Hebte Boro Hohoiin Tal - Hevtee Lamin Aarag: Mongolia

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Feature class
Hebte Boro Hohoiin Tal area
Hebte Boro Hohoiin Tala area
Hebte Boro Nohoiin Tal area
Hebteluy Sume populated place
Hebteluy populated place
Heereiin Nuur lake
Heeteyn Gol stream
Hegsu Uul mountain
Hei-la-kan-t'e-t'ao-le-kai mountain
Hei-la-yin-ha-erh-t'ao-le-kai hill
Hei-lin-ch'a-kan-t'ao-le-kai hill
Hei-lin-huo-pu-erh-ao-pao hill
Hei-shih Shan mountain
Heishi Shan mountain
Helhee Nuur lake
Hemhereg Uula mountain
Heng-ka-t'ao-le-kai mountain
Henity first-order administrative division
Hentey Aymag first-order administrative division
Hentey Haan Nuruu mountains
Hentey han uula mountains
Hentey Nuruu mountains
Hentey Suma populated place
Hentey sumu populated place
Hentey populated place
Henteyn Nuruu mountains
Henteyskiy Aymag first-order administrative division
Hentiy Aymag first-order administrative division
Hentiy Han mountains
Hentiy Nuur lake
Hentiy populated place
Hentiy first-order administrative division
Hentiyn Dzahin Uuls mountains
Hentiyn Nuruu mountains
Hercheegiyn Buural Ovoo cairn
Heree Nuruu mountains
Heree Ovoo cairn
Hereheiin Dugang populated place
Hereheiin-Dugan populated place
Herelen seat of a first-order administrative division
Hereleng Dugang populated place
Herelengiin Den populated place
Herelengiin Deng Ortoo populated place
Heremiin Arshaan Hudag well
Heremiin Arshaan well
Heremiin Hudag well
Heremlig Gol stream
Heremte Hudag well
Heremte Nuur lake
Heremtiyn Guu ravine
Heremtiyn Hooloy plain
Herese Hudag well
Heresetey stream
Heriyn Gol stream
Herlen Dugan populated place
Herlen populated place
Herlenbayan populated place
Herlenbayan-Ulaan populated place
Herlengiyn Hoyt Tal plain
Herlengiyn Hoyt Tald plain
Hersengiin Hudag well
Hersteyn Dzuun Hyar hill
Het Shorvog Nuur lake
Hetseegiin Hiid populated place
Hetsuu Hotoliyn Nuruu mountains
Hetsuu Uula mountain
Hevtee Huren slope
Hevtee Hureniy Govi desert
Hevtee Lamin Aarag valley

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