Fraamklap - Frytum: Netherlands

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Feature class
Fraamklap populated place
Fraeijlemaborg castle
Fraeylema-Molen mill
Fraeylemaborg castle
Franciscushoeve farm
Franeker populated place
Franekergat shoal
Franekervaart canal
Franekerzeilvaart canal
Frankhuis populated place
Frankrijk populated place
Frans mill
Fransche Bankje shoal
Fransche Berg hill
Fransche Gaatje marine channel
Franse Berg hill
Franse Hoef populated place
Fransegat section of populated place
Fransum populated place
Fransumerpolder polder
Fransumertocht canal
Fransumervoorwerk populated place
Fransummervoorwerk populated place
Fraterwaard locality
Fredericapolder polder
Frederikahoeve farm
Frederiksoord populated place
Frederikspolder polder
Frederiksveld park
Friehoeve farm
Friens populated place
Friesche Gat marine channel
Friesche Veen lake
Friesche Veld heath
Friesche Vlaak shoal
Friesche Wad tidal flat
Friesche Wadden tidal flat
Friesche Zeegat marine channel
Friescheloo populated place
Frieschepalen populated place
Frieschepalenvaart canal
Friese Eilanden islands
Friese Hoek point
Friese Sluis lock
Friese Wad tidal flat
Friesian Islands islands
Friesische Inseln islands
Frieswijk populated place
Friezenberg hill
Friezenwijk populated place
Frijtumertocht canal
Frik populated place
Frisburen locality
Frisian Islands islands
Frisian Islands islands
Frisian Islands islands
Fromberg populated place
Frontrotsbeek stream
Froombosch populated place
Froskepolle island
Frymersonshof estate
Frytum populated place

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