An-de-Waterkant - Anzak: South Africa

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Feature class
An-de-Waterkant populated place
Ana-bome church
Anagob hill
Anarth farm stead
Anbrey farm
Ancaster farm
Ancaster farm stead
Anchor Bay bay
Anchor rock
Ancona farm
Ancona railroad siding
Andalusia abandoned airfield
Andalusia populated place
Anders Mission locality
Anderson farm stead
Anderson hill
Anderson mission
Andique railroad siding
Andover Store farm stead
Andover farm
Andover farm
Andover farm
Andover farm stead
Andover farm stead
Andrew F.C. Turpin Dam reservoir
Andrew Geddes Bain Monument monument
Andrew farm
Andrews Forest forest
Andriel farm stead
Andries Berg farm
Andries Bergen farm
Andries Kraal farm
Andries Kraal farm
Andries Kraal farm
Andries se Puts spring
Andries intermittent stream
Andriesberg mountain
Andriesberg mountain
Andriesfontein farm
Andriesfontein hill
Andriesgrond farm
Andrieskloof ravine
Andrieskraal populated place
Andrieskraal promontory
Andriesspruit intermittent stream
Andriesspruit intermittent stream
Andriesvontein farm
Andromeda farm stead
Anegas Range mountains
Anegas farm
Anegas farm stead
Anegas mountain
Anenous locality
Anenousberg hill
Anenousberg mountain
Anerlay railroad siding
Anerley populated place
Anerley railroad siding
Anex Alion farm
Anex Alion farm stead
Angeberge mountains
Angelierbosch farm stead
Angeliers Bosch farm
Angeliers Pan farm
Angelierspan farm stead
Angelierspan pan
Angelo railroad station
Angikatali railroad siding
Angle Station farm stead
Angle Station farm stead
Angledale farm
Angledale populated place
Anglers railroad siding
Anglesey farm
Anglican farm
Angliers Bos farm stead
Anglo Alpha populated place
Anglo Alpha railroad siding
Angora Hill farm stead
Angora farm
Angora populated place
Angra de Sao Bras bay
Angra Peguena farm
Angra Pequina farm
Angus Station railroad station
Angus farm stead
Angus railroad station
Anhalt farm
Anhalt farm stead
Animub locality
Aninaus locality
Aninauspas pass
Ankamfontein spring
Ankams stream
Ankamsrivier stream
Ankanfontein spring
Ankerpaal farm stead
Anmam Kop hill
Ann Shaw populated locality
Ann's Villa farm stead
Anna's Geluk farm
Anna's Hoop farm
Anna's Kraal farm
Anna's Rust farm stead
Annadale farm stead
Annadale farm stead
Annadale populated place
Annakop farm stead
Annakoppies hill
Annamkop hill
Annan Water farm
Annan area
Annandale farm
Annandale farm
Annandale farm stead
Annandale mission
Annandale railroad siding
Annas Dale farm
Annas Dale farm stead
Annas Rust farm
Annas pan
Annasdal farm
Annasdal farm stead
Annasgeluk populated place
Annashoek farm stead
Annashoop populated place
Annaspan pan
Annatjiesrivier intermittent stream
Annaton populated place
Annawater populated place
Annekseerkom pan
Annekssyfer intermittent stream
Annesdale farm stead
Annesley se Straat interdune trough
Annesley farm
Annesley farm
Annespan pan
Annesville populated place
Annex Aggenbachs Kraal farm
Annex Alexanders Hoek farm
Annex Alleen Gelaten farm
Annex Aloe Ridge farm
Annex Belmont farm
Annex Berg Valley farm
Annex Bethal farm
Annex Biesje Put farm
Annex Blaauwklip farm
Annex Boskloof farm
Annex Brakfontein East farm
Annex Brakfontein farm
Annex Brakpoort farm stead
Annex Brooklyn farm
Annex Bultfontein farm
Annex Corndale farm
Annex Damfontein farm
Annex De Dain farm
Annex de Hoop farm
Annex Diep Kloof farm
Annex Diepe Kloof farm
Annex Diepe Kloof farm
Annex Donker Hoek farm
Annex Doornfontein farm
Annex Doorskraal farm
Annex Draai Hoek farm
Annex Drie Kuilen farm
Annex Driefontein farm
Annex Driefontein farm
Annex Droe stream
Annex Duikerfontein farm
Annex Elands Fontein farm
Annex Farm farm
Annex Fontein Plaats farm
Annex Fonteinje farm
Annex Fonteinje farm
Annex Fouche farm
Annex Gamodisa farm
Annex Geisis farm
Annex Geluk farm
Annex Giftbergen B farm
Annex Giftbergen farm
Annex Glen Dower farm
Annex Goede Moed farm
Annex Golden Valley farm
Annex Goliads Kraal farm
Annex Greys Kop farm
Annex Groot Fontein farm
Annex Groot Kolk farm
Annex Groot Toren farm
Annex Groot Toren farm
Annex Groot Vlakte farm
Annex Groot Vlakte farm
Annex Grootboom farm
Annex Grootfontein farm
Annex Haasfontein farm
Annex Hamelfontein farm
Annex Helder Pan farm
Annex Helvetia farm
Annex Hillside farm
Annex Honger Fontein farm
Annex Hoouw Kuilen farm
Annex Huisfontein farm
Annex Jagersbosch farm
Annex Kalkput farm
Annex Kanoep farm
Annex Karee Dam farm
Annex Karoo Plaats farm
Annex Katbos farm
Annex Keurfontein farm
Annex Kilvorskull populated place
Annex Klipfontein farm
Annex Klipfontein farm
Annex Klipfontein farm
Annex Klipfontein farm
Annex Koopan farm
Annex Koppies Kraal farm
Annex Kransfontein farm
Annex Kranskop farm
Annex Kransvlei farm
Annex Kriegere Baken farm
Annex Kristal Kop farm
Annex Kruipin farm
Annex Lange Vlei farm
Annex Leeufontein farm
Annex Leeuw Blad farm
Annex Leeuw Fontein farm
Annex Leeuw Pad Vlakte farm
Annex Leeuwenkop farm
Annex Leeuwpan farm
Annex Linksfontein farm
Annex Louwrensrust farm
Annex Lovedale farm
Annex Malakgohli farm
Annex Martens Pan farm
Annex Matons Fontein farm
Annex Middel Post farm
Annex Misgund farm
Annex Modder Fontein farm
Annex Nelson's Fontein farm
Annex Nieuwe Kraal farm
Annex Nooitgedacht farm
Annex Onderste Narougas farm
Annex Oude Kloof farm
Annex Oudeberg farm
Annex Paals Kloof farm
Annex Palmietfontein farm
Annex Park farm
Annex Petersburg farm
Annex Pheasante Kraal farm
Annex Platkuil farm
Annex Platkuil farm
Annex Present farm
Annex Pretorius Dam farm
Annex Reliance farm
Annex Rhebok Fontein farm
Annex Riet Poort farm
Annex Riet Poort farm
Annex Riet Valie farm
Annex Rietfontein farm
Annex Rietfontein farm
Annex Rietfontein farm
Annex Rietkuil farm
Annex Rondefontein farm
Annex Ronderug farm
Annex Roodebergs Kloof farm
Annex Roodedam farm
Annex Rooidam farm
Annex Rooiklip farm
Annex Saltpetre Kop farm
Annex Slagtkraal farm
Annex Slingerspan farm
Annex Spinnekops Kraal farm
Annex Spitdam farm
Annex Spitskop farm
Annex Spitz Kop farm
Annex Sutherland farm
Annex Taaibosch farm
Annex Tafelberg farm
Annex Uitkyk farm
Annex Viegulands Put farm
Annex Viegulandsput farm stead
Annex Vluitjes Kraal farm
Annex Vogel Valley farm
Annex Vrunsfontein farm
Annex Watergat farm
Annex Waterhoek farm
Annex Waterkloof farm
Annex Watervoor farm
Annex Welgelegen farm
Annex Widcombe farm
Annex Widouw A farm
Annex Widouw B farm
Annex Wilgebosch Kloof farm
Annex Wilgenbosch farm
Annex Wind Port farm
Annex Winterhoek farm
Annex Wit Poort farm
Annex Wolve Kuil farm
Annex Wolvekloof A farm
Annex Wolvekloof B farm
Annex Wolvekloof farm
Annex Wonderboom farm
Annex Zandfontein farm
Annex Zandfontein farm
Annex Zeekoegat farm
Annex Zeekoegat farm
Annex Zoutpan farm
Annex farm
Annex populated place
Annex populated place
Annex-Grootkolk farm stead
Annex-Naudesfontein farm
Annexatie farm
Annexatie farm
Annexatie farm
Annexdraai farm stead
Annexe Draai Hoek farm
Annexe Drie Roodeheuvels farm
Annexe Orange Fontein farm
Annexe Platjes Fontein farm
Annfield farm
Annie die Goeie Hoop farm
Annie Laurie farm
Annie's Rust farm
Annie farm
Annie farm
Annie-dale farm stead
Anniedale populated place
Annies Fortune farm
Annies Hope farm
Annies Rust farm
Anniesdale farm
Anniesdale populated place
Anniesrus farm stead
Anniesrust farm stead
Annis River stream
Annis stream
Annisfontein populated place
Annisfontein spring
Anniskop mountain
Annisrivier stream
Annlin section of populated place
Anns Valley farm stead
Annyama populated place
Annysspruit farm
Annysspruit farm
Annysspruit farm
Annysspruit farm
Annysspruit farm
Annysspruit farm stead
Anondale farm stead
Anstey's Beach beach
Anta farm
Anteelfontein farm
Antelope Park Spruit section of stream
Antelope Park populated place
Antelope farm
Anthill hill
Anthonies Berg mountain
Anthonys Kraal populated place
Anthorn farm
Anthorn farm
Anthra railroad siding
Antiford farm
Antimony Kop hill
Antioch farm
Antioch farm stead
Antioch farm stead
Antioch farm stead
Antioch railroad siding
Antjes Fontein farm
Antjesdal farm
Antjeskraal farm stead
Antjeskraal railroad siding
Antjesloop farm
Antjesloop farm stead
Antji se Kop mountain
Antjies Kraal farm
Antjiesdrif farm stead
Antjieskraal farm stead
Antjieskraal hill
Antjieskraal railroad siding
Antjiesloop farm stead
Antonie se Kop hill
Antonie railroad siding
Antoniebos I farm stead
Antoniebos farm stead
Antonierivier stream
Antonierust farm stead
Antonies Bos farm stead
Antonies stream
Antonies-Bosch farm
Antoniesberg mountain
Antoniesbos farm stead
Antoniesgat cove
Antonieskop mountain
Antonvilla farm
Antrim farm
Antrim farm
Antrobus farm
Antwerp farm
Antwerp farm
Antwerp farm
Antwerp populated place
Antwerpen farm
Antwerpen farm
Antwerpen farm stead
Antwerpen farm stead
Antwerpen populated place
Antwfrpen farm stead
Anvil Rock rock
Anvil Rock rock
Anye stream
Anys Rivier's Plaat farm
Anys mountain
Anys intermittent stream
Anysberg East farm
Anysberg Forest Reserve forest reserve
Anysberg se Kloof ravine
Anysberg West farm
Anysberg farm
Anysberg farm
Anysberg farm stead
Anysberg mountain
Anysberg mountains
Anysberg populated place
Anyskop farm stead
Anyskop farm stead
Anyskop farm stead
Anyskop hill
Anyskop hill
Anyskop hill
Anysrivier farm
Anysrivier intermittent stream
Anysrug farm stead
Anysrug hill
Anysspruit farm stead
Anysspruit populated place
Anzac farm
Anzac railroad siding
Anzak farm stead

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