Chabiesies - Chys: South Africa

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Feature class
Chabiesies farm stead
Chabiesies mountain
Chachaba River stream
Chachaba stream
Chachu populated place
Chagfoot farm stead
Chagumiane intermittent stream
Chailey railroad siding
Chain Ladder mountain
Chakas Kraal farm
Chakas Spruit stream
Chakas stream
Chakaskraal Station railroad siding
Chakaskraal populated place
Chaking hill
Chakise mountain
Chakwana farm
Chalate Spruit intermittent stream
Chalk Farm Salt Pan pan
Chalk Farm farm
Chalk Farm railroad siding
Chalkfarm farm stead
Challonsleigh farm stead
Chalmers Puts farm
Chalons hill
Chalons intermittent stream
Chalsworth populated place
Chalumna Hill hill
Chalumna Mouth hill
Chalumna River airfield
Chalumna River stream
Chalumna farm
Chalumna farm stead
Chalumna stream
Chalwell populated place
Chamisse populated place
Chamisso populated place
Champagne Cassette peak
Champagne Castle Herberg Hostel resort
Champagne Castle Hostel resort
Champagne Castle peak
Champagne Castle resort
Champagne Fork ridge
Champagne farm
Champagne farm stead
Champagne populated place
Champignons-Berg farm
Champignons-Berg farm
Champions Kloof farm
Chance farm
Chancery Hali farm
Chanee farm
Changumane intermittent stream
Chanteloupe farm stead
Chantilly farm
Chapman Bay bay
Chapman Peak mountain
Chapman Point point
Chapman's Bay bay
Chapman's Peak mountain
Chapman's Point point
Chapman's River intermittent stream
Chapman farm
Chapundi farm
Chard farm
Charfred post office
Chargrove farm
Charikor farm
Charikor farm stead
Charl Celliers populated place
Charl Cilliers farm
Charl Cilliers populated place
Charl Cillierst Ou Fort monument
Charl Malan Basin docking basin
Charl's Puts farm
Charleron populated place
Charles Hope farm
Charles Mills A farm
Charles's Pass pass
Charlesdale populated place
Charlespost populated place
Charleston Hill section of populated place
Charleston farm
Charleston farm stead
Charlestown farm
Charlestown populated place
Charlestown section of populated place
Charlestown railroad station
Charlesville populated place
Charleville farm stead
Charlgrove farm stead
Charlies Drift ford
Charliesfonteinrivier intermittent stream
Charlosoar farm
Charlotte farm
Charlottedale farm
Charlottedale railroad siding
Charlottenberg mountain
Charlottenburg mountain
Charlottes Dale farm
Charlottes Lust farm
Charlwood railroad siding
Charmaine farm
Charmaine farm
Charnwood farm stead
Charnwood populated place
Chart farm
Charters Creek bay
Charterston section of populated place
Chartwell farm stead
Chartwell populated place
Chasant populated place
Chase Valley populated place
Chase's Kloof gorge
Chase farm
Chatsglen railroad station
Chatsworth 1 section of populated place
Chatsworth Indian Township section of populated place
Chatsworth farm
Chatsworth farm
Chatsworth populated place
Chatsworth section of populated place
Chatten farm stead
Chatty River intermittent stream
Chatty farm stead
Chatwall populated place
Chatwell populated place
Chavonne farm
Chavonnes farm stead
Chavonnes railroad station
Chavonnesberg mountain
Cheddar Hill populated place
Cheddar farm
Cheddar farm stead
Chedle farm
Chee hill
Cheetah Inn farm stead
Cheing well
Cheingpan well
Chelado hill
Cheleka hill
Chelford farm stead
Chelmsford Dam reservoir
Chelmsford farm
Chelmsford farm
Chelmsford farm
Chelmsford farm stead
Chelmsford farm stead
Cheloy farm
Chelsea Park farm stead
Chelsea Point point
Chelsea farm stead
Chelsea railroad siding
Chelsey farm
Chemory populated place
Chempet railroad station
Cherbourg farm
Cherday farm
Cherry's Point point
Cherryville farm
Chertsey farm
Chertsey farm
Cherwell farm
Chesapeake Annex farm
Chesham farm
Chessmen mountain
Chester farm
Chester farm
Chester farm
Chester farm
Chester farm stead
Chester farm stead
Chester railroad siding
Chesterton farm
Cheval farm
Cheviot Fells farm
Cheviot Fells farm stead
Cheviot farm
Cheviot farm stead
Cheviot farm stead
Cheviotdale hill
Cheviotdale populated place
Chevy Chase farm stead
Chevy Chase locality
Chevy Chase populated place
Chevy Chase populated place
Chevy Chase stream
Chevy Finch farm
Cheyane mountains
Chibase Location locality
Chibase Location locality
Chibini farm stead
Chicago farm
Chicago farm
Chicago farm stead
Chichester airfield
Chichester farm stead
Chichester farm stead
Chickenwood populated place
Chickwick farm stead
Chidima railroad siding
Chief Lavana Kraal farm stead
Chiefs Kraal populated place
Chieftains Plain farm
Chieveley railroad station
Child's Hill hill
Childe's Hill hill
Childwall farm
Chilfrome farm stead
Chilgrove farm stead
Chilland farm stead
Chilton farm
Chilton farm
Chimariri hill
Chimney Peak mountain
Chimney Pot hill
Chinamans Hat hill
Chinchinyani hill
Chinning populated place
Chipise River intermittent stream
Chipise hill
Chipise populated place
Chippenham farm
Chirundu farm
Chisa Kop mountain
Chiselford farm stead
Chiselhurst railroad station
Chisira populated place
Chislehurst farm
Chislehurst railroad station
Chitral farm
Chivelston railroad siding
Chloe farm
Chlun farm
Chobeni locality
Chobeni mountain
Chobham farm
Chochocho populated place
Choga Amoet farm
Chokong Hill hill
Chokongkop hill
Cholang populated place
Chomse's Hoogte hill
Chonuane ruin
Chorlton farm
Chreswell farm stead
Chrisbouw railroad siding
Chrishof farm stead
Chrisiesfontein farm
Chrissie farm stead
Chrissie lake
Chrissiefontein populated place
Chrissiemeer lake
Chrissiemeer populated place
Chrissiesmeer lake
Chrissiesmeer populated place
Christiaan Kuilen hill
Christiaansrus farm
Christiana Town and Townlands farm
Christiana airfield
Christiana farm
Christiana farm
Christiana farm
Christiana farm
Christiana farm stead
Christiana farm stead
Christiana farm stead
Christiana farm stead
Christiana hill
Christiana populated place
Christiana populated place
Christiana populated place
Christiana railroad station
Christiankuil farm stead
Christiankuil farm stead
Christianna farm stead
Christians Drift farm
Christina Bay bay
Christina's Home farm
Christina farm
Christina farm stead
Christina farm stead
Christinabaai bay
Christinasdal farm
Christinasgang rock
Christinasrust farm
Christinasrust farm stead
Christmas Bay bay
Christmas Rock rock
Christmas Rocks rock
Christmas Spruit farm stead
Christmas Vale populated place
Christofera farm
Chrisville farm
Chromedale railroad siding
Chromite Hills hills
Chrysolite Mine mine
Chubane populated place
Chubani populated place
Chudleigh farm stead
Chugamila hill
Chuhwinipan pan
Chum farm stead
Chumbi populated place
Chunes River stream
Chunespoort farm
Chunies Asbestos mine
Chunies stream
Chunies stream
Chuniespoort farm
Chuniespoort pass
Chuniespoortberge mountain
Chuniesrivier stream
Chuniesrivier intermittent stream
Church Hill hill
Church Millwood Bosch farm
Churchhaven populated place
Churchill Dam reservoir
Churchill farm
Churchill farm stead
Chwabe farm
Chwaing Pan pan
Chwaing farm
Chwaing pan
Chwene's stream
Chy farm stead
Chyandour farm stead
Chyperbult farm
Chys farm stead

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