Vorderdietzberg - Vordorf - Geographical Names, map, geographic coordinates

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Country Feature class
Vorderdietzberg Germany populated place
Vorderdimbach Austria populated place
Vorderdohr Germany populated place
Vorderdorf Germany populated place
Vordere Alb Germany upland
Vordere Allmend Germany populated locality
Vordere Aschbach Alpe Austria hut
Vordere Asten Austria populated place
Vordere Barenlieb Germany forest
Vordere Bauhohe Germany hill
Vordere Berge Germany hills
Vordere Bratschen Austria slope
Vordere Bucht French Southern and Antarctic Lands marine channel
Vordere Ebeneralm Austria grazing area
Vordere Einodsberg Alpe Germany hut
Vordere Entschen Alpe Germany hut
Vordere Finitz Alpe Austria hut
Vordere Flitzenalm Austria grazing area
Vordere Gimbachalm Austria hut
Vordere Gleissenburg Germany farm
Vordere Gotschal Alm Austria hut
Vordere Gottschal Alm Austria hut
Vordere Guslarspitze Austria peak
Vordere Haslen Germany populated place
Vordere Heide Germany heath
Vordere Heide Germany heath
Vordere Herlas Germany farm
Vordere Hiener Germany mountain
Vordere Hintereisspitze Austria peak
Vordere Hirschlitten Austria populated place
Vordere Holl Austria gorge
Vordere Kaiser Austria ridge
Vordere Kapell Alpe Austria hut
Vordere Kapp Germany hill
Vordere Kaser Hoch Alm Austria hut
Vordere Kendlspitze Austria peak
Vordere Kesselboden Alpe Austria hut
Vordere Krotten-Alpe Germany hut
Vordere Krumbach Alpe Germany hut
Vordere Langeck Germany mountain
Vordere Lassacher Alm Austria hut
Vordere Leier Austria mountain
Vordere Lobspitze Austria peak
Vordere Marzenburg Germany forest
Vordere Michlbachspitze Austria peak
Vordere Mooskofel Austria peak
Vordere Ochsenalm Austria grazing area
Vordere Ochsenflecke Austria locality
Vordere Olgrubenspitzen Austria peaks
Vordere Partschenhorner Germany hill
Vordere Pitschenbergalm Austria hut
Vordere Plassen Austria peak
Vordere Plattein Spitze Austria peak
Vordere Pollesalm Austria hut
Vordere Priel Alpe Austria hut
Vordere Rendlspitze Austria mountain
Vordere Rhon Germany mountains
Vordere Ringersgund Alpe Germany hut
Vordere Rote Berge Namibia mountain
Vordere Saigerin Austria valley
Vordere Santen Austria cliff
Vordere Scharnitz-Alpe Germany hut
Vordere Schlicht Spitze Germany peak
Vordere Schlichtenkarspitze Germany peak
Vordere Schlichtenkarspitze Germany peak
Vordere Schwaighutte Austria hut
Vordere Schwarzachen Germany stream
Vordere See Alpe Germany hut
Vordere Sommeralm Austria grazing area
Vordere Spiegelwand Austria cliff
Vordere Spitz Alpe Austria hut
Vordere Starkhutte Austria hut
Vordere Steinkar Spitze Austria mountain
Vordere Striegler Alm Austria hut
Vordere Striegler Austria hut
Vordere Strimshutte Austria hut
Vordere Sulztalalm Austria hut
Vordere Tarrentonalm Austria hut
Vordere Taufersberg Alpe Germany hut
Vordere Teiche Germany ponds
Vordere Tormauer Austria gorge
Vordere Toss Switzerland stream
Vordere Trojeralm Austria hut
Vordere Vemel Germany hill
Vordere Wart Germany hill
Vordere Waschlkarspitze Austria peak
Vordere Wiedhag Alpe Germany hut
Vordere Zugriegel Almen Austria huts
Vordere Zugrieglalmen Austria huts
Vordere-Dalsen-Alpe Germany hut
Vordereben Austria populated place
Vordereben Austria populated place
Vordereben Germany populated place
Vordereck Austria farm
Vordereck Germany farm
Vordereck Germany locality
Vorderegg Germany populated place
Vordereggelburg Germany populated place
Vordereggeten Germany populated place
Vordereich Germany populated place
VordereKocher Alpe Austria hut
Vorderelexenau Germany farm
Vorderelsenwang Austria populated place
Vorderer Anhau Germany forest
Vorderer Arols-Berg Germany hill
Vorderer Barenkopf Austria peak
Vorderer Berg Germany hill
Vorderer Berg Germany hill
Vorderer Berg Germany hill
Vorderer Berg Germany hill
Vorderer Berg Germany mountain
Vorderer Bocks-Berg Germany hill
Vorderer Brand Kopf Germany hill
Vorderer Bratschenkopf Austria peak
Vorderer Breite Berg Germany hill
Vorderer Briesen-Teich Germany pond
Vorderer Brunnenkogel Austria peak
Vorderer Brunnenkogl Austria peak
Vorderer Brunnenkogl Austria peak
Vorderer Buch-Berg Germany hill
Vorderer Ebers-Berg Germany hill
Vorderer Findelkarkopf Austria mountain
Vorderer Fohlenhof Germany farm
Vorderer Geissstein Austria mountain
Vorderer Gesselkopf Austria mountain
Vorderer Giesenhof Germany farm
Vorderer Gjaidstein Austria peak
Vorderer Gosausee Austria lake
Vorderer Grasbuhl Germany hill
Vorderer Grunwald Germany forest
Vorderer Hahnbaum Austria slope
Vorderer Hemmkopf Germany hill
Vorderer Hessenhof Germany farm
Vorderer Hirlatz Austria peak
Vorderer Hohe Knochen Germany mountain
Vorderer Hohen-Berg Germany hill
Vorderer Hubel Germany hill
Vorderer Hugel Germany hill
Vorderer Hutten Berg Germany mountain
Vorderer Kargow See Germany lake
Vorderer Kastenkees Austria glacier
Vorderer Katzen-Kopf Germany hill
Vorderer Kaufberg Austria hill
Vorderer Kellergraben Austria intermittent stream
Vorderer Kesselkogel Austria peak
Vorderer Krahberger Austria farms
Vorderer Kron-Berg Germany hill
Vorderer Lahngang See Austria lake
Vorderer Langbathsee Austria lake
Vorderer Langen-Berg Germany mountain
Vorderer Langenbach Germany farm
Vorderer Langenberg Austria slope
Vorderer Langenberg Germany hill
Vorderer Lasen-Stein Germany hill
Vorderer Lasschkogel Austria peak
Vorderer Lieberg Germany slope
Vorderer Lowendorfer Berg Germany hill
Vorderer Marzen-Berg Germany mountain
Vorderer Maurerkeeskopf Austria peak
Vorderer Messhof Germany populated place
Vorderer Odenwald Germany area
Vorderer Ofen Kogel Austria peak
Vorderer Otter Austria hill
Vorderer Planitz Germany forest
Vorderer Planitzer Austria peak
Vorderer Plattenkogel Austria peak
Vorderer Pommershofer Wald Germany forest
Vorderer Prodel Germany mountain
Vorderer Rappen Kopf Germany mountain
Vorderer Raucher Austria mountain
Vorderer Rauhenkogel Austria peak
Vorderer Reinboden Austria slope
Vorderer Reitbach Austria stream
Vorderer Rinn Bach Austria stream
Vorderer Rumpel Bach Germany stream
Vorderer Russee Germany lake
Vorderer Sajatkopf Austria peak
Vorderer Sandlinggraben Austria intermittent stream
Vorderer Sattel Austria spur
Vorderer Satzgrat Austria mountain
Vorderer Schachten-Bach Germany stream
Vorderer Schafbichl Austria slope
Vorderer Schein-Berg Germany mountain
Vorderer Schellenberg Liechtenstein section of populated place
Vorderer Schlossberg Germany hill
Vorderer Schwarzmooskogel Austria mountain
Vorderer Seekopf Austria peak
Vorderer Seelenkogl Austria peak
Vorderer Stangen-Berg Germany hill
Vorderer Stech-Berg Germany hill
Vorderer Steingrabenberg Austria hill
Vorderer Stimmel-Bach Germany stream
Vorderer Tonbach Germany populated place
Vorderer Turlspitz Austria peak
Vorderer Voigtstieg-Berg Germany hill
Vorderer Wenzel Berg Germany hill
Vorderer Wilder Austria mountain
Vorderer Wilder Germany mountain
Vorderer Wildgund Kopf Germany mountain
Vorderer Wildkarstein Austria mountain
Vorderer Woglerberg Austria slope
Vorderer Wurz-Hubel Germany hill
Vorderer Zellerhut Austria mountain
Vorderer Zieg-Spitz Germany mountain
Vorderer Ziegenrucken Germany mountain
Vorderer-Beilsknopf Germany hill
Vorderer-Grundhof Germany farm
Vorderer-Kirchstein Germany mountain
Vorderer-Seelach Germany forest
Vorderes Breitenfeld Germany populated place
Vorderes Brunneck Austria hill
Vorderes Elend Germany populated place
Vorderes Freieck Austria mountain
Vorderes Grafenbuch Germany forest
Vorderes Hornle Germany mountain
Vorderes Seetal Germany farm
Vorderes Sonnwend Joch Austria mountain
Vorderes Spitzbrett Austria cliff
Vorderes Streicheck Austria peak
Vorderes Umbaltorl Austria pass
Vorderes Wollaner Nock Austria peak
Vordereselsbrunn Germany farm
Vorderespig Germany populated place
Vorderessach Germany populated place
Vorderfager Kogel Austria peak
Vorderfager Austria peak
Vorderfager Austria populated place
Vorderfalkau Germany populated place
Vorderfeld Germany area
Vorderfelling Germany farm
Vorderferschbachalm Austria grazing area
Vorderfirmiansreut Germany populated place
Vorderfischen Germany populated place
Vorderflecktruhealm Austria ruin
Vorderfrauenberg Austria populated place
Vorderfreundorf Germany populated place
Vorderfultigen Switzerland populated place
Vordergalgenberg Germany farm
Vordergamp Alm Austria hut
Vordergeisberg Germany populated place
Vordergereuth Germany populated place
Vordergern Germany populated locality
Vordergiggl Austria populated place
Vorderglemmtal Austria valley
Vordergmainer Austria farm
Vordergnadenalm Austria hut
Vordergoferalm Austria grazing area
Vordergoriach Austria populated place
Vordergriesbach Germany populated locality
Vordergrub Germany populated place
Vordergrundeckhutte Austria hut
Vordergrundl Germany populated place
Vordergumitsch Austria populated place
Vorderhagen Germany populated place
Vorderhagen Germany populated place
Vorderhaid Germany farm
Vorderhainbach Austria populated place
Vorderhainberg Germany populated place
Vorderhambach Germany populated locality
Vorderhaslach Germany populated place
Vorderhaslach Germany populated place
Vorderheide Germany forest
Vorderheide Germany heath
Vorderheide Germany heath
Vorderheide Germany heath
Vorderheide Germany heath
Vorderheide Poland populated place
Vorderhelmhof Germany farm
Vorderhenneberg Germany populated place
Vorderherberg Germany populated place
Vorderheubach Germany populated place
Vorderheubach Germany populated locality
Vorderheubronn Germany populated place
Vorderhindelang Germany populated place
Vorderhof Germany farm
Vorderholz Germany farm
Vorderholz Germany populated place
Vorderholzhausen Germany populated place
Vorderhonisch Germany populated place
Vorderhopfreben Austria farm
Vorderhornbach Austria populated place
Vorderhub Germany farm
Vorderhufe Germany populated place
Vorderhundsberg Germany populated place
Vorderhutteneck Austria mountain
Vorderimlau Austria hut
Vorderkaidern Austria farm
Vorderkaiserfeldenhutte Austria hotel
Vorderkaser Austria hut
Vorderkaseralm Austria hut
Vorderkaseralm Austria hut
Vorderkehr Germany populated place
Vorderkeil Austria peak
Vorderkindberg Germany populated place
Vorderkirnberg Germany populated place
Vorderkleebach Germany populated place
Vorderkleinarl Austria populated place
Vorderkoflach Austria populated place
Vorderkogel Austria mountain
Vorderkohr Germany farm
Vorderkonigschlag Austria populated place
Vorderkopf Austria peak
Vorderkreith Germany populated place
Vorderkrems Austria populated place
Vorderkreuth Germany farm
Vorderkrimml Austria populated place
Vorderlabeneck Austria mountain
Vorderlahner Kopf Germany peak
Vorderlahner Kopf Germany peak
Vorderlainsach Austria populated place
Vorderlanersbach Austria populated place
Vorderlangenbach Germany populated locality
Vorderlangert Germany populated place
Vorderlapberg-Alpe Germany hut
Vorderlauben Germany farm
Vorderleiten Berg Germany mountain
Vorderlengenberk Germany populated place
Vorderlintal Germany populated place
Vorderloh Germany farm
Vordermellenalpe Austria hut
Vordermiesenbach Germany populated place
Vordermoos Austria moor
Vordermoos Germany farm
Vordermuhle Germany populated place
Vordermurrharle Germany populated place
Vordernberg Austria populated place
Vordernberg-Markt Austria populated place
Vordernberger Bach Austria stream
Vordernebelberg Austria populated place
Vordernoring Austria populated place
Vorderochsen Germany farm
Vorderod Germany farm
Vorderodhutte Austria hut
Vorderofnerhutte Austria hut
Vorderpfalz Germany region
Vorderpfeinach Germany populated place
Vorderpolzenbach Austria stream
Vorderradlach Austria populated place
Vorderrandsberg Germany populated place
Vorderreckenberg Germany populated place
Vorderrehberg Germany populated place
Vorderreit Germany populated place
Vorderreute Germany populated place
Vorderreute Germany populated place
Vorderreute Germany populated place
Vorderreuth Germany populated place
Vorderreuthe Austria populated place
Vorderrhein Switzerland stream
Vorderrhon Germany mountains
Vorderried Germany populated place
Vorderriss Graben Germany stream
Vorderriss Germany populated place
Vorderrohrenhof Germany populated place
Vordersandlingalm Austria grazing area
Vordersarling Germany populated place
Vordersattelegg Austria populated place
Vordersauerwald Austria populated place
Vordersberghof Germany farm
Vorderscharde Germany populated place
Vorderschellenbach Germany populated place
Vorderschellenberg Liechtenstein section of populated place
Vorderschida Germany farm
Vorderschiffl Austria populated place
Vorderschlag Austria populated place
Vorderschlag Austria populated place
Vorderschlag Germany farm
Vorderschlagen Austria populated place
Vorderschloss Germany populated place
Vorderschmalholz Germany farm
Vorderschmelz Germany farm
Vorderschmiding Germany populated place
Vorderschneid Germany populated place
Vorderschonberg Austria populated place
Vorderschoneberg Germany farm
Vorderschroffenau Austria populated place
Vorderschutzenbach Germany populated locality
Vorderschwangen Germany populated place
Vorderschweingruben Germany farm
Vorderschweinhof Germany populated place
Vordersdorf Austria populated place
Vordersee Austria lake
Vordersee Austria populated place
Vordersee Germany lake
Vorderseespitze Austria peak
Vordersexau Germany populated place
Vordersommer Austria farm
Vorderspadegg Austria populated place
Vorderste Berg Germany farm
Vordersteig Germany populated place
Vordersteimel Germany farm
Vordersteinberg Austria populated place
Vordersteinenberg Germany populated place
Vordersteining Austria populated place
Vordersteinwald Germany populated place
Vorderstellberg Germany farm
Vordersten Thule Germany populated place
Vorderster Kalter Germany farm
Vorderster Stein-Berg Germany hill
Vorderster Vogelkopf Germany hill
Vorderstetten Germany farm
Vorderstift Czech Republic populated place
Vorderstocken Germany populated place
Vorderstoder Austria populated place
Vorderstriegleralm Austria hut
Vorderstriemen Germany farm
Vordersulzberg Germany populated place
Vordersuttis Austria hut
Vordersuttisalpe Austria hut
Vordertal Germany farm
Vordertal Germany populated place
Vordertal Germany farm
Vordertal Germany populated locality
Vordertal Germany populated locality
Vordertal Germany populated locality
Vordertal Switzerland populated place
Vordertambergau Austria populated place
Vordertausch Germany farm
Vorderthal Switzerland populated place
Vordertheissenegg Austria populated place
Vorderthiersee Austria populated place
Vorderthurn Germany populated place
Vordertodtmoos Germany populated place
Vordertrattberg Alpe Austria huts
Vordertrattberg Austria huts
Vordertriebental Austria populated place
Vordertullnerbach Austria populated place
Vordertux Austria populated place
Vordertyrnau Austria populated place
Vorderuhlberg Germany populated place
Vorderunnutz Austria mountain
Vorderurbach Germany farm
Vorderverjunsalpe Austria hut
Vorderveserde Germany populated place
Vordervohrenberg Germany populated place
Vorderwald Austria populated place
Vorderwald Austria populated place
Vorderwald Germany forest
Vorderwald Germany populated place
Vorderwaldberg Austria populated place
Vorderwalde Poland populated place
Vorderwaldeck Germany farm
Vorderweidenthal Germany populated place
Vorderweiler Germany locality
Vorderweissbuch Germany populated place
Vorderweissenbach Austria populated place
Vorderweissenried Germany populated place
Vorderweisspriach Austria populated place
Vorderwelln Germany farm
Vorderwestermurr Germany populated place
Vorderwesterwald Germany mountains
Vorderwiddum Germany farm
Vorderwinkl Austria populated place
Vorderwolch Austria populated place
Vorderziegelhalden Germany farm
Vorderzirmeggalm Austria grazing area
Vorderzirnberg Germany farm
Vorderzwiesel Austria farms
Vorderzwieselberg Germany farm
Vordestraat Belgium populated place
Vordev'ye Belarus populated place
Vordfjeld Norway hill
Vordhan Faroe Islands locality
Vordho Greece populated place
Vordholmen Norway rock
Vordhonia Greece populated place
Vordhositi Greece mountain
Vordhuas Iceland hill
Vordhufell Iceland farm
Vordhufell Iceland hill
Vordhufell Iceland hill
Vordhufell Iceland hill
Vordhufell Iceland hill
Vordhufell Iceland mountain
Vordhufell Iceland mountain
Vordhufell Iceland mountain
Vordhufell Iceland mountain
Vordhufelli Faroe Islands hill
Vordhufloi Iceland bog
Vordhuholl Iceland hill
Vordhuhraun Iceland slope
Vordhukinn Iceland hill
Vordhuklettar Faroe Islands hill
Vordhusker Iceland hill
Vordhutindur Iceland peak
Vordingborg Havn Denmark harbor
Vordingborg Kommune Denmark second-order administrative division
Vordingborg Nordhavn Denmark harbor
Vordingborg Sydhavn Denmark harbor
Vordingborg Denmark populated place
Vordingborg Denmark populated place
Vordnashat Azerbaijan populated place
Vordnav Armenia populated place
Vordnes Norway farms
Vordnes Norway populated place
Vordnuloaivve Norway mountain
Vordo Greece populated place
Vordonia Greece populated place
Vordorf Germany farm
Vordorf Germany populated place
Vordorf Germany populated place

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