Draberg - Dryppingskallen: Norway

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Feature class
Draberg point
Drablos farm
Draegebo farms
Draegebonipa peak
Draegneset populated place
Draegni farm
Draeheia hill
Drag i Tysfjord populated place
Drag Sund marine channel
Drag farms
Drag populated place
Dragaasvold farm
Dragan rock
Dragan island
Dragaset populated place
Dragasvoll farm
Dragasvollen farm
Dragbaen reef
Dragbaspira reef
Dragbospira reef
Drage farm
Drage populated place
Drage farm
Dragefallet shoal
Drageid farms
Drageid populated place
Drageid populated place
Drageid farm
Drageidet isthmus
Drageidet isthmus
Drageidflua rocks
Dragen island
Dragesaeter farm
Drageset farm
Draget lake
Draget mountain
Draget mountain
Draget rock
Draget island
Dragland populated place
Dragnelen rocks
Dragnes point
Dragneset populated place
Dragneset point
Drago island
Drago island
Dragoy island
Dragoy populated place
Dragoy island
Dragoya populated place
Dragoya island
Dragoya island
Dragoya island
Dragoya island
Dragoyfjorden lake
Dragoyni island
Dragoyskjeret rocks
Dragoyskjeret island
Dragsbukta cove
Dragseid valley
Dragset Kobbergrube mine
Dragset farm
Dragset populated place
Dragset populated place
Dragsholmen point
Dragsjoen lake
Dragsjoen lake
Dragskallan reef
Dragskjera rocks
Dragsnes populated place
Dragstein farm
Dragsten farm
Dragstsjo lake
Dragstsjoen lake
Dragsund farm
Dragsundet marine channel
Dragsvandene lakes
Dragsvatnan lakes
Dragsvatnat lakes
Dragsvik cove
Dragtaran reef
Dragtaren reef
Dragvik farms
Dragvikfjeldet mountain
Dragvikfjellet mountain
Dragvold farm
Dragvold farm
Dragvoll farm
Drakstein farm
Draksten farm
Drakstmoen farm
Drakstsjo lake
Drakstsjoen lake
Drambekk Saeter farm
Drambekk farm
Dramdal farms
Drammen seat of a first-order administrative division
Drammens Fjord fjord
Drammenselva stream
Drammensfjorden fjord
Dramselv stream
Dramselva stream
Dramselven stream
Dramselz stream
Dramsfjord fjord
Dramsfjorden fjord
Dramstad farm
Dramstadbukta bay
Drang lake
Drangavag cove
Drange farms
Drange farms
Drange populated place
Drange populated place
Drange farms
Drangedal Herad administrative division
Drangedal populated place
Drangeid populated place
Drangelneset point
Drangen farms
Drangen mountain
Dranglan rock
Drangsfjorden fjord
Drangsholt Vand lake
Drangsholt populated place
Drangsholtvatnet lake
Drangsland farm
Drangsneset peninsula
Dranlaus farm
Draugelva stream
Draugen rock
Draugskjeran rocks
Draugskjeranes rocks
Draugskjeret rock
Draugvik farm
Draugvika cove
Draugviken farm
Drausdal populated place
Dravladal farm
Dravladalsvatn lake
Dravladalsvatnet lake
Dravlaus farm
Dravleskarven peak
Dreganes farm
Dreganeset point
Dreggfjellet peak
Dreggjavikodden point
Dregni farm
Drego farm
Drenaas farm
Dreng ridge
Drengen lake
Drengsti farm
Drenkene rocks
Drevandet lake
Drevasbugten populated place
Drevassbotnen populated place
Drevatnet populated place
Drevdalen farm
Drevflesa island
Drevflesleia channel
Drevja populated place
Drevja stream
Drevjan stream
Drevjeneset interfluve
Drevjesaeter farm
Drevoy island
Drevsjo lake
Drevsjo populated place
Drevsjoen lake
Drevsjoen lake
Drevsjoen lake
Drevsjomoen populated place
Drevsundholmen island
Drevvatn railroad station
Drevvatnet lake
Drevvatnet populated place
Dreyersholmen peninsula
Drilen populated place
Drillen populated place
Dritua stream
Driva railroad station
Driva stream
Driva stream
Driva stream
Drivdalen valley
Driveknolten peak
Drivenes populated place
Drivheia hill
Drivsjoan lakes
Drivstua populated place
Drivstuen populated place
Drivsundholmen island
Drobak populated place
Drobakgrunnen reef
Drobaksund marine channel
Drobaksundet marine channel
Drogeflui reef
Drogsaasen farm
Drogsasen farm
Drogset farm
Drogset populated place
Drogsetgruve mine
Drogsholmen island
Drogsoen farm
Drogsoya farm
Droia populated place
Droivold populated place
Drolstolen farm
Drolsum populated place
Dromnaes populated place
Dromnes populated place
Dromnessund marine channel
Dromnessundet marine channel
Dronen populated place
Dronen island
Dronesund farm
Droni populated place
Dronninga farm
Dronningkollen peak
Dropping farm
Drossevikhatten hill
Drotninggutunatten mountain
Drotninghaug farm
Drotningsvik area
Drotningsvika area
Drottendalsfjeldet mountain
Drottendalsfjellet mountain
Drottninghaug farm
Droyvollen populated place
Drugsho mountain
Drukstjornhaugen farm
Drygfjellet mountain
Drykjedalen valley
Drykkjedalen valley
Dryna populated place
Dryna island
Drynesund farm
Drynjesund farm
Drypping farm
Dryppingskallen shoal

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