Piano Rocks - Pivaanspoort: South Africa

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Feature class
Piano Rocks rocks
Pic Blanc peak
Pic van Teneriffe farm
Picardi farm stead
Picardi farm stead
Picardie farm
Picardie farm stead
Picardy farm
Piccadilly farm stead
Piccadilly farm stead
Picket Hill hill
Pickfontein farm
Pickfontein farm stead
Pickum farm
Picnic Point point
Picnic railroad siding
Pidgeon Rocks farm stead
Pidgeon Rocks mountain
Pidwa hill
Pie Hock populated place
Pie'Knyp locality
Pie'Knyp locality
Pie'Knyp locality
Piedmont Estates farm stead
Piedmont farm
Piehaarsfontein farm
Piekeniers Kloof valley
Piekenierskloof farm
Piekenierskloofpas pass
Piekespruit stream
Piekniekkloof ravine
Piekniekkop hill
Piekniekkop hill
Piekniekskloof pass
Piekniekval cliff
Piekolerskloof valley
Pieksdal farm
Pielbaken locality
Pienaar's River populated place
Pienaar farm
Pienaar farm
Pienaarfontein West farm
Pienaars Berg farm
Pienaars Bult farm
Pienaars Fontein farm
Pienaars Fontein farm
Pienaars Kloof farm
Pienaars Pan farm
Pienaars Poort farm
Pienaars River stream
Pienaars stream
Pienaars stream
Pienaars stream
Pienaars intermittent stream
Pienaars stream
Pienaarsberg Mountains mountains
Pienaarsberg mountains
Pienaarsbult farm stead
Pienaarsdam farm stead
Pienaarsfontein se Berge mountains
Pienaarsfontein West farm
Pienaarsfontein West farm
Pienaarsfontein farm
Pienaarsfontein farm
Pienaarsfontein farm
Pienaarsfontein farm stead
Pienaarshoek locality
Pienaarshoek locality
Pienaarskloof farm
Pienaarskloof ravine
Pienaarskloof ravine
Pienaarskloof intermittent stream
Pienaarskloof valley
Pienaarskloof valley
Pienaarskloofrivier intermittent stream
Pienaarskraal farm stead
Pienaarskuil farm
Pienaarspan farm stead
Pienaarspoort farm
Pienaarspoort farm
Pienaarspoort mountains
Pienaarspoort pass
Pienaarspoort pass
Pienaarspoort railroad siding
Pienaarspoortrivier intermittent stream
Pienaarsrivier Nedersetting populated locality
Pienaarsrivier farm
Pienaarsrivier farm stead
Pienaarsrivier populated place
Pienaarsrivier populated place
Pienaarsrivier railroad station
Pienaarsrivier stream
Pienaarsrivier intermittent stream
Pienaarsrivier intermittent stream
Pienaarsrivier stream
Pienaarsrivierdam reservoir
Pienaarsvlei farm stead
Pienaarsvlei farm stead
Piene hill
Piensrand hill
Piensrand populated place
Piensrant hill
Pieriesfontein farm
Pieringkloof ravine
Pieringkop mountain
Pierings populated place
Pierre van Ryneveld airport
Piesandhoek farm
Piesang River stream
Piesang stream
Piesangfontein farm
Piesanghoek farm stead
Piesangkop mountain
Piesangkop mountain
Piesangrivier stream
Pieserton House populated place
Piet Africa's Dam farm
Piet Albert se Kolk locality
Piet Gouwsdam reservoir
Piet Jaer hill
Piet James se Werf locality
Piet Kadies Drift ford
Piet Kadiesdrif ford
Piet Kuil farm
Piet Louw's Cyfer farm
Piet Louws Vley farm
Piet Louwse Vlei farm stead
Piet Masoolspan pan
Piet Mietaskop hill
Piet Mol farm stead
Piet Plessis populated place
Piet Potgietersrust Town & Townlands farm
Piet Retief se Graf ruin
Piet Retief se Huis ruin
Piet Retief airport
Piet Retief farm
Piet Retief populated place
Piet Retief railroad station
Piet Rogs Bay bay
Piet Rogsbaai bay
Piet Rooi's Puts farm
Piet Rooisberg hill
Piet Rooisputs farm stead
Piet se Baai bay
Piet se Bank rock
Piet se Bos populated place
Piet se Kloof ravine
Piet se Kop hill
Piet se Kop hill
Piet se Kop hill
Piet se Kop hill
Piet se Kop hill
Piet se Plaat locality
Piet se Plek shoal
Piet se Pos locality
Piet se Put locality
Piet se Werf locality
Piet Zijn Kop hill
Piet Zyl Drift farm
Piet Zyn Drift farm stead
Piet Zyn Kop hill
Piet farm
Pietboy hill
Pieter Francois farm
Pieter Maritzburg airport
Pieter Meintjes Fontein farm
Pieter Meintjes railroad station
Pieter Schalk farm stead
Pieter se Poort pass
Pieter Willem Botha Lughawe airport
Pietercielies Kloof farm
Pieterciellieskloof farm
Pieterfonteinrivier intermittent stream
Pieterman farm
Pietermann farm
Pietermaritsburg seat of a first-order administrative division
Pietermaritzburg Townlands area
Pietermaritzburg seat of a first-order administrative division
Pietermeintjies railroad station
Pieterrust farm
Pieters Hoek farm
Pieters Hoek farm stead
Pieters River farm stead
Pieters Rust farm stead
Pieters se Laagte intermittent stream
Pieters railroad station
Pietersberg hill
Pietersburg airport
Pietersburg farm
Pietersburg farm
Pietersburg farm stead
Pietersburg farm stead
Pietersburg seat of a first-order administrative division
Pietersdaal farm
Pietersdaal farm stead
Pietersdal farm stead
Pietersdal farm stead
Pietersdal farm stead
Pietersdeel farm stead
Pietersen's Kraal farm
Pietersfontein Dam reservoir
Pietersfontein farm stead
Pietersfontein farm stead
Pietersfonteinrivier intermittent stream
Pietersgift farm stead
Pietersklip farm
Pietersklip farm stead
Pieterskop hill
Pieterskop hill
Pieterskop hill
Pieterskop populated place
Pieterskraal farm
Pieterskraal farm stead
Pieterskraalrivier intermittent stream
Pietersrivier stream
Pietersrivier intermittent stream
Pietersrus airfield
Pietersrus farm stead
Pietersrust (1) farm stead
Pietersrust (2) farm stead
Pietersrust farm
Pietersrust farm
Pietersrust farm
Pietersrust farm stead
Pietersrust farm stead
Pietersville farm
Pietersville farm stead
Piets Gat farm
Piets Hoek farm
Piets Kraal farm
Piets Laagte farm
Piets intermittent stream
Pietsberg se Kloof ravine
Pietsberg hill
Pietsgat se Leegte intermittent stream
Pietshoop railroad siding
Pietskop hill
Pietslaagte stream
Pietslaagterivier intermittent stream
Pietspan farm stead
Pietsrivier intermittent stream
Piezang Rivier farm
Piezang stream
Pifane populated place
Piffway populated place
Pifinindini farm
Pigeon Hole farm
Pigeon Hole farm stead
Piggot's Bridge farm stead
Piggotts Bridge farm stead
Piggottsbrug Bridge farm stead
Pigment mine
Pigot Park farm
Pigotsbrug farm stead
Pigott's Bridge farm stead
Pigumbayo farm stead
Pike's Kop hill
Piketberg airfield
Piketberg mountain
Piketberg mountains
Piketberg populated place
Piketberg railroad station
Piketburg populated place
Piksteekuil farm stead
Piksteel Kuil farm
Pilaar se Punte hill
Pilaarkop hill
Pilaarkop peak
Pilaarsberg mountain
Pilandsberg abandoned mine
Pilandsberg mountain
Pilanesberg Game Reserve nature reserve
Pilanesberg mountain
Pilanesberg mountains
Pilanesberg populated place
Pilansberg mountains
Pilansberg populated place
Pilanyan farm
Pilanyan farm stead
Pilanyan farm stead
Pilanyan mountain
Pile Hill farm
Pile Hill mountain
Pile populated place
Pileton farm
Pilgrems Rust farm stead
Pilgrim's Rest populated place
Pilgrims Hill hill
Pilgrims Hoop farm
Pilgrims Rust farm
Pilgrimsrest farm stead
Pilgrimsrust farm
Pilgrimsrust populated place
Pillar Cave cave
Pillion Ridge mountain
Pilot railroad station
Pilots Roost farm stead
Pilwane hill
Pimlico farm
Pimlico mountain
Pimont farm
Pimple Hill hill
Pimville populated place
Pinacle Point point
Pinaclepunt point
Pincushion Hill mountain
Pindas farm stead
Pindo farm stead
Pindu farm stead
Pine Cleugh populated place
Pine Grove farm stead
Pine Grove farm stead
Pine Tops populated place
Pinedale farm
Pinedene railroad station
Pinedene populated place
Pinegrove farm stead
Pinegrove populated place
Pinehurst farm
Pinelands Station railroad station
Pinelands farm stead
Pinelands populated place
Pinelands section of populated place
Pinelands railroad station
Pinetown populated place
Pineview populated place
Pinewood populated place
Pini Spruit stream
Pini stream
Pink Valley farm
Pink Valley farm stead
Pinkie farm
Pinkie populated place
Pinksterhoek farm stead
Pinnacle Point point
Pinnacle Ridge mountain
Pioneer Kop hill
Pioneer farm
Pioneer farm stead
Pioneer railroad siding
Pioneers Outpost farm stead
Pipe Klip Berg farm
Pipe Kop mountain
Pipe farm
Piquetberg farm
Piquetberg mountains
Piquetberg populated place
Piramide farm
Piramide farm stead
Pirelli farm
Pirie Hain Forest forest
Pirie Main Forest Reserve forest reserve
Pirie Mission mission
Pirie locality
Pirie mission
Pirie populated locality
Pirie railroad siding
Pisa farm
Pisang River stream
Pisang stream
Pisang-hoek farm stead
Pisga farm
Pisgah farm
Pisgah mountain
Pisgah populated place
Pisgoed Vlakte farm
Pispoort pass
Pisterskop mountain
Pistor farm
Pistor farm stead
Pitcairn farm
Piti intermittent stream
Pitikazana stream
Pitsane populated place
Pitsaneng Pass pass
Pitsaneng pass
Pitsaneng populated place
Pitsaneng stream
Pitsani populated place
Pitsaning Pass pass
Pitsedisulejang populated place
Pitsedisulejang stream
Pitseng Pass pass
Pitseng Pass pass
Pitseng Rocks hills
Pitseng Rocks mountain
Pitseng locality
Pitshaneng populated place
Pitsi mountain
Pitsing Rocks mountain
Pitsong populated place
Pitsong stream
Pittam farm
Pittsville farm stead
Pittville farm
Pittville farm stead
Piva farm stead
Pivaans Poort farm
Pivaans River stream
Pivaans Water Val farm
Pivaans stream
Pivaansbad farm
Pivaanspoort farm
Pivaanspoort farm
Pivaanspoort farm

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