Otavi - Otyants: South Africa

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Feature class
Otavi mine
Oteniekwa populated place
Oteniekwa railroad siding
Otezell farm stead
Othawa airfield
Othawa farm
Othawa farm stead
Othello farm
Otherworld farm
Othillia farm
Othini mountain
Otimati populated place
Otimati stream
Otimatu stream
Otinsangu hill
Otinsangu mountain
Otobotini farm stead
Ottaspoort pass
Ottawa Station railroad station
Ottawa farm
Ottawa farm
Ottawa populated place
Ottawa railroad station
Otteburne farm stead
Ottensville populated place
Otter intermittent stream
Otterbaai bay
Otterbaai bay
Otterbank intermittent stream
Otterburn Number 2 farm
Otterburn Number Two farm
Otterburn farm
Otterburn farm
Otterburn farm
Otterburn farm stead
Otterburn farm stead
Otterburn populated place
Otterburn populated place
Otterburn railroad siding
Otterdam reserve
Otterfontein farm
Otterfontein farm
Otterford Bosreserwe forest
Otterford Forest Reserve forest
Otterford Forestry Station forest station
Otterford State Forest forest
Otterford farm
Otterford populated place
Ottergat farm stead
Otterhoek farm stead
Otterkuil farm stead
Otterkuil farm stead
Otterkuil locality
Otterpan pan
Otterpan pan
Otterpanberge hills
Otterskuilen farm
Otterspoortspruit stream
Otterspruit intermittent stream
Ottery Station railroad station
Ottery section of populated place
Ottery railroad station
Otthilie farm
Otto Bobbertsbrug bridge
Otto's Bluff farm
Otto's Bluff mountain
Otto's Bluff railroad siding
Otto's Kopje mine
Otto farm
Ottosdal farm
Ottosdal farm stead
Ottosdal populated place
Ottosdal railroad station
Ottosdrif populated place
Ottosdrift populated place
Ottoshoek farm
Ottoshoop farm stead
Ottoshoop hill
Ottoshoop populated place
Ottoshoop railroad station
Ottoskloof farm
Ottowa farm
Otyants intermittent stream

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