Fearnely - Fettes: South Africa

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Feature class
Fearnely farm stead
Feather River farm stead
Featherstone Kloof ravine
Featherstone railroad siding
Februarie farm stead
Feckenham farm stead
Fecro airfield
Feeskop hill
Feessaal populated place
Fefe mountain
Felicia farm
Felicia farm
Felicia populated place
Felicitas farm stead
Felicitas hill
Felix farm
Felixton populated place
Felixton railroad station
Fellenberg farm
Felleng populated place
Feloana populated place
Feltham populated place
Fencote farm
Fendyke railroad siding
Feni populated place
Feni intermittent stream
Fenieseiland island
Fenton farm
Fenton farm stead
Fentonia farm
Ferdinands Freue farm stead
Ferdinands Rust farm
Ferdinandskraal farm
Fergusloe farm stead
Ferguson Siding railroad siding
Ferguson section of populated place
Ferguson railroad siding
Fergy's Cave cave
Fermanagh farm
Fermanagh farm stead
Fern Hill farm stead
Fern Rocks farm
Fern Tower farm
Fern Tower mountain
Fern railroad siding
Fernandez farm stead
Fernando farm
Ferncliff farm stead
Ferndale farm
Ferndale farm stead
Ferndale farm stead
Ferndale farm stead
Ferndale farm stead
Ferndale farm stead
Ferndale populated place
Ferndale railroad siding
Ferney farm stead
Fernglen section of populated place
Fernham farm stead
Fernhill farm stead
Fernhorst farm
Fernhurst farm
Fernie farm
Fernie farm stead
Ferniebaugh farm
Ferniebrae Forest Reserve forest reserve
Fernigair farm
Fernkloof farm
Fernleigh farm
Fernside farm stead
Fernwood Buttress promontory
Fernwood Gully ravine
Fernwood section of populated place
Fernwood railroad siding
Ferny Hoek Flat farm
Fernyhoek Flat area
Ferrby populated place
Ferreby populated place
Ferreira farm
Ferreira populated place
Ferreira railroad siding
Ferreiras Rust farm
Ferreiras-Laagte farm
Ferreiratown section of populated place
Ferrie farm stead
Ferrobank Industrial Township section of populated place
Ferrobank section of populated place
Ferrogate railroad siding
Ferste Geluk farm
Fertilis farm
Fertility farm
Feruskop mountain
Fesant Laagte farm
Fesantlaagte hill
Feskaal farm
Fester farm stead
Fetcani Pass pass
Fetcani-Pass farm
Fetcaniglen farm
Fettercairn populated place
Fettes farm

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