Tabe - Tawalolo: Timor-Leste

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Feature class
Tabe populated place
Tabere populated place
Tafara Ain estuary
Tahagamo populated place
Tahuro mountain
Taibesi section of populated place
Taimea populated place
Taiubu populated place
Takasana populated place
Taknebo populated place
Talaubu populated place
Talebo populated place
Taleta populated place
Talifelo populated place
Talifelo populated place
Talilaran populated place
Talimoro populated place
Talioan populated place
Talioan populated place
Talite populated place
Talitu Lama populated place
Talitu populated place
Talo populated place
Taman Makam Pahlawan Baucau cemetery
Tamaro Lama populated place
Tamaro populated place
Tamitaro populated place
Tanalale populated place
Tancae populated place
Tandjoeng Apile point
Tandjoeng Bandura point
Tandjoeng Batoe Poetih point
Tandjoeng Batoelis point
Tandjoeng Beaso point
Tandjoeng Beasso point
Tandjoeng Bigono point
Tandjoeng Bundura point
Tandjoeng Chater point
Tandjoeng Chater point
Tandjoeng Curo point
Tandjoeng Fatoe Beroe point
Tandjoeng Goe Ilo point
Tandjoeng Hero point
Tandjoeng Laivai point
Tandjoeng Laleta point
Tandjoeng Lalete point
Tandjoeng Mau Doeki point
Tandjoeng Parimbala point
Tandjoeng Sevivara point
Tandjoeng Sewirawa point
Tandjung Batu Puti point
Tandjung Batu Putih point
Tandjung Belwi Aso point
Tandjung Branca point
Tandjung Fatu Beru point
Tandjung Fatu Cama point
Tandjung Fatu Kama point
Tandjung Guilo point
Tandjung Loetoeroe Wati point
Tandjung Manemara point
Tandjung Mauduqui Motael point
Tanjung Aimocomenu point
Tanjung Batuboroilo point
Tanjung Batucopa point
Tanjung Bauc cape
Tanjung Bondura point
Tanjung Buicocolie point
Tanjung Camatara point
Tanjung Cusso Legar point
Tanjung Cutcha point
Tanjung Deilukun point
Tanjung Fatsun cape
Tanjung Gaa point
Tanjung Garimara point
Tanjung Halan point
Tanjung Hasalaeana point
Tanjung Hatene point
Tanjung Hero point
Tanjung Ima point
Tanjung Iracura point
Tanjung Iracuro point
Tanjung Khatu point
Tanjung Khatu point
Tanjung Lacabaha point
Tanjung Lai Aco point
Tanjung Laidalu point
Tanjung Laivai point
Tanjung Laletek point
Tanjung Liarua point
Tanjung Lipaupar point
Tanjung Lubanbatu point
Tanjung Luca point
Tanjung Luturevati point
Tanjung Luturovati point
Tanjung Marpari point
Tanjung Maufo point
Tanjung Mutu point
Tanjung Nila point
Tanjung Niqui point
Tanjung Nunu point
Tanjung Orgateman point
Tanjung Perapoco point
Tanjung Poro point
Tanjung Salaun point
Tanjung Sanakiana point
Tanjung Santuantoneo point
Tanjung Sapuru point
Tanjung Sewirawa point
Tanjung Sica point
Tanjung Suai cape
Tanjung Taileu point
Tanjung Tchetche point
Tanjung Tei point
Tanjung Tutono point
Tanjung Uairakatol point
Tanjung Uelaluc point
Tanjung Varasira point
Tanjung Waiaka point
Tanjung Waimori point
Tanjung Waturubilai point
Tanjung Wecmodoc headland
Tanusa populated place
Taolen populated place
Taosero populated place
Tapo populated place
Tapo populated place
Tapo populated place
Tapoabe populated place
Tapoboten populated place
Tapoinea populated place
Tarabula mountain
Tarabula populated place
Tarabula populated place
Taradae populated place
Taradae populated place
Taradiga populated place
Tarmausoru populated place
Taroman populated place
Taruik Aiaulubein hill
Taruik Aidele mountain
Taruik Aimaten hill
Taruik Babau hill
Taruik Baihuanlaun hill
Taruik Baubililaun hill
Taruik Baupaklaun hill
Taruik Beluai hill
Taruik Beulo mountain
Taruik Bibilaun hill
Taruik Blaelakatlaun hill
Taruik Bukulai Besar hill
Taruik Bukulai Kecil hill
Taruik Bulawaun mountain
Taruik Dulauf hill
Taruik Fatimandiri mountain
Taruik Fatubesi hill
Taruik Fatudutun hill
Taruik Fatulagung hill
Taruik Fatuperkasa hill
Taruik Fomatlaun hill
Taruik Haturame mountain
Taruik Irlelolaun hill
Taruik Irtelolan hill
Taruik Kakauman hill
Taruik Kotaana hill
Taruik Kotabot hill
Taruik Kotanalaun hill
Taruik Laharuiti hill
Taruik Lauhuen hill
Taruik Leilurun mountain
Taruik Leloban hill
Taruik Loabeitun mountain
Taruik Lowedar mountain
Taruik Malelik mountain
Taruik Manehat mountain
Taruik Mortaun mountain
Taruik Ososolaun hill
Taruik Panahi hill
Taruik Panetah hill
Taruik Ratrameak hill
Taruik Remiaklaun hill
Taruik Semautlaun hill
Taruik Sese mountain
Taruik Simulaun hill
Taruik Solpu mountain
Taruik Tikarlaun hill
Taruik Tirlolo mountain
Taruik Webau hill
Taruik Wirena mountain
Tashilin populated place
Tasmil populated place
Tasmil populated place
Tasqolo populated place
Tata Mailau mountain
Tatabaoria populated place
Tatadere populated place
Tataeulu populated place
Tataeulu populated place
Tatalalarin populated place
Tatamailalau mountain
Tatilsame populated place
Tatiri Baru populated place
Tatiri Lama populated place
Tatodere populated place
Taubere populated place
Taumrian populated place
Tautalo populated place
Tawalolo populated place

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