In de Diepte - Inzinga: South Africa

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Feature class
In de Diepte farm stead
In die Middel farm stead
In Memoriam farm
In-de-Diepte farm
In-der-Mark farm
In-die-Middel farm
Inadan populated place
Inadi River stream
Inadi populated place
Inadi stream
iNakatha stream
Inanda Falls waterfall
Inanda Location reserve
Inanda Mission Reserve farm
Inanda Reservoir reservoir
Inanda Seminary populated place
Inanda farm
Inanda hill
Inanda mountain
Inanda populated place
Inanda populated place
Inanda section of populated place
Incalu River stream
Incalu farm stead
Incalu railroad siding
Incalu stream
iNcancala hill
Incandu Falls waterfall
Incandu River stream
Incandu stream
Incarha River stream
Incarha stream
Inchanga Park populated place
Inchanga populated place
Inchanga railroad station
Inchara River stream
Inchbrakie Falls waterfall
Inchongweni hill
iNcibitwane stream
Incier mountain
Incisininde mission
Inclozane hill
Incohi hill
iNcohi mountain
Incudwini Forest forest reserve
Incunga Hill hill
iNcunjane stream
Indaba farm stead
Indabane Spruit stream
Indabane stream
Indaleni Mission farm
Indaleni mission
Indanyan Hill mountain
Indanyan Kop mountain
iNdanyana hill
iNdanyana mountain
iNdanyana mountain
Indanyanzane Hill hill
Indawana mountain
Indawana populated place
Indawana stream
Indawana stream
Indawe mountain
Indenberg farm stead
Inderhiken farm
Inderminne farm
Indesingane River stream
Indesingane stream
Indespine railroad siding
Indevu Hill mountain
Indevu mountain
India Junction railroad siding
India Ravine ravine
India farm
India railroad siding
Indian Gardens farm stead
Indibi stream
Indie farm
Indindini farm stead
Indinule mountain
Indinuli mountain
Indlababa hill
iNdlazila stream
Indlovudwalila farm stead
Indlunkulu Plantasie forest
Indlunkulu forest
Indowana mountain
Indraai farm stead
iNdubazi stream
Indudutu populated place
Indumeni mountain
Indundulu mountain
iNdundulu mountain
Induspine railroad siding
Industria railroad siding
Industry farm
Indwana populated place
Indwe Colliery farm stead
Indwe Drift farm stead
Indwe Golliery farm stead
Indwe River stream
Indwe Settlement farm
Indwe airfield
Indwe farm
Indwe populated place
Indwe railroad station
Indwe stream
Indwepoort farm stead
Indwepoort pass
Inelkander farm
Inelkander farm stead
Inembe River stream
Inembe farm stead
Inembe mission
Inembe stream
Inez farm stead
Infamanzi River stream
Infamanzi stream
Infanta populated place
Infante cape
Ingaba mission
Ingaga stream
Ingagalu farm stead
Ingagane farm stead
Ingagane railroad station
Ingagane stream
Ingagane stream
iNgagane stream
Ingagani stream
Ingane River stream
Ingane stream
Inganguan stream
Inganguana River stream
Ingangwana River stream
Ingangwana stream
Ingangwana stream
Ingangwang stream
Ingani River stream
Ingatestone farm
iNgcagaga intermittent stream
iNgcaka stream
iNgcasolo peak
Ingelabantwan Forest Reserve forest reserve
Ingele Mountains mountains
Ingeli Forest forest reserve
Ingeli Mountains mountains
Ingeli farm
Ingeli farm stead
Ingilanyoni Range mountains
Inglebrook farm stead
Inglebrook farm stead
Inglemere farm stead
Inglenook railroad siding
Inglesby farm
Ingleside farm
Inglewood farm
Inglewood farm
Inglewood hill
Ingo stream
Ingoda stream
Ingogo River stream
Ingogo farm
Ingogo farm stead
Ingogo populated place
Ingogo railroad station
Ingogo stream
Ingomankulu farm
Ingongweni stream
Ingram's Head hill
Ingugu mountain
Ingulana River stream
Ingulana stream
Ingulule hill
Ingwangwane Forest Reserves forest
Ingwavama populated place
Ingwavuma airfield
Ingwavuma populated place
Ingwavuma ridge
Ingwavuma mountain
Ingwavumu mountain
Ingwaya hill
Ingwefileyo mission
Ingwemnyoma mission
Ingwempesi stream
Ingwempisi River stream
Ingwempisi railroad siding
Ingwempisi stream
Ingwempsi railroad siding
Ingweni River intermittent stream
Ingweni railroad siding
Ingweni intermittent stream
Ingwenya Hills mountains
Ingwenya farm
Ingwenya farm
Ingwesi hill
Inhambane farm
Inhele Hill hill
Inhele Hill hill
Inhele Hill mountain
Inhele hill
Inhlababa Mountain mountain
Inhlabamkhosi mountain
Inhlabane mission
iNhlambamasoka stream
iNhlambamasoka stream
iNhlambamasoka stream
iNhlambamasoka stream
iNhlambane stream
Inhlamvini River stream
Inhlamvini farm
Inhlamvini stream
iNhlamvunkulu mountain
Inhlavini farm stead
iNhlawe mountain
Inhlaxatia mission
Inhlaxatia populated place
Inhlazane railroad siding
Inhlazani hill
Inhlazatatje populated place
Inhlazatia populated place
Inhlazatjaan mountain
Inhlazatjana Hill mountain
Inhlazatje populated place
Inhlaziana mountain
Inhlazuku mountain
Inhlogo Hill mountain
Inhlonhloana Hill mountain
iNhlonze mountain
Inhlovudwahle farm
Inhlovudwahle farm stead
Inhlovudwalile farm stead
Inhlozani Hill hill
Inhluku populated place
Inhluzane mountain
Inhluzani farm
Inhluzani farm
Inhluzela mountain
Inhlwati mission
Inhock farm stead
Inhoek airfield
Inhoek farm
Inhoek farm
Inhoek farm
Inhoek farm
Inhoek farm
Inhoek farm
Inhoek farm
Inhoek farm
Inhoek farm
Inhoek farm stead
Inhoek farm stead
Inhoek farm stead
Inhoek hill
Inhoek populated place
Inhoek populated place
Inis farm
Injaka farm stead
Injambili River stream
Injambili stream
Injampela farm stead
Injasuti mountain
Injbulana lake
Injsuti mountain
Inkabeni hill
Inkamana mission
Inkberry farm stead
Inkbos populated place
Inkbosch Pan farm
Inkboschpan farm
Inkbospan farm stead
Inkbospan pan
Inkerman farm
Inkerman farm
Inkerman farm stead
Inkermann farm
Inketeni mountain
iNkiwane stream
iNkiwane intermittent stream
Inklazalyn farm
Inkleman farm stead
Inkom farm
Inkomba River stream
Inkomba stream
Inkomst farm
Inkongweni River stream
Inkongweni stream
Inkonjane hill
Inkonjeni Ridge mountain
Inkonya mountain
Inkonyana farm stead
Inkonyana hill
Inkonyana mountain
Inkonyemane mountain
Inkonza River stream
Inkonza railroad siding
Inkonza stream
Inkpan A farm
Inkpan farm
Inkpan pan
Inkriep farm stead
Inkruip farm
Inkruip farm
Inkruip farm
Inkruip farm stead
Inkruip farm stead
Inkruip hill
Inkruip peak
Inkruippiek peak
Inkruipsfontein populated place
Inkt pan
Inktpan hill
Inktpan pan
Inkulu peaks
Inkumba populated place
Inkunzana populated place
Inkunzi River stream
Inkunzi stream
Inkwenkwe school
Inkwezi mission
Inkyanza River stream
Inlandsche Zee farm
Inlandsche Zee pan
Inlandse See farm stead
Inlandse See pan
Inlandsee pan
Inlesburg farm
Inlimpela farm stead
Inloop airfield
Inloop farm
Inloop farm
Inlunga mountain
Inmalkaar airfield
Inmalkaar farm
Inmalkaar farm
Innampura River stream
Inner Bar bar
Inner Horn peak
Inner Mitre mountain
Inner Mnweni Needle mountain
Inner Obelisk Point point
Inner Tower mountain
Innerleithen locality
Innes farm
Innes farm
Innesdale section of populated place
Innistore populated place
Inoke mission
Inon farm stead
Inqaba mission
Inqonqa Hill mountain
Inqonqa mountain
Inquara hill
Inqunqu Hill mountain
Inqunqu mountain
Insangu River stream
Insangu farm
Insangu stream
Insect farm
Insegeni River stream
Insegeni stream
Insekeni mountain
Insengeni stream
Insepe farm
Insese Lake lake
Inshlawe mountain
Insicht farm stead
Insig farm stead
Insikeni Forest wildlife reserve
Insikeni populated place
Insikeni wildlife reserve
Insikwebesi River stream
Insikwebesi stream
Insikwebesi stream
Insimane mission
Insimane stream
Insingezi farm
Insizwa Mine mine
Insizwa mountain
Insizwa populated place
Insoli mountain
Insomguluku hill
Insondwana hill
iNsonywana mountain
Inspiration farm stead
Insundugazi mountain
Insungwe mountain
Insuze stream
Insuzi populated place
Insuzi stream
Inswepe railroad station
Intaba Etsolo mountain
Intaba Yamesela hill
Intaba mountain
Intaba mountain
iNtababomvu mountain
iNtabamhlope peak
Intabamhlophe mountain
iNtabamhlophe mountain
Intabamnyama mountain
iNtabamnyama mountain
iNtabamnyama mountain
iNtabamnyana mountain
Intabayezulu mountain
Intake Ravine ravine
iNtalantala mountain
iNtandela hill
Intanyana mountain
Intemasi stream
iNtendelezane mountain
Intengi Hill hill
International Holiness mission
Intinini farm stead
Intinini stream
Intombi mountain
Intombia River stream
Intombia stream
Intongasi stream
Intoonsi mission
Intrantibus farm stead
iNtshamanzi railroad siding
iNtshambili stream
iNtshoza mountain
Intsimbini populated place
Intsoban hill
Intulembi farm
Intumbane Spruit intermittent stream
Intumbane intermittent stream
Intunja mountain
Intunsini hill
iNtuzuma mountain
Inungi Range mountains
Inungi farm stead
Inval farm
Inver Thomas farm
Inveraan farm
Inverbolo farm
Inverdoorn Dam reservoir
Inverdoorn farm stead
Invergwali farm
Inverkeithing farm stead
Inverket farm
Inverkillie farm stead
Invermema farm
Invermooi farm stead
Invernenty farm
Inverness farm
Inverness farm
Inverness farm stead
Inverquanti farm
Inversnaid farm
Inversnald farm
Inversome farm
Inversomo farm
Inverthorn farm stead
Inverugie railroad siding
Inveruren farm
Inverurie mountain
Invicta farm
Invicta farm stead
Invidia farm stead
Invoni hill
Inwabi mountain
Inxu Drift populated place
Inxu Gorge gorge
Inxu River stream
Inxu railroad siding
Inxu stream
Inxwana stream
Inyaka Valley valley
Inyaka farm stead
Inyaka hill
Inyakgezi stream
Inyalazi River stream
Inyamane Store populated place
Inyamane populated place
Inyamazane mountain
iNyambathi stream
Inyameti Pan lake
Inyanyadu mountain
Inyanyadu populated place
Inyanyatwa mountain
Inyara Forest Reserve forest reserve
Inyarha River stream
Inyarha stream
Inyati mountain
Inyezane railroad siding
Inyoka River stream
Inyoka stream
Inyoku Kopje hill
Inyoku farm
Inyoni River stream
Inyoni Station railroad station
Inyoni farm
Inyoni railroad station
Inyoni stream
Inyonyana Ridge mountains
Inyubulana Pan lake
Inyubulana lake
Inzana farm stead
Inzicht farm
Inzinga Falls waterfall
Inzinga River stream
Inzinga populated place
Inzinga stream

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