Nyabutsi - Nyweiheid: South Africa

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Feature class
Nyabutsi farm stead
Nyabutsi intermittent stream
Nyabutzi intermittent stream
Nyahalwe intermittent stream
Nyahlarurivier intermittent stream
Nyaka locality
Nyakuzila mission
Nyala mine
Nyaladza intermittent stream
Nyalasa populated place
Nyalazi Plantation forest reserve
Nyalazi River populated place
Nyalazi River railroad siding
Nyalazi River stream
Nyalazi Staatsbos forest
Nyalazi railroad siding
Nyalazi stream
Nyalazirivier railroad siding
Nyalingeni populated place
Nyalisa farm stead
Nyalissa farm stead
Nyaliza farm stead
Nyamagazi mountain
Nyamakazi mountain
Nyamane hill
Nyamane stream
Nyamane stream
Nyamasaan farm
Nyamasaan populated place
Nyamatha mountain
Nyamazaan farm stead
Nyamazane Hill hill
Nyamazane Ridge ridge
Nyamazane populated place
Nyambasi stream
Nyambasi stream
Nyame mountain
Nyamende mountain
Nyameni River stream
Nyameni populated place
Nyameni stream
Nyameni intermittent stream
Nyamiti lake
Nyamnvulo-panne water hole
Nyamnyulo intermittent stream
Nyamondwa intermittent stream
Nyamvubu stream
Nyana populated locality
Nyana intermittent stream
Nyana intermittent stream
Nyanada hill
Nyandeni mission
Nyandeni populated place
Nyandeni stream
Nyandi stream
Nyandu area
Nyandu stream
Nyanga section of populated place
Nyanga railroad station
Nyanga intermittent stream
Nyangane intermittent stream
Nyango hill
Nyango stream
Nyangomo hill
Nyangweni B hill
Nyangweni hill
Nyangweni populated place
Nyaninga railroad siding
Nyaniso locality
Nyaniso populated place
Nyanisos populated place
Nyanisos populated place
Nyanisweni mountain
Nyanisweni populated place
Nyantshi intermittent stream
Nyanyadu farm stead
Nyanyadu mountain
Nyanyadu populated place
Nyanyana stream
Nyanyeni mountain
Nyanyoka intermittent stream
Nyanzela populated place
Nyara Forest Reserve forest reserve
Nyara River stream
Nyara stream
Nyara intermittent stream
Nyara intermittent stream
Nyareni populated place
Nyarhini intermittent stream
Nyari intermittent stream
Nyase mountain
Nyashana stream
Nyasini populated place
Nyathikazi hill
Nyati Mountains mountains
Nyatsifontein farm
Nyatyom intermittent stream
Nyatyora Location populated locality
Nyatyora locality
Nyaweni mission
Nyawushane stream
Nyawutsi intermittent stream
Nyazi stream
Nyculu stream
Nyegqeni populated place
Nyegqili populated place
Nyembe farm
Nyembe mountain
Nyembezi stream
Nyembi populated place
Nyenes farm
Nyeninga railroad siding
Nyenyezi stream
Nyesuthi mountain
Nyetane intermittent stream
Nyezane railroad siding
Nyezane stream
Nyezane intermittent stream
Nyezi mountain
Nyezo stream
Nyhoffa Bult farm stead
Nyhoffs Bult farm
Nyhoffsbult farm stead
Nyhwara stream
Nyibibeni intermittent stream
Nyidlana farm stead
Nyidlana farm stead
Nyiginye mountain
Nyindlana area
Nyitinye mountain
Nyiweni populated place
Nyl stream
Nylrivier stream
Nylrivier intermittent stream
Nyls Vly farm
Nylsoog farm stead
Nylsoog farm stead
Nylsoog farm stead
Nylsoog farm stead
Nylstroom Town and Townlands farm
Nylstroom airfield
Nylstroom populated place
Nylsvley farm
Nylsvley farm stead
Nymanskraal populated place
Nymegen farm
Nymyiba mission
Nyoka railroad siding
Nyoka intermittent stream
Nyokana populated place
Nyokaneni stream
Nyoke populated place
Nyoko hill
Nyokokoppie hill
Nyokosela populated place
Nyokweni populated place
Nyokweni stream
Nyongo stream
Nyongweni Location reserve
Nyoni River stream
Nyoni Rocks rocks
Nyoni hill
Nyoni populated place
Nyoni railroad station
Nyonyana Ridge mountains
Nyonyana mountain
Nyonyana mountains
Nyonyana intermittent stream
Nyosana River stream
Nyosana stream
Nyosini populated place
Nyosini stream
Nyra farm
Nysdie farm stead
Nyuhutsi stream
Nyulula farm stead
Nyulula hill
Nyululu farm stead
Nyulutsi stream
Nyumaga populated place
Nyumaga populated place
Nyungwi hill
Nyunyani hill
Nyushwini populated place
Nyutura area
Nyutura populated place
Nyutura stream
Nyverheid farm
Nyverheid farm
Nywara populated place
Nywara populated place
Nywara stream
Nywara stream
Nyweiheid farm

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