We'aro Creek - Weya: Papua New Guinea

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Feature class
We'aro Creek stream
Wea River stream
Weam Patrol Post populated place
Weam populated place
Webb Islands islands
Webb Patch reef
Weber Harbour bay
Weber Point point
Weberhafen bay
Webink Creek stream
Wedaro populated place
Wedau populated place
Wederehiamo populated place
Wederihamo populated place
Wedge Hill hill
Wedge Island island
Wegior populated place
Wegulani River stream
Wehe Creek stream
Wehegelo populated place
Wehi Island island
Wehuria stream
Wei River stream
Wei River stream
Weia-dubi mountain
Weibu Island island
Weigin populated place
Weihu populated place
Weiki Villages populated places
Weiki populated places
Weikor populated place
Weilo Plantation estate
Weilo River stream
Weilo populated place
Weioko Bay bay
Weis populated place
Weisa populated place
Weisas River stream
Weisin populated place
Weissa populated place
Weitera abandoned populated place
Weitin River stream
Weitoa Island island
Wekae populated place
Wekouna Reef reef
Wekouna Rock reef
Weku Sinibu Rock rock
Weku Una reef
Wekuha populated place
Wela Creek stream
Wela populated place
Welle Island island
Welololowa Point point
Welu populated place
Wemai'iu populated place
Wembu populated place
Weme Creek stream
Weme populated place
Wemenevre populated place
Wemil populated place
Wemin Creek stream
Wemmiaia Creek stream
Wemmiala Creek stream
Wempangu populated place
Wenalli Creek stream
Wenasia Point point
Weneddi Peak peak
Weng River stream
Wengabu populated place
Wenge populated place
Weni Creek stream
Weni Creek stream
Weni Island island
Weni River stream
Weni River stream
Weniggia mission
Wenigo populated place
Wenna Creek stream
Weranyuwok populated place
Were Were populated place
Wereave populated place
Wereman populated place
Wereman populated place
Weriseri Shoal shoal
Werka Kata Keia point
Werr River stream
Wesa Hill mountain
Wesin populated place
Wesor populated place
West Baien populated place
West Branch Au River stream
West Branch Awio River stream
West Branch Green River section of stream
West Branch Inungapun River stream
West Branch Wagasu River stream
West Branch stream
West Branch stream
West Brooker Pass marine channel
West Brooker Passage marine channel
West Brumer Island island
West Cape point
West Cape point
West Channel marine channel
West Dome peak
West Entrance Cape cape
West Entrance inlet
West Entrance inlet
West Entrance inlet
West Entrance inlet
West Face mountain
West Harbour bay
West Harbour harbor
West Iguari Island island
West Igwali Island island
West Island island
West Islet island
West Melanesian Trench trench
West New Britain District administrative division
West New Britain Province administrative division
West Passage marine channel
West Point point
West Point point
West Point point
West Point point
West Range mountains
West Reef reef
West Reef reef
West Sepih District first-order administrative division
West Sepik Province first-order administrative division
West Wewak Harbour bay
Western Brumer Island island
Western Creek stream
Western District administrative division
Western Division administrative division
Western Entrance marine channel
Western Highlands District administrative division
Western Highlands Province administrative division
Western Island reef
Western Islands reef
Western Islets reef
Western Province administrative division
Western Reef reef
Wesunda populated place
Wetali populated place
Wetarea Rock rock
Weteili populated place
Wetha populated place
Wetna populated place
Wetoa populated place
Wetoeto populated place
Wewak District administrative division
Wewak Harbour bay
Wewak Point point
Wewak West Harbour bay
Wewak populated place
Wewo Creek stream
Weya populated place

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