Isaacs Kolk - Iswin: South Africa

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Feature class
Isaacs Kolk farm
Isaacs Kolk farm stead
Isaacs Kraal farm
Isaaks Draai farm
Isabel populated place
Isabelladale farm
Isadale farm
Isadale farm stead
Isak Hattinghbrug bridge
Isak se Bank rock
Isak'sputs farm stead
Isakskolk farm stead
iSamasama mountain
Isandhlwana mission
Isandhlwana ruin
Isandhlwane stream
Isandlana ruin
Isandlwana Monument ruin
Isandlwana hill
Isandlwana mission
Isandlwana post office
Isandlwana populated place
Isandlwana ruin
Isando section of populated place
Isando railroad siding
Isangola River stream
iSangoyana railroad siding
Isangwana mountain
Isangwenyana mountain
Isanhlunhlu River stream
Isawil farm stead
Iscor industrial area
Iseleni River stream
Iseleni stream
Iseljie intermittent stream
Iseme farm
Isemme mountain
Isetje intermittent stream
Isezela River stream
Isezela railroad station
Isezela stream
Ishlelo farm
Ishoba hill
iShoba stream
Ishogwe populated place
Ishufi mountain
Isibeni farm
Isibeyela Spruit stream
Isibeyela stream
Isibindi stream
Isibula hill
Isidenge Bosboustasie populated place
Isidinge River intermittent stream
Isidonge Forest Reserve forest reserve
Isidule populated place
Isidumbeni Mission Reserve reserve
iSifuthu mountain
Isigidimi railroad siding
Isihele River stream
Isihlele stream
Isihlengeni farm
Isihlite populated place
Isihlito populated place
Isihlushwaneni mission
Isihoi farm
iSikhehlenga stream
Isikombi River stream
Isikota River stream
Isilati Spruit stream
Isilati stream
Isilimela mission
Isilindini populated place
iSilokomane mountain
Isilutshana Hill mountain
iSimambe mountain
Isimbeni hill
Isimenye mountain
Isinembe mountain
Isinembe populated place
Isinga farm
Isinuka populated place
Isipesi mountain
Isipezi mountain
Isipingo Beach beach
Isipingo Beach section of populated place
Isipingo River stream
Isipingo Village section of populated place
Isipingo farm
Isipingo farm
Isipingo farm stead
Isipingo section of populated place
Isipingo section of populated place
Isipingo railroad station
Isipingo stream
Isipofu hill
iSiqumba stream
Isitendeni railroad siding
iSithebe populated place
Isithele River stream
Isitumeni mountain
Isitundu mountain
Isitundukop farm stead
Isityam populated place
Isivuguvungu lake
Isivundu farm stead
Isivunguvungu Pan lake
Isivunguvungu lake
Island Blue Asbestos Mine mine
Island Blue Asbestos mine
Island Bush farm
Island Point point
Island Rock rock
Island Rock rock
Island View Channel marine channel
Island View Station railroad station
Island View farm stead
Island View section of populated place
Island View railroad station
Island island
Island point
Islay farm stead
Islay populated place
Islet farm
Islet farm stead
Isleworth farm
Islington farm
Islington farm
Islington farm stead
Islington populated place
Ismay farm stead
Ismont farm stead
Isnadin farm stead
Isnuka populated place
Isolated hill
Isonti stream
Ispongo populated place
Israelskop mountain
Israelspoort farm
Israelspoort farm stead
Israelspoort gorge
Israelspoort pass
Issy farm
Istegu Rocks hill
Istegurotse hill
Isteqo Rocks hill
Istequ Rocks hill
Isunkwe mountain
Isvimba farm
Iswene River stream
Iswene stream
Iswepe railroad station
Iswin railroad siding

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