Arab-Kala - Arzuv: Turkmenistan

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Feature class
Arab-Kala populated place
Arab-Khana populated place
Araki populated place
Arap populated place
Arap-Kala populated place
Arap-Kala populated place
Arapchuk populated place
Arapkhana populated place
Archin'yak populated place
Archin'yan populated place
Archin populated place
Archin populated place
Archman populated place
Arius stream
Arna stream
Arnasay gorge
Arpaklen populated place
Arpaklon populated place
Arra well
Arty-Kumbez ruin
Artyk populated place
Arvaz stream
Arychagyl populated place
Aryk Aadzhi ditch
Aryk Adzhi ditch
Aryk Adzhiyab irrigation ditch
Aryk Adzhyyab irrigation ditch
Aryk Ashir irrigation ditch
Aryk At-Gran ditch
Aryk Aul'ye-Yab ditch
Aryk Aulie-Yab ditch
Aryk Bergutli-Yab section of stream
Aryk Bergutliyap section of stream
Aryk Boz canal
Aryk Chaudar irrigation ditch
Aryk Chelyar ditch
Aryk Dar'ya-Bash ditch
Aryk Deyston irrigation ditch
Aryk Gudzhiussa irrigation ditch
Aryk Kara-Kul' ditch
Aryk Kara-Makhmut canal
Aryk Kecheli-Dzhar ditch
Aryk Kichaga ditch
Aryk Kichiga ditch
Aryk Kurban"yap irrigation ditch
Aryk Kurban'yab irrigation ditch
Aryk Kurbangaz irrigation ditch
Aryk Kyzyl-Kaukhana canal
Aryk Naukhana ditch
Aryk Olan ditch
Aryk Orun irrigation ditch
Aryk Shavat canal
Aryk Suleyman ditch
Aryk Sysmas ditch
Aryk Tat'-Yab ditch
Aryk Verkhne-Charshaginskiy irrigation ditch
Aryk Zakir ditch
Arykagyl populated place
Arzuv populated place

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