Una - Unyango: South Africa

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Feature class
Una farm
Unamfu River stream
Unamfu stream
Uncle's Gift farm stead
Undanyan Hill hill
Undatja Hill hill
Underberg populated place
Underbrow farm
Underchurch farm
Underchurch farm stead
Underwood farm stead
Undota Hill mountain
Undula farm
Undumbi mission
Undwesa-point point
Unglyeza farm stead
Unibell railroad siding
Unie Van Suid-Afrika independent political entity
Unie farm
Uniedal populated place
Uniedam farm
Uniefeesdam reservoir
Uniepark populated place
Uniesoutpan lake
Unified railroad station
Union Cave cave
Union Hill farm stead
Union Mica Mine mine
Union Minerals mine
Union of South Africa independent political entity
Union Plats airfield
Union Valley farm stead
Union farm
Union farm
Union farm
Union populated place
Union populated place
Union railroad siding
Uniondale Poort pass
Uniondale Road populated place
Uniondale Road railroad siding
Uniondale farm
Uniondale farm stead
Uniondale populated place
Uniondale populated place
Uniondaleweg populated place
Uniondaleweg railroad siding
Uniondalewegstasie railroad siding
Unions End locality
Unions End spring
Unitas farm
United Jack mine
United School school
Unity farm
Universitas section of populated place
Universiteit van die Noorde college
University College of Zululand college
University of Cape Town college
University of Fort Hare college
University of the North college
University of the Western Cape college
University of Zululand college
Unoma Hill hill
Unoma hill
uNontethe mountain
Unophonjwana hill
uNothongo stream
Unphonjwana hill
Unswanye mountain
uNtabebomvu mountain
uNtabebomvu mountain
Unton mine
uNtontonto intermittent stream
Untunjambili populated place
Unyango Hill hill
Unyango hill

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