Adalia - Adventure: South Africa

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Feature class
Adalia farm
Adam se Baai bay
Adam se Koppie hill
Adam se Pan pan
Adam Tas farm
Adam farm
Adam locality
Adamboerskraal farm
Adams Apple abandoned airfield
Adams Apple farm stead
Adams College populated place
Adams Fontein farm
Adams Hoop farm
Adams Kraal farm
Adams Kraal farm
Adams Kraal intermittent stream
Adams Krans cliff
Adams M.S. populated place
Adams Mission Station populated place
Adams Mission populated place
Adams airfield
Adams farm
Adams farm stead
Adamsfontein farm
Adamsfontein farm
Adamsfontein farm stead
Adamsfontein mountain
Adamsfontein intermittent stream
Adamshurst mountain
Adamskraal farm stead
Adamskraalrivier intermittent stream
Adamskral farm stead
Adbl Memorial monument
Adcock section of populated place
Adderley farm stead
Adderley populated place
Adderskop hill
Adderskraalkop hill
Addger farm
Addger farm stead
Addington Beach beach
Addington farm
Addington farm stead
Addington section of populated place
Addlestone farm
Addney populated place
Addo Elephant National Park park
Addo Elephant Park park
Addo Heights farm
Addo Heights farm stead
Addo Heights mountains
Addo airfield
Addo farm
Addo populated place
Addo railroad station
Adeisestad farm
Adeisestad farm stead
Adelaide airfield
Adelaide farm
Adelaide farm
Adelaide farm
Adelaide farm
Adelaide farm
Adelaide farm
Adelaide farm stead
Adelaide populated place
Adelaide railroad station
Adelei farm
Adelt farm stead
Aden farm
Aden farm
Aden farm
Aden farm stead
Aden populated place
Adendorf mountain
Adendorff's Hill hill
Adendorp populated place
Adendorp railroad siding
Adieu farm
Adjoining Abrams Kraal farm
Adjoining Bokkeram farm
Adjoining Drie Kop farm
Adjoining Geelrloer farm
Adjoining Klipheuvel farm
Adjoining Klipplaats Fontein farm
Adjoining Lange Vlei farm
Adjoining Misgund farm
Adjoining Onbedacht farm
Adjoining Paardeberg farm
Adjoining Plaatdoorns farm
Adjoining Quagga Fontein farm
Adjoining Rondeheuvel farm
Adjoining Sneuw Kraal farm
Adjoining Traka farm
Adjoining Uitspan Fontein farm
Adjoining Vogelfontein farm
Adnandale farm
Adolfskop mountain
Adolfspoort farm
Adolphs Hohe farm stead
Adolphs Kraal farm
Adolphs Poort West farm
Adolphus Poort pass
Adonisberg mountain
Adoonsberg hill
Adoonskop hill
Adoonskop hill
Adoonskop hill
Adoonsleegte intermittent stream
Adoonsvlei farm
Adoonsvlei farm stead
Adowa farm stead
Adrainople farm stead
Adriaan farm
Adriaansdraai farm
Adriaansdraai farm stead
Adriaansdraaibrug farm stead
Adriaanshoop farm
Adriaanshoop farm stead
Adriaanshoop populated place
Adriaanskloof valley
Adriaanskop mountain
Adriana farm stead
Adrianas Dale farm
Adrianople farm stead
Advance railroad siding
Adventure farm

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