts. Wuling China mountains
Mtsa Nigeria populated place
Mtsaga Georgia stream
Mtsaga Georgia stream
Mtsahara Mayotte populated place
Mtsamboro Mayotte populated place
Mtsamdou Comoros populated place
Mtsamgamouji Mayotte populated place
Mtsamika Tembe Malawi mountain
Mtsamika Tembe Mozambique mountain
Mtsanga Achimatso Mayotte beach
Mtsanga Antakoudja Mayotte beach
Mtsanga Apondra Mayotte beach
Mtsanga Bamana Mayotte beach
Mtsanga Boundrouni Mayotte beach
Mtsanga Chanfi Mayotte beach
Mtsanga Chifouni Mayotte beach
Mtsanga Dindioni Mayotte shoal
Mtsanga Dzienguizi Mayotte beach
Mtsanga Fanou Mayotte beach
Mtsanga Foumbouni Mayotte beach
Mtsanga Foumbouni Mayotte beach
Mtsanga Gouela Mayotte beach
Mtsanga Guini Mayotte beach
Mtsanga Hadsale Mayotte beach
Mtsanga Iloni Mayotte beach
Mtsanga Jiva Mayotte beach
Mtsanga Kanoua Mayotte beach
Mtsanga Kolo Batsoumou Mayotte pass
Mtsanga Kombo Bato Mayotte pass
Mtsanga Maji Mayotte shoal
Mtsanga Makoulatsa Mayotte beach
Mtsanga Mboueanatsa Mayotte beach
Mtsanga Milouani Mayotte beach
Mtsanga Mlima Mayotte beach
Mtsanga Momoni Mayotte beach
Mtsanga Moudou Mayotte beach
Mtsanga Mounyambani Mayotte beach
Mtsanga Mtiti Mayotte beach
Mtsanga Mtiti Mayotte beach
Mtsanga Mtsanyounyi Mayotte beach
Mtsanga Nyamba Mayotte beach
Mtsanga Safari Mayotte beach
Mtsanga Sakouli Mayotte beach
Mtsanga Sazile Mayotte beach
Mtsanga Tanaraki Mayotte beach
Mtsanga Tsoha Mayotte beach
Mtsanga Tsohole Mayotte island
Mtsangachehi Mayotte populated place
Mtsangadoua Mayotte populated place
Mtsangamboua Mayotte populated place
Mtsangamleni Comoros populated place
Mtsangamouthoum Comoros locality
Mtsangani Sima Comoros beach
Mtsangatifu Kenya area
Mtsangatifu Kenya area
Mtsangatifu Kenya populated place
Mtsangoni Comoros intermittent stream
Mtsanyounyi Mayotte coast
Mtsaoueni Comoros populated place
Mtsapere Mayotte section of populated place
Mtsapuni Kenya stream
Mtsara Tsatsu Sub-Location Kenya administrative division
Mtsara Georgia populated place
Mtsara Georgia stream
Mtsari-Tskali Georgia intermittent stream
Mtsatsavi Tanzania stream
Mtsatsawi Tanzania stream
Mtsekese Malawi populated place
Mtseko South Africa stream
Mtsenen Nigeria populated place
Mtsenga Nigeria populated place
Mtsengo Kenya area
Mtsengo Kenya facility center
Mtsense Zambia mountain
Mtsensk Russia populated place
Mtsenskiy Rayon Russia third-order administrative division
Mtseukar Cameroon populated place
Mtshaba South Africa intermittent stream
Mtshabatishi River Zimbabwe stream
Mtshabe South Africa populated place
Mtshabezi Mission Zimbabwe mission
Mtshabezi Zimbabwe stream
Mtshampupu South Africa stream
Mtshane School Zimbabwe school
Mtshane Zimbabwe stream
Mtshanganeni South Africa farmstead
Mtshangani Borehole Zimbabwe well
Mtshanyana South Africa populated place
Mtshanyane South Africa stream
Mtshawu South Africa reservoir
Mtshawu South Africa intermittent stream
Mtshayeleni South Africa populated place
Mtshayeli Zimbabwe populated place
Mtshayelo Ridge South Africa hills
Mtshazi South Africa populated place
Mtshazi South Africa stream
Mtshegwa Zimbabwe stream
Mtshekelweni South Africa populated place
Mtshekelweni South Africa populated place
Mtsheko South Africa populated place
Mtsheleli Dam Zimbabwe reservoir
Mtsheleli Zimbabwe stream
Mtshezana River South Africa stream
Mtshezana South Africa stream
Mtshezana South Africa stream
Mtshezu Zimbabwe stream
Mtshibixini River Zimbabwe stream
Mtshibizini Zimbabwe stream
Mtshilishokwe Zimbabwe school
Mtshilwana South Africa hill
Mtshilwane South Africa hill
Mtshilwane South Africa hill
Mtshingwe Zimbabwe stream
Mtshingwizi Zimbabwe stream
Mtshini Zimbabwe stream
Mtshinyiri Tanzania stream
Mtshopi South Africa camp
Mtshowe River Zimbabwe stream
Mtshowe Zimbabwe stream
Mtshozi South Africa populated place
Mtshulu South Africa intermittent stream
Mtshumayei Store Zimbabwe storehouse
Mtshuni River Zimbabwe stream
Mtshwege Tanzania stream
Mtsidziri Georgia populated place
Mtsika River Zimbabwe stream
Mtsike Zimbabwe farms
Mtsike Zimbabwe stream
Mtsila South Africa populated place
Mtsila South Africa stream
Mtsilo Malawi populated place
Mtsilo Malawi populated place
Mtsimane South Africa pan
Mtsindo Malawi populated place
Mtsindo Malawi populated place
Mtsit'urebi Georgia populated place
Mtsitsi Zimbabwe hill
Mtsizambe Comoros hill
Mtskhera Georgia populated place
Mtskheta-Mtianeti Georgia first-order administrative division
Mtskhetskiy Rayon Georgia second-order administrative division
Mtsnumayeli Store Zimbabwe storehouse
Mtsoli South Africa stream
Mtsotso South Africa railroad station
Mtsra Georgia stream
Mtsrar Cameroon populated place
Mtsrar Cameroon populated place
Mtsrar Cameroon populated place
Mtsuka Mthanga Malawi stream
Mtsuku Zambia stream
Mtsuli Zimbabwe populated place
Mtsvane Konts'khi Georgia populated place
Mtsvane Konts'khi Georgia point
Mtswayro Zimbabwe stream
Mtswenem Nigeria populated place
Mtswenen Nigeria populated place
Mtu Mkavu Tanzania hill
Mtu Cameroon stream
Mtu Nigeria populated place
Mtua River Tanzania stream
Mtua Tanzania populated place
Mtua Tanzania populated place
Mtuba Ridge South Africa populated place
Mtuba South Africa airfield
Mtuba South Africa intermittent stream
Mtuba Tanzania populated place
Mtubatuba South Africa airfield
Mtubatuba South Africa populated place
Mtubatuba South Africa railroad station
Mtuce Mozambique stream
Mtuchi Mozambique stream
Mtufaani Tanzania populated place
Mtuga Zambia mine
Mtuga Zambia populated place
Mtuguwe South Africa mission
Mtuha Tanzania stream
Mtuka Tanzania stream
Mtukano Tanzania stream
Mtukavana Zimbabwe hill
Mtukazi South Africa populated place
Mtuku Zambia stream
Mtukukazi South Africa populated place
Mtukula Tanzania populated place
Mtukula Tanzania populated place
Mtukulo Zambia populated place
Mtukwa Range Zimbabwe mountains
Mtukwa Zimbabwe mountain
Mtukwana Zimbabwe mountain
Mtulamira Zambia populated place
Mtulanjiwa Tanzania populated place
Mtulima Zambia populated place
Mtulishya Zambia populated place
Mtullah Lebanon populated place
Mtulu Stream Malawi stream
Mtulu Kenya area
Mtulu Kenya populated place
Mtulu Kenya stream
Mtululwe Zambia stream
Mtulwa South Africa populated place
Mtulwa Zambia populated place
Mtumago Tanzania populated place
Mtumanje Village Malawi populated place
Mtumasi South Africa populated place
Mtumasi South Africa stream
Mtumba Malawi stream
Mtumba Zambia populated place
Mtumba Zambia stream
Mtumbane South Africa populated place
Mtumbatu Tanzania hill
Mtumbe Tanzania stream
Mtumbei River Tanzania stream
Mtumbi Forest Reserve Tanzania forest reserve
Mtumbi Mozambique populated place
Mtumbi Zambia hills
Mtumbu Tanzania populated place
Mtumbula Malawi populated place
Mtumbwani Tanzania populated place
Mtumbya Tanzania populated place
Mtumpa Zambia populated place
Mtumvane South Africa farmstead
Mtumwa Kenya area
Mtuna Zimbabwe farm
Mtunda Malawi populated place
Mtunda Tanzania populated place
Mtundia Kenya storehouse
Mtundu River Tanzania stream
Mtundu Malawi populated place
Mtundu Malawi populated place
Mtundu Malawi populated place
Mtundua Tanzania populated place
Mtunduma Zimbabwe stream
Mtunga Malawi populated place
Mtunga Malawi populated place
Mtungi Dam Zimbabwe reservoir
Mtungi Kenya populated place
Mtungi Tanzania populated place
Mtungoni Kenya hill
Mtungu Tanzania populated place
Mtungui Kenya area
Mtungumula Mozambique populated place
Mtunguni Zimbabwe stream
Mtungurgwe Mozambique hill
Mtunguru Forest Reserve Tanzania forest reserve
Mtunguru Tanzania populated place
Mtungwa River South Africa stream
Mtungwa South Africa stream
Mtungwane South Africa stream
Mtungwe Pan Zimbabwe pan
Mtungwe Tanzania hill
Mtungweni South Africa farmstead
Mtungwi Tanzania hill
Mtunjwayo South Africa intermittent stream
Mtunka Zambia populated place
Mtunsia Zambia populated place
Mtunsya Zambia populated place
Mtuntula Malawi populated place
Mtunu Bay Malawi bay
Mtunye School Zambia school
Mtunzi Malawi populated place
Mtunzi South Africa farmstead
Mtunzi South Africa mountain
Mtunzini Plantation South Africa estate
Mtunzini South Africa airfield
Mtunzini South Africa hill
Mtunzini South Africa populated place
Mtunzini South Africa railroad station
Mtuozekwe Zimbabwe farm
Mtupa Malawi populated place
Mtupa Mozambique populated place
Mtupa Zambia populated place
Mtupanyama Zambia populated place
Mtupe Mozambique populated place
Mtupi Mozambique hill
Mtupo Zambia populated place
Mtupuku Zambia mountain
Mtupwi Zimbabwe hill
Mturo Tanzania stream
Mturuka Zambia populated place
Mturulaizi Zambia populated place
Mtusani Nguruwe Malawi populated place
Mtusi Hill Malawi hill
Mtusia Zambia populated place
Mtusia Zambia populated place
Mtuta Stream Malawi stream
Mtuta Malawi populated place
Mtuta Zambia populated place
Mtutavana Zimbabwe hill
Mtute Zimbabwe stream
Mtutu Indonesia populated place
Mtutuce Mozambique intermittent stream
Mtuvi South Africa stream
Mtuwa Malawi populated place
Mtuwa Zimbabwe hill
Mtuwasomba Malawi stream
Mtuzi Malawi populated place
Mtuzukwe Zimbabwe hill
Mtuzwegwe River Zimbabwe stream
Mtwadiana South Africa farmstead
Mtwadlana South Africa farmstead
Mtwadlana South Africa mountain
Mtwaku South Africa locality
Mtwaku South Africa locality
Mtwaku South Africa populated place
Mtwaku South Africa populated place
Mtwaku South Africa populated place
Mtwaku South Africa populated place
Mtwaku South Africa populated locality
Mtwaku South Africa stream
Mtwal South Africa stream
Mtwalo School Zambia school
Mtwalo Malawi populated place
Mtwalu Zambia populated place
Mtwalume Falls South Africa waterfall
Mtwalume River South Africa stream
Mtwalume South Africa mission
Mtwalume South Africa populated place
Mtwalume South Africa stream
Mtwana Hill South Africa mountain
Mtwana Kenya stream
Mtwana Tanzania shoal
Mtwango Tanzania populated place
Mtwangu Tanzania hill
Mtwanya Tanzania populated place
Mtwapa Creek Kenya tidal creek
Mtwapa Location Kenya administrative division
Mtwapa Sub-Location Kenya administrative division
Mtwapa Kenya market
Mtwara Bay Tanzania bay
Mtwara District Tanzania second-order administrative division
Mtwara Harbor Tanzania bay
Mtwara Region Tanzania first-order administrative division
Mtwara Tanzania seat of a first-order administrative division
Mtwaro Tanzania populated place
Mtwasa Zambia stream
Mtwendwe River South Africa stream
Mtweni South Africa hill
Mtweni South Africa mission
Mtwezulu Malawi peak
Mtwice Malawi populated place
Mtwikwa Tanzania populated place
Mtwitwi Malawi stream
Mtxeleleme Mozambique intermittent stream
Mtxerera Mozambique stream
Mtyangimbori Tanzania populated place
Mtyintyin South Africa populated place
Mtyintyini South Africa populated place
Mtyntyni South Africa populated place
Mtyola Zambia populated place
Mtyolo South Africa locality
Mtyolo South Africa populated locality
Mtyu South Africa populated place
Mtzamboro Comoros populated place
Mtzkhet Georgia populated place

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