Mbabala - Mbyashishirivier: South Africa

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Feature class
Mbabala stream
Mbabane stream
Mbabane intermittent stream
Mbabat populated place
Mbabatho seat of a first-order administrative division
Mbabati stream
Mbabazi stream
Mbabe stream
Mbachweni stream
Mbadango stream
Mbaga hill
Mbalana stream
Mbalane stream
Mbalane intermittent stream
Mbaleki railroad siding
Mbalisweni Ngqwashu mission
Mbalisweni post office
Mbamba mountain
Mbambinai intermittent stream
Mbancolo mission
Mbancolo populated place
Mbandana River stream
Mbandana populated place
Mbandana populated place
Mbandana stream
Mbande mission
Mbandweni intermittent stream
Mbandzweni spring
Mbanga mission
Mbangamaya farm stead
Mbangamaya mission
Mbangari hill
Mbangari water hole
Mbangcolo mission
Mbangcolo populated place
Mbango farm
Mbango populated place
Mbangwane populated place
Mbangweni populated place
Mbangweni populated place
Mbangweni populated place
Mbangweni populated place
Mbangweni populated place
Mbangweni stream
Mbanswe intermittent stream
Mbanyana River stream
Mbanyana populated place
Mbanyana stream
Mbanyaru populated place
Mbashe Hill mountain
Mbashe Point point
Mbashe populated place
Mbashe populated place
Mbashe populated place
Mbashe populated place
Mbashe populated place
Mbashe stream
Mbashe stream
Mbashee Point point
Mbatsi intermittent stream
Mbatsirivier intermittent stream
Mbatyi River stream
Mbatyi stream
Mbaula intermittent stream
Mbaulene mission
Mbawula intermittent stream
Mbaxa populated place
Mbaxeni stream
Mbayanee River stream
Mbazisa stream
Mbazo mountain
Mbazo stream
Mbazwana Plantation estate
Mbazwana populated place
Mbazwana storehouse
Mbazwana stream
Mbeamide River stream
Mbeamide stream
Mbebe populated place
Mbebe stream
Mbebe stream
Mbedle mountain
Mbega hill
Mbejisa intermittent stream
Mbeka hill
Mbekakanye populated place
Mbekeni populated place
Mbekwani railroad siding
Mbeleko hill
Mbeleni populated place
Mbeleni populated place
Mbelwane stream
Mbem's populated locality
Mbenga stream
Mbenge populated place
Mbengenis lake
Mbengula mission
Mbengwana mountain
Mbeni railroad siding
Mbetani intermittent stream
Mbetshisa intermittent stream
Mbeuleni mission
Mbewana populated place
Mbewu mountain
Mbewula populated place
Mbewuteni stream
Mbexa mission
Mbeyamide stream
Mbezi intermittent stream
Mbhadula hill
Mbhandweni intermittent stream
Mbhantshi stream
Mbhatsi border post
Mbhava farm stead
Mbhava farm stead
Mbhava stream
Mbhawula populated place
Mbhekamuzi stream
Mbhele Namahali populated place
Mbhokota farm stead
Mbhokota populated place
Mbholompe stream
Mbholompe stream
Mbhulanja populated place
Mbhumba railroad siding
Mbhungwana stream
Mbidlana populated place
Mbidlana populated place
Mbihli populated place
Mbila stream
Mbila stream
Mbila stream
Mbilaan hill
Mbilane mountain
Mbilane stream
Mbilane stream
Mbilane stream
Mbilanjani stream
Mbile Dipbak cattle dipping tank
Mbileni stream
Mbilini populated place
Mbimzana stream
Mbinene forest
Mbinene locality
Mbinja Nkolosana stream
Mbinja populated place
Mbinja stream
Mbinza stream
Mbinzaan Poort pass
Mbinzana mission
Mbinzana populated place
Mbiolana populated place
Mbiswe populated place
Mbiteni intermittent stream
Mbityana populated place
Mbixini hill
Mbiza farm stead
Mbiza mountain
Mbiza point
Mbiza stream
Mbiza stream
Mbizana Forest forest reserve
Mbizana River stream
Mbizana stream
Mbizana stream
Mbizana stream
Mbizana stream
Mbizana stream
Mbizane River stream
Mbizane stream
Mbizane stream
Mbizane stream
Mbizeni locality
Mbizeni populated place
Mbizeni populated place
Mbizunkulu stream
Mbizweni mountain
Mbizweni stream
Mblohyane stream
Mbo Hill mountain
Mbo hill
Mbobe intermittent stream
Mbobeleni populated place
Mbobeni mission
Mbobheleni populated place
Mbobheni populated place
Mbobo populated place
Mbobokane stream
Mbodi River intermittent stream
Mbodi intermittent stream
Mbodirivier intermittent stream
Mbodla point
Mbodlana populated place
Mbodlana stream
Mbodleni populated place
Mbodleni populated place
Mbodleni stream
Mbodwene mission
Mbokazi populated place
Mboketwana mission
Mbokodweni stream
Mbokota populated place
Mbokothi intermittent stream
Mbokotwa stream
Mbokotwana Mission mission
Mbokotwana mission
Mbokotwana mission
Mbokotwana populated place
Mbokotwana populated place
Mbokotwana populated place
Mbokotwane mission
Mbokotwe railroad siding
Mboleni populated place
Mbolobeni hill
Mbolompo Point point
Mbolompo populated place
Mbolonga Hill mountain
Mbombo Ridge mountain
Mbombo populated place
Mbona farm
Mbona mountain
Mbonambi Beach beach
Mbonambi mission
Mbonda mission
Mbondwana hill
Mbondweni mission
Mboneni stream
Mbongo hill
Mbongola hill
Mbongolwana hill
Mbongolwane Mission mission
Mbongolwane Peak mountain
Mbongolwane mission
Mbongolwane mountain
Mbongolwane populated place
Mbongolwane ridge
Mbongozi intermittent stream
Mbongweni hill
Mbongweni populated place
Mbongweni populated place
Mbongweni populated place
Mbongweni railroad siding
Mbongweni stream
Mbonja Peak mountain
Mbonja mountain
Mbonje hill
Mbopoleni populated place
Mbotsheni locality
Mbotyi populated place
Mbotyi stream
Mbotyi stream
Mboxo School populated place
Mboxo Skool populated place
Mboya populated place
Mboyi locality
Mboza populated place
Mbozana hill
Mbozi populated place
Mbozisa populated place
Mbozisa populated place
Mbozisa populated place
Mbozisa intermittent stream
Mbozizeni populated place
Mbozolo populated place
Mbuba mountain
Mbude school
Mbudini Buttress mountain
Mbudini stream
Mbudle stream
Mbugani farm stead
Mbujini populated place
Mbukwini lake
Mbule Paterson mission
Mbulu Paterson mission
Mbulu hill
Mbulu populated place
Mbulu populated locality
Mbulu stream
Mbulukweza populated place
Mbulula railroad siding
Mbulunga hill
Mbulungeni mountain
Mbulwa farm stead
Mbulwana hill
Mbulwana mountain
Mbulwini ridge
Mbulwini stream
Mbumba Hill hill
Mbumba hill
Mbumba railroad siding
Mbumbasi River stream
Mbumbasi populated place
Mbumbasi stream
Mbumbatsa populated place
Mbumbazi mountain
Mbumbazi populated place
Mbumbazi stream
Mbumbu stream
Mbumbulu mountain
Mbundini stream
Mbungweni hill
Mbutu II hill
Mbutu hill
Mbutuma mountain
Mbutweni populated place
Mbuzana Hill hill
Mbuzana hill
Mbuzane hill
Mbuzi hill
Mbuzi mission
Mbuzini hill
Mbuzini populated place
Mbuzini populated place
Mbuzini ridge
Mbuzini intermittent stream
Mbuzulwane stream
Mbwedi River intermittent stream
Mbwedi intermittent stream
Mbwedirivier intermittent stream
Mbyamiti Wes water hole
Mbyamiti stream
Mbyamiti intermittent stream
Mbyashishirivier stream

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