Ly of Gly - Lytton: South Africa

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Feature class
Ly of Gly farm stead
Ly-of-Gly farm
Lyall farm stead
Lyden farm
Lydenburg Dorps Gronden area
Lydenburg Nature Reserve nature reserve
Lydenburg Natuurreservaat nature reserve
Lydenburg airfield
Lydenburg farm
Lydenburg populated place
Lydenburg railroad station
Lydgate farm stead
Lydiadal hill
Lydstone farm stead
Lyell farm
Lykso farm stead
Lylyveld farm
Lymington farm
Lymore Lodge farm stead
Lymore farm stead
Lymore-Lodge farm
Lyn se Hoek ravine
Lyn se Kloof ravine
Lyn farm
Lynch Blinder rock
Lynch Point point
Lynchfield populated place
Lynchfield railroad station
Lyndhurst farm
Lyndhurst farm
Lyndhurst farm stead
Lyndhurst farm stead
Lyndhurst populated place
Lyndhurst section of populated place
Lyndoch farm
Lyndoch farm
Lyndraai farm stead
Lynedoch airfield
Lynedoch railroad station
Lyngdal populated place
Lynington farm
Lynkloof railroad siding
Lynkop hill
Lynkop hill
Lynkop hill
Lynkop hill
Lynkoppie hill
Lynkrans cliff
Lynkrans cliff
Lynmouth farm stead
Lynn farm
Lynn farm
Lynnch farm
Lynndale farm
Lynndale railroad siding
Lynnfield Park populated place
Lynnville populated place
Lynnwood Manor section of populated place
Lynnwood section of populated place
Lynplaat locality
Lynplaats farm
Lynplaats farm
Lynpunt hill
Lynput farm stead
Lynputs farm stead
Lynspruit farm stead
Lynspruit stream
Lynton farm
Lynton farm stead
Lynton farm stead
Lynville populated place
Lynwood farm
Lynwood farm stead
Lynx Drift farm
Lynx Kolk farm
Lynx Leegte farm
Lynx Vlakte farm
Lyofgly airfield
Lyon farm
Lyon farm stead
Lyonnese farm
Lyons Rest farm stead
Lyons Rose populated place
Lyons farm
Lys Hoek farm
Lysrant hill
Lytham farm
Lyttelton farm
Lyttelton section of populated place
Lytton farm stead

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