Ai en Nocc - Aiun el Atruss: Mauritania

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Feature class
Ai en Nocc locality
Aicha Deira hills
Aicha Dhrira hills
'Aicha Dkhira hills
Aicha Dkira hills
Aid Gueguine intermittent stream
Aid Kerzine mesa
Aidchiguiten hill
Aidessa well
Aidgati hills
Aidiat el Gran butte
Aidiat el Grane butte
Aidiat el Hasi rocks
Aidiat el Hassi rocks
Aidiat Souid Ahmed escarpment
Aidiat Swid Ahmed escarpment
Aidiat dune
Aidiat wadi
Aidiate le Gra butte
Aidiate rocks
Aidou populated place
Aidou well
Aidyata rocks
Aiglon dune
Aiguille de Mzarellit rock
Aime Msira populated place
Aime Msirate populated place
Aimore populated place
Aimou wells
'Ain Agoueifa depression
Ain Agweifa depression
'Ain Ahel Ahmed Taleb well
`Ain Ahel Ahmeida well
Ain Aleyat spring
'Ain Aliyat spring
'Ain Amoura spring
Ain Amouraie spring
'Ain Amoure spring
Ain Ascaf wadi
'Ain Askaf wadi
'Ain Athil spring
'Ain Bagra spring
'Ain Bajed well
'Ain Bammeire spring
'Ain Bamoire spring
Ain Bamoyre spring
'Ain Ben Tili populated place
'Ain Ben Tili spring
'Ain Beniamek well
Ain Bentilli populated place
Ain Benyamek well
'Ain Berele well
'Ain Bire spring
'Ain Bire populated place
Ain Bolla well
'Ain Bolle well
'Ain Bou Znat well
'Ain Boubat well
Ain Bougnante well
Ain Bougnate well
'Ain Brahim water hole
'Ain Ch'eibe well
'Ain Chaibe well
Ain Chouamat spring
Ain Dakhna wells
'Ain Dekhna wells
Ain Doihna wells
Ain Dorhna wells
'Ain Drein well
'Ain ec Cafia dune
'Ain eç Çefra well
`Ain ed Dakhna wells
`Ain el `Ogda well
`Ain el Afiya well
Ain el Altrous well
'Ain el Ba'ir ridge
'Ain el Ba'ir well
'Ain el Baraka well
Ain el Barke well
'Ain el Baroud depression
'Ain el Beda well
`Ain el Beda well
Ain el Beir ridge
Ain el Beir well
Ain el Bel well
'Ain el Berbara spring
'Ain el Berbera spring
'Ain el Boue Boue depression
'Ain el Etel locality
'Ain el Feth spring
'Ain el Gouareb dune
`Ain el Houmar well
'Ain el Khadra well
`Ain el Leba well
`Ain el Makhloul well
`Ain el Makhloul well
'Ain el Mjeifla well
'Ain el Mkheichba well
Ain el Ouaghef well
'Ain en Noucc locality
'Ain en Nouss locality
`Ain er Rbi` well
'Ain es Safia dune
Ain es Salama well
'Ain Fafara well
Ain Faraoua well
'Ain Farfara well
Ain Faroua well
Ain Freoua well
'Ain Gansai well
Ain Grair water hole
'Ain Iguetti spring
'Ain Jemjiya well
`Ain Lemine well
'Ain Libbe spring
'Ain Markouba interdune trough
Ain Maza well
'Ain Mejbour wadi
'Ain Metalgat well
'Ain Mkhechba well
'Ain Na'am spring
'Ain Naga well
Ain Nahma spring
Ain Nahme spring
Ain Nam spring
Ain Oued Sendiin well
'Ain Oumariat interdune trough
'Ain Oumm Kteyyeb dune
`Ain Ourane well
'Ain Rhairene well
Ain Saada well
Ain Safra well
'Ain Salamah well
'Ain Sder area
'Ain Sefra well
'Ain Semsiyya well
'Ain Tais populated place
Ain Taiss populated place
'Ain Tamassoumit well
Ain Tarfa spring
'Ain Tarfai spring
'Ain Tass populated place
'Ain Telamid well
Ain Telamida well
'Ain Tenchmat well
'Ain Teniazrag spring
Ain Tiniez spring
'Ain Zemlet el Mzeirif well
'Ain Zemlet Mzarif well
Aine Semsiya well
Aine Tenyazrag spring
Aioum Abd el Malek spring
Aioun Berbara spring
Aioun Berbere spring
Aioun el Atrouss seat of a first-order administrative division
Aioun el Atrouss well
Aioun el Kohol well
Aioun Inbarke well
Aioun Koheul well
Aioun Lanesch marsh
Aioun Lanesh marsh
Aioun Latrouss well
Aioun Legbar spring
Aioun Moukreiate spring
Aioun Nbarke well
Aioun Oudou Chedate well
Aioun Oummou Kreiat spring
Aioun Oumou Kreiat spring
Aioun Taleb Kheya spring
Aioun Taleb Raya spring
Aioun Taleb Reyar spring
Aioun Tilbarke well
Aioun Tilbarke well
Aioun Tiouline Gakou well
Aiounet Moutouize hills
Aiounet Zbil cliff
Aire Dakle hill
Aire Dolol Sue escarpment
Aire Fout Fout mesa
Aire Garofogora plateau
Aire Koro mesa
Aire Kote mesa
Aire Lefkharine mesa
Aire Seounde mesa
Aire Tarhade mesa
Aire Trel mesa
Aissa hills
Ait Zidine hill
Ait Zigli hill
Ait Zioli hill
Aitchiguitene hill
Aiun el Atruss well

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